MG100HDFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 7.2 (290 votes)
Marshall: MG100HDFX

Price paid: $ 457.5

Purchased from: ebay

Sound — 8
This amplifier can make a good sound but it has it flaws. The overdrive is good when turned up to the max so it's great for metal players. The midway overdrive settings are good for classic rock players. For blues players a decent sound can be achieved with low settings of overdrive. The tone is average on overdrive on low volumes and if often hollow and does not sustain long notes. I'm sure this is the amp and not the guitar as I have other amps which perform much better at these levels. Once the amp is cranked in a large hall this is where it out performs itself. The tone suddenly gets much better and beefier. Playing chords on it does sound muddy but it's okay. Unfortunatley where the sound does fall down is the clean setting is not so good. I've had the amp for about a year now and it's started to fuzz on teh clean setting at low volumes. Also it has a pointless gain setting on the clean which does nothing but feedback at high volume and add price to the amp. Another pointless feature is the digital enhancer which is also rubbish because the amp is useles unless it is turned on so you may as well cellotape it to the on setting when you get it. The effects are also good and are fun to play with especially the reverb and it doesn't sound cheesy. A rather good thing about this amp is the volume which can play comfortably high on the overdrive setting. What I would change however is the A BIS MAL cabinet that is recommended my Marshall, the mg412. I beleive this is the main cause for many of the amps get rid of this and spend a bit more money and buy a real cabinet and this will play a lot better. Overall it's okay, if you spend 200 on a head then buy this, you'll be happy. Remember though it's not a JCM.

Overall Impression — 7
I like this Marshall amplifier. It does have it's bad points but it's expected for the price paid and sounds great if played in a room with good acoustics. It looks quite nice as well with the whole black and gold and Marshall logo. I wouldn't buy this amp again and would perhaps go for one with tubes and overall a higher spec. Paying a little more would be worth it. I guess if Marshall were to sort out all of the problems of the MG100HDFX then this would be a great amp, but it's not: it's only good.

Reliability & Durability — 9
So far this hasn't broken down yet even if it has been bashed around quite a bit. It seems pretty tough when handling it and I can't see it breaking anytime soon. The build quality is quite good as well. If I had the choice I would play with a backup amp Live, but I don't have the money.

Features — 6
The MG100HDFX is a solidstate amplifier that has a lot to offer to it's user. It has many features even if some are pointless however. The good features are the overdrive settings, the sound effects, and the clean setting option and the footswitch. The headphone jack is okay if you want to connect it to a recording system, but I haven't tried this and using headphones on a 100W amp seems a bit silly. The bad and pointless features are the CD in jack, the digital enhancer thing (FDD) and the effects loop which doesn't make much difference to the sound. Also comes with a bass, middle, treble and contour setting which is expected and they perform quite well. Some of the features could be left out because it seems all they do is raise the price of the amplifier.

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    thts excatly wat i was thinking!!!
    llanafreak44 wrote: Wow. I can't believe how many people are going to buy this amp because of these reviews by gear noobs.
    Basicly the od1 and crunch channels are useless, and the od2 has too much treble at higher volume, the clean channel sounds quite nice though and i run a boss ds-1 through the od-1 channel, and get a damn nice sound, i mean it's no mesa but it is a solid amp for the price.
    zAg1619 wrote: I've had this amp for about 2 years now. It was the best amp decision I could make for the price range i was in. Now, if money flew outta my ass, obviously i would have bought a mesa/boogie, but that's beside the point. I play metal, and classic rock. For me, the OD tone isn't hard enough for metal so I use a pedal instead, but that's just me. I frankly think the OD tone is perfect for many classic rock songs. Also, as a side note, do not turn it up to 10 unless neccesary.. I got this amp on top of two cabs and hell, I usually stay parked at 5, and the cops drop by every day. I hate my neighbors..
    Thanks for the bottom 'postscript'! I've just bought a secondhand MG100HDFX (I'm waiting to have it delivered) and your review is one of the few that shows a sense of balanced criticism ...with some good humour! I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces. ;
    rikigo wrote: Thanks for the bottom 'postscript'! I've just bought a secondhand MG100HDFX (I'm waiting to have it delivered) and your review is one of the few that shows a sense of balanced criticism ...with some good humour! I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces. ;
    I'm sorry. I recently tried it out at my friend's house (his brother's amp), and though it wasn't too bad at low volumes, it sounded horrible once you cranked it.
    Is this amp any good for metal and metalcore? I'm no where near a music store and i plan to be getting an ESP LTD Alexi 600 this summer in ottawa, so i just wanted some insight on how this performs with stuff like Children of Bodom, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.
    i once suggested to someone on UG to get an MG100 and i got brutally flamed. I seriously don't know why. I've never had problems with mine, and it's got some killer tones and all the channels. granted its not the best in the world, but for 600 (half stack) i think it is the best for the price. for the people whose amps broke down, stop bitching and get it fixed.
    Isn't it annoying when you want an honest review of something, and all you get is a bunch of pompous gits complaining? It's all personal preference. 'This amp is seriously sucks' 'maybe you need to learn how to play dick' 'You're all idiots. MGs suck. Ask any gear head.' these and many more comments aren't helping anyone. If you dislike the amp, back it up with some reasons, or no one is going consider your childish rants. Some people will like the MGs, others wont. Being a fat headed moron when you post a comment won't make anyone else look bad, except yourself.
    Its okay for shredding. Its great for its price and for solid state its brilliant. It is. It did die out on me though...but i gig alot (and my bass player knocked it around a bit) but i replaced it with a Mesa triple rec and a Marshall 1960 cab.