MG100HDFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (290 votes)
Marshall: MG100HDFX

Price paid: C$ 730

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 8
I generally use this amp with humbucker-style guitars such as Les Pauls, SGs, etc. But it also works great for single coiled guitars. The amp is a great all-around amplifier for many different genres and styles of music. The amp generally has a tight self-contained sound. It does not really push the air like a tube amplifier would if turned up. It has an excellent clean channel, very clear straight-set clean tone that meshes very nicely with the digital effects if used accordingly. I prefer the OD1 channel over the OD2 channel because I generally play classic rock or jazz, so high gain is not really needed, but when playing hardcore or metal, the amp is able to push out pretty high output gain. The thing with this amp is as you turn it up on the overdrive channel, the tone tends to get more trebly, and if you really crank it on the overdrive channel it tends to sound a bit too overpowering. One thing I like to do with the clean channel is turn up the channel volume to 10, and master volume to 10, which causes the amp to naturally overdrive, and it gives this very warm yet rich really nice overdriven tone. Not too good for the ears though, this amp is loud!

Overall Impression — 8
Great amp for my playing styles. Excellent affordable half-stack for classic rock, jazz, blues, even metal/hardcore. Effects are usable, and the emulated line-out is excellent as I use it to record directly into my computer (Good for if you can't afford a microphone). For a solid-state amplifier, this is a great amp and I definitely would suggest it for people looking for a versatile amplifier.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Pretty rugged amp, don't really have to worry about tubes blowing out or anything like that since it is a solid-state amplifier. I have used this amp for every gig I have had and it hasn't disappointed!

Features — 9
Made in May 2007. Very versatile amp for most styles. Starts with two channels, the clean channel and overdrive channel. On the clean channel there are two "modes", one being the regular clean, and then crunch. The clean channel has a gain/volume, bass, middle and treble knob. On the overdrive channel there is also two "modes", OD1 and OD2(higher gain). The overdrive channel has a gain, bass, middle, treble, contour and volume knob. This amp is a full solid-state amplifier, and it features digital effects on-board including reverb, chorus/delay, chorus, delay and flanger. The amplifier comes with a foot-switch pedal, that allows you to switch between the clean and overdrive channel, and can also turn on/off the digital effects. This amp features Frequency Dependant Damping which helps "liven" up the tone and add more base and power to the tone. There is also a CD-in jack for playing music & background tracks through the amp, as well as a emulated line-out jack for listening with headphones or for recording directly into a computer. One feature that I wish this amp had is a Presence control knob for both clean and overdrive channels.

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    arcticmiller wrote: The sound from this amp and it's recommened cab is pretty ****ing sick for the price. It's also pretty ****ing sick for beginners and through-to-advanced players alike. Dude ****ing listen here: if you where someone important to any well known music scene that ever existed then you obviously deserve to play through a full stack worth $8,000. But your not, because you ****n post on here as if you know everything. People like you cannot get it through your fukn heads! THIS AMP IS SHIT WHEN IT IS COMPARED TO TOP OF THE RANGE AMPLIFIERS. But when practicing at home or playing small to medium gigs it is pretty ****ing useful and broooootal. I've played this thing infront of atleast 800 people before ( that is probaly nothing compared to the number of people you have played infront of but still) and it did the job superbly. Absolutley brilliant amp for the price and i can't be bothered finding anything else. Not everyone wants to play a fukn JCM or a messa boogie, this amps sound fits my desired sounds so im happy with it. You and all you other pointless gear lovers need to stop ripping off anything that doesn't completely make your vagina wet. It's just gear, it doesn't imporve your playing skills or live performance. No one will look up to you because you forked out thousands of dollars on gear that you will never be able to reach full potential with. I will end with an analogy for you ****ers you think like retards. If. If. If. Jimi hendrix where still alive and played one last show in your home town, but he was not going to use a band, backing track or any other gear except for his strat ( which was not plugged into anything) would you still pay to watch him, if some buck faced redneck who wastes moeny on things he doesn't need and doesn't know to use the 4 grand half stack and 4 grand guitar that he bought even though the **** isn't really good as a person nor a musician? Same thing relates to every day music. I'd rather watch a busker play in the street then watch anyone you thinks gear makes them a better muso. Solid state does the job. It is not the best but still does the job. So anyone thinking of getting a cheap amp, get this amp! and if you can't test out other solid states and pick one you like. I much rather be a good guitar player than a money waster, or a 'guitar gear enthusist' so **** every**** who thinks otherwise.
    Is it cool when you say **** all the time? And besides that, this thing is pretty expensive. It's 300 new and you need a cabinet too. It will cost about 600-700. And why would you need a 100 watt halfstack when smaller amps can do it better. You'll never have to use it at full volume and if you have, then you will have more money also (because the volume you get with a 100 watt head is pretty damn loud and if you need that much volume, you are going to play on some big stages). But yeah, for the 600-700 you can buy much better combo. I have tried the MG15 and MG30 and wasn't impressed at all (don't know how similar the sound is with this). They had only one kind of sound, no matter how you tweak. Those amps would be great for punk rock but nothing else.
    What kind of guitars are yall playing through this thing? If you can find a better amp at roughly the same price (That is ****ing key as a 5,000 dollar amp is gonna sound way better than this 350 dollar amp, obviously) that sound even as well as this one paired with my Duncan loaded schecter, then let me know.
    I've been playing for bout 7 years, finally in the process of putting a group together. I've played a lot of gear in 7 years but the mainstays for my practice was a marshall micro stack from the mg line and a roland microcube, a Fender MIM stratocaster, and a fender CIJ Ritchie blackmore signature model.I'm a working college student and as much as i would love to buy some of the higher end equipment offered by companies, school comes first. i figured though that it was time to make the jump and get a halfstack, for the look and the added volume it would afford me in playing with a drummer. I played about 10 of these heads before i found one i really dug. true, it won't sound like a tube amp or something of a higher quality but for what it is, it's a very good amp. I got the head for 75 bucks and got a second hand hartke cabinet to go with it, with celestions and i am very happy with the sound i've gotten for 200 bucks and so are the people i've played it with and around. I've recently gigged with it a few times and it held up very well, i got my sound together very well. i do hope to upgrade once my finances become better but for now i'm content.