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manufacturer: Marshall date: 04/13/2015 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Marshall: MG10CF
Overall, great amp especially for the money. Beats other amps in the same price range, definitely recommended for home practice.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 5.5
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overall: 9.3
MG10CF Reviewed by: GuitarManNick, on july 26, 2013
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Price paid: $ 90

Purchased from: Local Store

Features: The amp isn't very well featured, with only a clean and an overdrive channel. Its got a channel switch on the top, allowing you to toggle between the two modes. No fx, no eq, just a volume for each channel, a gain knob and a contour knob. It's also got a headphones out and an aux in (for iPod/laptop etc). I just picked up this 10 Watt practice amp by Marshall, and for me, it does the job perfectly. So well, that I actually decided to write this review on the first day of having it. I give it a 7 in this category as other practice amps in a similar price range give you way more features such as sh-tty fx, and sometimes even modelling options. Which might be desirable by some. // 7

Sound: Well after weeks of trying different amps and drooling over some which I couldn't yet purchase due to space/noise/financial restrictions and convenience, I decided to settle with a practice amp for home to improve my playing till I can get a better one. I had previously tried out Laney amps (lx12), Orange amps (some sh-tty small one), the Marshall MG FX series (MG30FX), Line 6 amps (Spider 3 and Spider Jam), and bunch of other stuff (I'm not gonna mention the big ones here - IRONHEART!) I went into the store today and tried the microcube (which I previously owned yrs ago for a month or two), the Marshall MG15CF and the 10CF. After weeks of thinking about which shitty amp to buy, I finally stumbled across this JEM. I tried in store with a beginner level LTD, sh-tty pickups n all, and boom, it was already sounding better than all the other practice amps I tried, ESPECIALLY the cube! So I pulled the trigger, bought it, went home, plugged it into my, less shitty, Jackson Kelly with EMG's and wow, for almost an hour I sat in front of this thing amazed at the tones I could get with it, especially paired with my pedals! THE SOUND was quite pleasing to me. Beautiful od channel with a decent clean channel to compliment it. Its got quite a lot of gain. In terms of brutal distortion, well, not really THAT brutal, but really pleasing. And especially paired with my DigiTech TL-2 it just sounds killer for a practice amp. As I mentioned earlier, its got no eq controls cept for a contour knob, so the tone is quite muddy, which can be taken care of with a pedal, but still compared to the other models in its price range (the ones I've tried at least), it just stands out... FAR out! The contours enough to get you from a Iron Maiden-ish tone to a more Linkin Park-ish tone. But to me it sounded shined best with more mids, rather than scooped, which just doesn't seem to be the Marshall thing. Also it can sound quite boxy if you sit right in front of the cone, with it at ear level, but yeah just don't do that, you know. And get ur settings right. The sound from the headphones out was also quite full and smooth, something similar to what you could get from the M-Audio blackbox. Was definitely a worthy bonus. Amps quite versatile, and can cover quite a lot of stuff (although I cant! Haha). It can get noise on med-high gain, but good cables should keep the noise at an acceptable level. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Wouldn't gig with it. Its just a practice amp, so yeah, just practice with it. Get a better amp for gigging unless you wanna look like a douche with a 10 Watt amp on stage! Haha. Wouldn't expect much from it apart from home practice. Just got it today, so luckily hasn't broken down yet, just been great tones so far! Definitely seems durable, especially if ur just gonna use it at home. And take care of it.. As in not get really drunk and start throwing ur amp around for fun... Seriously... Bad idea. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, great amp especially for the money. Beats other amps in the same price range, definitely recommended for home practice. Been playing now for almost 8 years, and I finally decided that I would actually like to practice at home through a nice practice amp, and not through some sh-tty box with a speaker attached to it or through my laptop, and this seemed to be the best fit for that purpose. If it were stolen or lost, I'd try to track it down and get it the f--k back. And if I ever have so much money that I don't even know what to do with it, I'd buy 50 of these and make a wall of these... But you know, with an eq pedal in front of it, so it sounds better. Yeah amazing bang for buch, awesome tone considering the price (not comparing to the big amps, that's just unfair) and yeah would definitely recommend this product. Heavenly high 5 Jim Marshall! // 10

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overall: 8
MG10CF Reviewed by: finalflash502, on april 13, 2015
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Price paid: $ 69

Purchased from: Music Go Round Louisville

Features: I don't play with a band and I don't need anything over 15 watts due to living with my wife and kids. Been playing for over 16 years now and not once have I played a Marshall. Holy crap I have been missing out. This pup doesn't have EQ settings but has a contrast knob and does the job with tone. The built in EQ is done awesome to where it doesn't need adjusting. Features are lackluster to say the least coming in with only a 2 Volume knobs (one for clean and one for gain) a separate gain knob and contrast. It does have aux and headphone inputs which is mandatory now days. // 4

Sound: It handles distortion really well. The Overdrive has a gritty sound for being just over drive. The best part of this is hooking up a effects pedal with EQ on it and tinkering your settings. I hooked up a black 13 and a Zoom G1 and got some studio quality sounds. It does get loud when turned up on 10 and the speaker doesn't rattle and is loud enough to hear it through out the house. I had a Peavey Vypyr 15 watt and gave it to my son when I got this. I don't care if gave up a louder amp with more options. It was an upgrade in sound. If you are looking for a amp with just a good clean channel to do your pedals then this is It. // 9

Reliability & Durability: There's not much to say since its an amp. Its reliable that's for sure. Its not anything I would gig with. If it was mic'ed up to a PA maybe. Then you would look silly. How ever if you was playing a one man set even without being mice'd you could still be heard plenty loud. This is highly recommended for at home use and recording or beginners. I wish amps like this were around when I was a kid instead of crappy forgotten about brands that discouraged us more to learn playing because the rich kid could get high end gear. With a lot of amps in the 100 dollar mark like Line 6, Peavey, we're all swimming in the same pool. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, rock, and alternative. Out of all the amps I had (Line 6, Peavey, and especially Fender Frontman) this fits the bill perfectly. The thing about digital amps they don't take pedals to well. They expect you to use what's on it and that's fine and all but I love me my effects pedals. Line 6 is the closest with a clean channel. Marshall is just top notch to the ears and this model doesn't even have EQ. I would love to play with bigger models. If it was stolen I would find who did it, shove a stake up their butthole, and set on this amp with a cold beer and a cigar in hand and watch them suffer for taking my amp. // 9

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