MG100HDFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (290 votes)
Marshall: MG100HDFX

Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Hot Licks Guitar Shop

Sound — 8
I use several guitars. My primary guitar guitar when I used this head was an Ibanez RG270EG. EMG-81 in the bridge, EMG-60 in the Neck, and an Infinity single coil in the center position. It has a HUGE amount of low end. The 'middle' EQ knob does very little, but it does add more body which I like, rather than scooping your sound. Contour seems like it was designed to be a more efficient scoop. Beware the High end, if its too high, it will kill your ears. It is pretty quiet as far as excess noise, though I think my particular head has a bad saudering job somewhere, as there is a problem with feedback and buzz when my amp is in the second channel, but the first channel is in the Crunch mode. The problem goes away when I'm in the second channel, and the first channel is in clean mode. So it leads me to believe its merely a construction error. The amp can produce most tones, but is limited as its a starter half stack. It does get distorted at higher volumes, especially once you get past 2 o clock on the master volume control.

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing guitar for almost 5 years now, I got this after two years of playing, and used it constantly for an entire year. I have owned several heads, A Peavey valve king, Behringer Vamp, and a B-52 100 watt. I have several guitars, all equipped with EMG active pick ups. If this amp was stolen, I probably would not replace it. I like how it sounds for being a cheap Solid state. But I would most likely use a Marshall Valvestate 8100 or 8200 as a new back-ups amp. I enjoy how raw the tone of the MG100HDFX is. Certainly a memorable first amp head.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The head is pretty durable. The matching cab is not very durable and actually came loose. I had to open it up and tighten all the screws (Which you should do regardless to ensure the best tone). I have used this amp many times without a back up because it was my only amp. As the years have gone by however, I have kept this as a back-up. Its never had any problems. I am very very pleased with the reliability of this amp.

Features — 9
I believe my amp was made in 2005. I play primarily Heavy Metal, in a band called Maelstrom, from Maryland. This amp certainly caters to my playing style, though it does so minimally. It has two switchable channels, each with two modes. It has an effects loop in the back, and a headphone jack for 1/4" inputs. Well, for being such a cheap head, I couldn't really ask for anything extra as far as Features. I currently use this amp as a back-up head for my Genz Benz Diablo 100. The Marshall is not tubed and is durable and inexpensive, so I haven't had to worry about thrashing it around over the years. Yea it has enough power, its 100 watts, I could use this amp anywhere.

