MG100HDFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (290 votes)
Marshall: MG100HDFX

Purchased from: Troy's music

Sound — 10
I use an ESP KH-202 with EMG LH-300 pickups, and the style I play is mostly heavy metal, hardcore, death metal, rock. It has the best tone, has the grunt and brutality of the overdrive. has a most chunkier sound! At almost halfway through the dial of the volume, is very very loud and I hardly get any feedback at all and humming, perfect. This amp has a very nice warm clean tone to it, overdrive 1 and 2, and crunch for those people that play old school rock. The distortion I am most of a fan about, my friend has a Randall G2 RH200 head, and when we were jamming today, the MG100HDFX kills it with the beefiness of the distortion compared to the Randall.

Overall Impression — 10
This head has everything you need to play with, whatever style of music you play, buy this amp. I've been playing 3 years now and this solid state amp almost mimics a all valve amp which is amazing. I'd definately buy this amp again if it were to be stolen or lost. My favourite feature of this amp is the delay and re verb for those clean tones. And also the beautiful overdrive. I love everything about it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I'd definitely use this to gig with, it has the clarity and Precision and tone and power I need for it. I would never neglect this amp, I've been playing everday with this amp, and never been disappointed. This amp I will use for many years and never throw it away or sell it. this amp has been with me for 3 years of constant jamming with it with my mates and at school. this amp cen keep up with any thing for such a small price to pay too! the amp is built like a truck and does not have any chips or scratches, still Brand New out of the box condition.

Features — 10
Marshall MG100HDFX head is a lot more versatile. It is a 2 channel head that you can Switch between with a foot Switch pedal. It has a headphone jack, and an input for a CD. It has a few effects that saved me the trouble of getting pedals. Like reverb, flange, and chorus. I play grunge/metal/hardcore/acoustic all kind of put together on this amp. And it is more than capable of doing this. It has more than enough power than what I know what to do with. Because if we end up playing shows I know people with full stacks that I can use.

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    Hey guys! How do you think a Ibanez RG350EX and a Marshall Guv'Nor 2 (effect pedal) would sound on this Amp? Anyone know?
    It would be better to get a 30-50w tube combo which would sound 100x better than this piece of poo and also be just as loud.
    ^Aquila^ wrote: You're all idiots. MGs suck. Ask any gear head. Best in the price range? Yeah, whatever. A DSL401 is LOUD and sounds infinitely better than this piece of shit.
    Well obviously it's goping to be louder and better - for one, this is a solid state whereas that is essentially Marshall's flag-ship valve/tube amp combo. I like my MG50 a lot (read me review), but I'm thinking of replacing that with this & me practice amp with maybe the 15w version of this. Each to their own, fair enough - I just really like this range.
    I tried this amp with my Ibanez RG350EX and a Jackson guitar! It sounded awsome! It can play louder than drums when it's on volume 3.0 ! And you can play up to 10. The delay is awsome, and the clean sound is as clean as it can get. I'm gonna buy it this week
    Now I have baught it It is really really awsome! seriously... it's great! If you know how to use your knobs, you can get really good-sounding stuff. As you might know it has OD1, and OD2, but it you only need one of them though.
    Hey guys! I was just wondering if anybody know how to get a great Rush sound on the Marshall MG100HDFX and the MG412A. Hopefully I will get some response thx
    I've played through SS amps all my life. I've been playing for nearly 20yrs now. I'm saving up for an ENGL or Krank Rev100, but I need a halfstack on stage that not only can rock, but has a good stage presence as well. My Crate XT120 combo just doesn't look badass on stage, although it sounds badass. Almost ANY QUALITY SS amp can be made to sound good with the right effects, in the right order, and with some tweaking of the knobs on the amp it self. So with that said, I'm purchasing this amp after trying it out at my LMS. At the beginning of the year with tax money, this baby is mine.
    Guitar Sletten
    The Konztranata is ****in crazy! What the **** are you talking about?! do u have a braindamage or something?!
    HelpComputah wrote: The above comment that there are better, cheaper half stacks is BS. The only (New)half stacks cheaper than the MG100hdfx are from Crate. They're not bad, but Crate's gain channels tend to be very sterile IMO. That's not necessarily bad for extreme metal, but if your looking for more of an crunchy Marshall tone, then get the freakin' Marshall! As far as other competitors, there's Randall with the RX120, but that's no cheaper than the Marshall and again, doesn't have the Marshall vibe. There's Carvin, which you have to buy on faith because you can't try it out before hand. There's Peavey but they no longer make a halfstack in the MG100's price range (the Supreme XL is discontinued). Line 6? I can't stand the Spider III's, personally. Of course, I've yet to play one that didn't have serious bugs in the FX sections. I don't own an MG myself, but in over a decade of playing I've come across plenty of SS Marshalls. Most of them have been OK. The MG series are easily their best S.S. designs since the 1980's. They are about on part with the pre-AVT Valvestates IMO. They deliver a good approximation of the crunchy Marshall tone many guitarists crave (including myself) for not a lot of $$. They are definitely transistory sounding when compared to their big brothers in the JCM series. Nonetheless, it's more than possible to get a nice tone out of the MG with the Marshall flavor that other amps just don't do as well (including modeling amps). Is the MG100HDFX as good as a JCM2000 DSL? Of course not! Is a DSL halfstack worth $1500 more than the MG half stack! Hell no! No one buys an all-tube stack out of necessity anymore. They buy them because they CHOOSE to and can afford to. Guitarists love to delude themselve into thinking they NEED this or that, and this board is full of those delusional types IMO. Tube amps are not worth starving one's self over. Choose with your ears, and buy what you can afford. Take all written opinions (including the naysayers) with a grain of salt.
    If only there were more people like you on UG... It would actually make this site constructive, helpful, and friendly. The MG is great but it's all a matter of opinion. Marshall, along with most other popular brands, rarely produce "pieces of shit." That's the most ignorant thing I've read on here. If you're interested in getting this, go try it out. When you're looking up reviews on it try to focus on the constructive reviews. Take the negative/ignorant ones with a grain of salt. It all boils down to opinion. Some people like coffee, some don't. People are different. Accept it.
    If you're interested in getting this, go try it out. When you're looking up reviews on it try to focus on the constructive reviews. Take the negative/ignorant ones with a grain of salt. It all boils down to opinion. Some people like coffee, some don't. People are different. Accept it.
    but by that same token, dont be convincedthat this is the perfect amp because it gets straight 10's in the reviews. a lot of the reviews are from people who are begginers, and dont have a great ear for tone, and most of the time dont gig. so yeah, always try before you buy, and dont have what you hear altered bythe fact you see Marshall or fender writen on something
    m.o.d.--- wrote: E V H 5150 wrote: Is an MG100HDFX better than an MG250DFX? And is either better than a Peavey ValveKing? Or should I go to EBay and buy a 5150 combo? MG100HDFX is the best amp in your price range.
    Well it depends on what you want. If you don't like to struggle with big cabs you'd take the 250DFX, cuz it's a combo. Also, if you're more into metal, the 250 might be a better option, as more power includes better overdrive sound. I prefer the 100HDFX as I really need the 4x12' speakers (gigs) Right now I'm playing Line6 Spider II series. 30 Watts, it sucks. When at a gig, I can turn the volume to highest, and I'm still not being heard.