MG10CD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (162 votes)
Marshall: MG10CD

Purchased from: Guitar Factory

Sound — 8
The Marshall MG10CD is a small yet versatile amp which you can get a few sounds out of. I usually just play it through the clean channel then plug in my multi effects pedal and go from there. When you turn the amp on it makes a slight pop noise but my mate's Behringer does the same so it is natural. I play with an SG and I usually get the sound I want through this amp. When the clean channel is turned up it gives a nice crunch but still keeps the clean sound. The distortion on the other hand, has little difference when turned right up there is just more feedback, but if the distortion is on 10 and contour 0 it gives a nice metal sound.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this amp does the job and is quite convenient for a home setting or practise in your room. The best thing about it is the fact it is small, relatively light, straightforward and easy to work which makes it excellent for a beginner's amp or someone who is just a hobby guitarist. Whether it be metal, rock, blues, funk, country etc. this amp will most likely get you the sound you want if you fiddle with your guitar settings and amp itself. If stolen/lost I would save for probably a 50 watt amp of some sort to put more power into my attack.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp seems fairly reliable and has not broken down yet. It is very solid and can withstand knocks and bumps without any major damage.

Features — 7
The amp I am reviewing is the Marshall MG10CD. This little practice amp (solid state) contains one clean channel, and one overdrive channel that lets you seperately control the overdrive volume and amount. The contour control knob adjusts the overall tone of the amp whether clean or distorted. The amp also has an emulated CD jack that lets you plug in your CD player etc. for a jam along session. Alternatively you can also connect a recording machine this way into the amp. A good feature is the emulated headphones jack so you can play at night. I play a variety of music including rock, some metal and punk and this amp does the job. I use it at home as it is not big or loud enough to play elsewhere but when turned up don't cancel that out, for the size it is pretty loud. It has enough power and main thing I love about it is the portability.

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