MG15CD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (119 votes)
Marshall: MG15CD

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: MTZ

Sound — 8
The sound is okay. Not anything special, just okay. I'm using it with my Ibanez Jet King 2 (H/H pickups, coil tapping) and the sound is okay. Clean is really nice, sounds like an acoustic guitar sometimes, and the distortion is ok. Of course, it buzzes, as all solid state amps do. On clean not (only a little bit on max, but you can't actually hear it), and on overdrive it buzzes. It buzzes, but not so much as I tought it would buzz. it's buzz isnt important because it's not loud. A silent buzz. The buzz gets very loud if you're in a room with a turned on TV or computer, but other than that, the buzz is silent. Enough about the buzz, it is versatille, I used it with my electro-acoustic guitar Ibanez PF60SECE, and it sounded also good! My friend comes over a lot to play blues, and it sounds good, I play rock and metal, and it sounds good. It's just an ok sounding amp for the price, and it can serve you well for about 3 years. Then buy a valve amp.

Overall Impression — 8
I play rock and metal, it's a good match, since I'm a beginner. I have been playing for about 3 months. I own a Ibanez Jet King 2 and an electro-acoustic Ibanez PF60SECE. It's also important that you use a good cable. I'm using a 6m Series 96 Ibanez Professional Grade cable and the buzz is minimal. If it were stolen or lost I would maybe buy it again. Or a louder amp. Or I would save up and buy a 100W valve amp. I love the FDD, hate nothing, it has served me well, and it's perfect for practice, and even for small bar-gigs. I compared it to a Yamaha 10W amp, a Fender Frontman 15W amp and to 100W valve amps. Of course, it's nothing compared with valve amps, but it's totally better than any other 15W solid state amp for that price!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I wouldn't use it on a gig, but I would use it for practice or for a little gig at a small bar. It hasn't broke down, and I believe it wont, because I'm using it only in my room. It looks reliable, like it could work for about 5 years. Don't think this is a bad amp! It's a good amp for it's price! the sound is good when FDD is turned off, and great when it's turned on!

Features — 8
It was made in 2007, Brand New. It is versatille because my guitar is versatille (Ibanez Jet King 2). It has a very nice clean channel and ok distortion. It has a headphone jack and a CD jack so you can play your mp3 trough it. I play classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal and sometimes even blues, and it can do it well. It's solid state, of course, and it's great for a beginner amp! Best buy!

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    i have this amp and its not the best. if i have it on clean between 3-5 it sounds ok but after 5 it gets all crunchy. the distortion is ok under 4 for some non heavy music but if u have to much distortion u cant hear the notes all u can hear is this humming sound and feed back. so i bought a digitech rp200 ($180 nz dollars ) and i plug it through the amp on clean and it sounds really nice prolly cos the pedal is ****in awsome lol i been playing guitar for 2 years im only 12 so im poor and now im saving for a 100 watt transistor or a 50w tube. thanks for reading my coment
    i have this amp it is alright on od when the gain is below 6 but any higher the feedback blows the shit out of your ears
    I have is amp it sounds good to me, I went to Guitar Center and tryed out my First act guitar on a bunch of amps,this one won me over.It sounded better then the fender and line6 amps I tryed, to me they resembled the sound of my first act amp only louder.This amp has all a need for now.I like to put my Boss dr.880 throw it with a Mexican Strat and just jam.
    this amp sucks. i bought it at guitar center and didn't try it out (it was my first amp). i bought a vox ad15vt but i still have it
    If your buying this , save a few $ to get a something like a line 6 spider III or if really want this the mg15cdr will be a good choice
    well i've not played the line 6 spider or the mg15cdr, but they are widely known to be shockingly bad. Got myself a roland cube 15, alot better than this crappy mg15cd i got, back when i didnt research my amps, i'd say the rolands a good choice.
    sam 3000
    i have one and yes it is my first amp but its not that bad if u want to play lead and make sure your settings are good it soulds kk at low volume. i use a razorback so i dnt no if it sounds worse on outher guitars or not. but it seems to sound kk for me i play mainly metallica and trivium