MG10CD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.5 Poor
  • Users' score: 6 (162 votes)
Marshall: MG10CD

Price paid: $ 89.9

Purchased from: A local store

Sound — 4
I am using it with a modified Powerstate guitar (the pickups are original, but it has a built in super heavy super black and super power consuming disto effect that can be switched from clean to disto) that has 2 humbuckers, and can be switched between single coil and humbucker modes. About the overdrive: It suited my style initially because my ears were untrained, and I was just like "I HAZ AMP WITH ELECTRIC GUITAR".

Overall Impression — 3
As I said I play thrash, heavy metal, power ballads (i.e.: "Fade To Black" by Metallica), and it didn't meet my expectation. I also own a Zoom G1XN as mentioned above, along with a Powerstate guitar. The only thing I wish I had asked before buying is to try it out before making the final decision. If someone stole it I would feel sorry for the poor fella for making such a horrible decision (functions nice as a stool though). The only thing that keeps me from selling it is that nobody in his right mind would pay enough for me to get a better amp, and that the clean channel is reliable (no matter how lifeless). I thought this was a good idea, because my guitar teacher used an MG10 too, but it was a lot older, and he used it with a Squier Strat. I didn't compare it to anything, because back then I was to excited to get my hands on a real amp. It should really have a way better overdrive channel (brighter, crunchier, fuzzier and not as wet). And also a third one: A disto channel for metal massacre. But whatever, 90 bucks is 90 bucks, so the better overdrive would be enough. This gives it an overall score of 3, thanks for reading.

Reliability & Durability — 7
This amp is built to last. Or is it? It has been through a lot of abuse: I dropped it accidentally, I stood on it etc (and I'm not a thin guy at all) and it didn't want to make any cracking noise no matter what. However! Ever since I started using it with a multi-effect pedal, the gain knob became faulty. Or it might be just plain low quality, and it might not be related to using a pedal (and it sure isn't related with all the physical abuse it took). If the knob would still work it would get a 10 for durability, but no, it only deserves a 7.

Features — 4
My amp is a member of the newer series of the MG10s, it was made in 2010 in Vietnam. I play power ballads, power metal, thrash and heavy metal, sometimes blues and hard rock for the fun of it, and campfire songs if I'm terribly tired. It has a clean and an overdrive channel, with four knobs: one for the clean channel volume, one for the overdrive volume, one for overdrive gain, and one for overdrive contour. Comes with an input, a digital headphone output, and a digital mp3 player input for jamming. I use it in a 10 square meter room with no echo at all fortunately.

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    clean channel is actually good, but all the other stuff of this amp is pure garbage. Please people, get a Roland, a Vox, or a Fender Mustang, they are pretty good in every aspect, not like this one which I only use it for practice, and in clean, because the distortion is a shi*...
    cowboyteddy wrote: When you connect the line-out to a recorder/mixer console, does the amp's speaker get muted? thanks, ted
    DO NOT BUY THIS AMP! I haven't changed my mind since I reviewed this - it's still terrible. Get a Vox or a Roland Cube or something.
    I have one of these MG10CD amps...They are terrific if little practice / stage monitor amps..If you like packing lite...I use the right and left outputs of my Digitech RP150...sending one to stage mixer / monitor setup...and the other to the MG10CD...running it clean with pedal effects...With it tilted up facing me...It can keep up with the stage monitors with no problem..Clearly Too!..The OD effect on amp are what they are...I don't use it..amp sounds better on the clean channel with less break up....Built in distortion?....NaH! use a pedal.
    In addition....Pleasantly surprised with this tiny tyke..Would use it anywhere..Just have be aware your limitations.