MG15CD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 5.7 (119 votes)
Marshall: MG15CD

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Sound — 5
I'm using an Ibanez S470 with miracle man BKP in bridge posistion and ALWAYS use MT2 metal zone with this amp. I play metal and most of its sub-genres however this is only achievable with the pedal. It can do this style well but no doubt there are amps in a similar price range that can do better. Settings are personal preference and will vary between different people so it doesnt matter to much - however there are some settings that no matter what will not yield a usable tone. The clean channel is ok however I dont use it unless im tuning my guitar so I guess this makes my opinion void, though as I mentioned earlier it does NOT go into "crunch mode" after a certain volume it just breaks up, fizzes then mine goes back to clean with fuzz and hiss. This hiss is terrible and IMO not workable at all without a noise gate on clean. On distorded there is marginal hiss that you can live with but it's still by no means hum-free. Distortion is ok but if you want teh br00talz, sorry guys n gals youll need a pedal XD

Overall Impression — 4
If you get this as your first amp you'll love it. If you never want to play outside your house you'll love it. If your into driving your amps with pedals you'll love it. If you dig a bit of hum for old time sake you'll love it. If you need an amp for little johnny or something to mess with... you'll love it. If you want a good amp.... walk past this one.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Well I'v had this amp 4 years now and it's survived well. I'v kicked it, dropped it, weight lifted with it spilt beer in it and is always being used as a foot rest. It still sounds like it did when I got it (perhaps because it can't sound any worse?) The bass knob stayed on but the gold plate with the marker fell off 3 years ago and I could never get it to fit back on no matter what, untill about a month ago when it just slotted back on? How odd. Also mine always makes this STUPID FU@#ING NOISE every time I turn it off. Sounds like it's blowing up? However it has always done this and never ever died on me... I still wouldnt gig with it though.

Features — 7
I believe my amp was made in 2006. It has 3 channels if the manual is to be believed, however this isnt entirly accurate. Let me explain - it is supposed to go into crunch mode on clean channel after the volume goes past a certain point. I'v maxed the volume on it several times in a desperate bid to get some magic from it but my attempts always end fruitless (if anyone has a working crunch channel I'd love to hear it). The OD channel. This was my first real amp and when I started I was playing all the beginner rock songs (Smoke On The Water, Sweet Child O' Mine, some VH etc) and it was pretty good for that. As my playing progressed so did my choice in music. I wanted to just get heavier and heavier. For this the OD channel was severly lacking. It wont take you much past maiden. This is when I got a Boss metal zone and now the heavier songs are more then achievable. FDD - basically push this and the amp goes from sounding like cr@p into sounding like something not half bad. I REALLY REALLY like this button and always leave it on and is a great feature. (Marshall should just put it in and leave it on). Has a emulated CD line out. Nice feature, personally dont use it but I'm sure someone is glad its there. For home use the power is enough, playing some venues i guess it could manage as I know it can go loud when pushed. If I could ask for more from this amp I'd say I wish it had a ton of gain. For home use 7/10; gig 3/10.

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    For a 100 squids amp, it has pretty decent cleans really.. the distortion is crap tho :L
    nargoth wrote: Why pay 100 for this... just save up for a 200 blackstar ht1r.
    because this is for beginner guitarists who don't care about tubes or tone for that matter. and honestly, the small 10 and 15 watt MGs probably among the best in the small practice amp realm. This is coming from a guy that owns a 100 Marshall Vintage Modern. I honestly recommend these over the other shittier competition in the 10-15 small practice amp range (line 6, crate, blackstar). Who really needs a 1 watt tube amp to practice in your bedroom? That's ridiculous!
    It's not the worst thing ever for beginners probably, but for just a bit more money you can get one of those new Fender Mustang I amps which sound really nice. Modeling tech has come a long way and the amp modeling on the Mustangs is very decent. I prefer tube amps, but i use Vox vt30 for home/bedroom practicing. Some of the lower watt Vox amps are good too, like the Pathfinder. A couple of players i know who are non-beginners that tried some of the MG series Marshalls weren't overly impressed.
    Awful amp. I own a Cube 15X and when I played on a MG15 at my mate's house, i was shocked at the awful dist.
    well i only paid $80 for a second hand amp but i was very dissapointed there was no reverb... shame on you mr marshall.. the clean ch is quite warm for a small tranny amp but the distotion sounds like the amp is distorting,,, and it just really needs reverb...
    When all of you don't like the drive channel buy a distortion pedal.So simple.