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    Brainwash wrote: zakk wylde sometimes uses it No, he doesnt. He uses JCMs. He got paid by marshall to appear in ads for MGs. Please look things up before trying to act like you know about them. For all of you wanting to buy this amp, please, save up a little more and go for an all tube amp. If you stick with guitar, you will thank yourself in the long run. The cleans are decent on these, but the distortion is really muddy. Look into a B-52 AT series amp for a reasonably priced tube amp. It may be a bit of a step up price wise, but you will love it. Tubes are also MUCH louder, my 2x12" tube is at least 2 times louder than my friends MG half stack, and his sounds terrible when cranked.
    hey im sorry that tunderinblack does not go to wikipedia or some other dumb website to find out these things like you damn dick anyways this amp is freaking awesome I got this in 09 at some shop that I cant remember at the time for 220 and it sounds awesome everyone should go buy this even if you already have a stack this would work well as a replacement
    Death-Speak wrote: Save money buy tubes. /End
    Yeah, buy tube amps. But ONLY HYBRID amps, with solid state power amp and tube preamp. But think about it. Tubes sound a little better. But tubes.. thats a 60 years old technology, unreliable, expensive. You are better off with a solid state amp. More reliable, cheaper and more modern.
    Lol **** all of you guitar gear purist ****s. Last time I checked, people worship the guitar player not the ****ing gear they use. This amp is sweet for the price, and as long as im gigging and travelling I don't give a ****.
    Half of you twats own sick gear but prob don't even know how to use it. I hate people that find novelties in expensive (and in most cases unessessary) gear which does them little to no justice because they aren't in a good enough band to ****ing use it in.
    mongo_man wrote: I tried this amp with my Ibanez RG350EX and a Jackson guitar! It sounded awsome! It can play louder than drums when it's on volume 3.0 ! And you can play up to 10. The delay is awsome, and the clean sound is as clean as it can get. I'm gonna buy it this week
    the_dogs_master wrote: Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and I'm sure you have valid reasons for your own preferences, but critisisms need to be constructive or they become worthless. I'm sure nobody would choose an MG as their first choice, but like I said, anyone looking for a new 100 watt head and 4x12 cab on a budget ain't gonna get much better. There's no point advising kids to go out and spend 1000 plus on a rig, 'cos it's not gonna happen. For instance, I could comment on any guitar, stating my preferences for tone woods; how a Brazilian Rosewood five piece set neck with Honduras Rosewood fingerboard adds a warmth to the tone that just needs to be heard to be appreciated, but how's that going to benefit someone checking reviews on a Squire Strat, who wants to know if any bits are gonna fall off. So, come on, let's be constructive here, what is a viable alternative half stack?
    Sick ****. thanks so much....
    anvil is god
    SULLYvin wrote: PEOPLE! The people that are writing bad reviews for this amp are clearly comparing it to valve amps, which cost about 4 times the price. For a SOLID STATE amp, this is the best that I've heard. It will give you huge tonal variety, and it's built like a tank.Best in it's price range for sure.
    You can get a nice valve amp like a peavy windsor 100 watt which is a good tube marshall for 500 or so new, 250 or so used. Also, small tube combos cost about 200 new at the lowest end. :facepalm:
    maca-venagas wrote: most of these reviewers say that they have been playing for like 2 months, and so many people here who have also been playing for two months believe them in all that they say. to all those beginners out there, ask yourself, would u be able to truthfully recommend a good amp, for whatever type of music, for whatever type of place. Could u do that? no. hell no. because your only starting out,uve played on two amps in ur lifetime and only owned one. everyones first amp sounds good to them. dont go reviewing it here on UG. talk to veteran guitar players, read their reviews.they have been around, played heaps of amps, heard heaps of bands and been around the scene, they not whats good for practice, gigging, the lot. dont listen to someone who just got a guitar and amp and thinks " wow what i play on this horizontal music majigy goes to this amp where is comes out all loud and distoted, WOW THIS AMP IS THE BEST!! im going to go to UG and give it a ten, without visiting the forums or asking anyone else about it" beginners most likely havent tuned their ears to good tones and such, they just hear clean and distortion, bass and treble. you can trust someone who has heard hundreds of amps and knows the very intricacys of the tones, and the different types. so please if u have been playing guitar for anywhere up to a year, dont review things here, you are destroying the young guitar community and making them buy crappy amps, which may make them get sick of guitar and alternative music, and they go back to buying to buying black eyed peas and panic at the disco albums. Just dont listen to beginners.
    The sound from this amp and it's recommened cab is pretty ****ing sick for the price. It's also pretty ****ing sick for beginners and through-to-advanced players alike. Dude ****ing listen here: if you where someone important to any well known music scene that ever existed then you obviously deserve to play through a full stack worth $8,000. But your not, because you ****n post on here as if you know everything. People like you cannot get it through your fukn heads! THIS AMP IS SHIT WHEN IT IS COMPARED TO TOP OF THE RANGE AMPLIFIERS. But when practicing at home or playing small to medium gigs it is pretty ****ing useful and broooootal. I've played this thing infront of atleast 800 people before ( that is probaly nothing compared to the number of people you have played infront of but still) and it did the job superbly. Absolutley brilliant amp for the price and i can't be bothered finding anything else. Not everyone wants to play a fukn JCM or a messa boogie, this amps sound fits my desired sounds so im happy with it. You and all you other pointless gear lovers need to stop ripping off anything that doesn't completely make your vagina wet. It's just gear, it doesn't imporve your playing skills or live performance. No one will look up to you because you forked out thousands of dollars on gear that you will never be able to reach full potential with. I will end with an analogy for you ****ers you think like retards. If. If. If. Jimi hendrix where still alive and played one last show in your home town, but he was not going to use a band, backing track or any other gear except for his strat ( which was not plugged into anything) would you still pay to watch him, if some buck faced redneck who wastes moeny on things he doesn't need and doesn't know to use the 4 grand half stack and 4 grand guitar that he bought even though the **** isn't really good as a person nor a musician? Same thing relates to every day music. I'd rather watch a busker play in the street then watch anyone you thinks gear makes them a better muso. Solid state does the job. It is not the best but still does the job. So anyone thinking of getting a cheap amp, get this amp! and if you can't test out other solid states and pick one you like. I much rather be a good guitar player than a money waster, or a 'guitar gear enthusist' so **** every**** who thinks otherwise.