MG15CDR review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.3 (147 votes)
Marshall: MG15CDR

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 7
I use an Epiphone Les Paul-100 with this, and it works pretty well. I play pretty much everything, mostly classic rock, metal, and Indie-rock. The sound is pretty powerful from a small amp, although, as I said, the overdrive is horrible. I get way too much feedback, it's noisy, fuzzy, and just sounds awful. I don't even touch the overdrive anymore, I just use a pedal on clean. Other than that, it sounds great, and it's pretty loud for such a small amp.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been playing for about 3 years, and play pretty much every style of rock there is. I really wish the overdrive was better and that it was a bit more durable. If it was stolen, I would probably replace it, because it's a great practice amp. I would not gig with it, it's just too small. I love the cleans on this amp, they just sound perfect. For a solid state/digital amp, this little guy is great. I would suggest you buy one for a practice amp. It's small, but powerful.

Reliability & Durability — 4
Unfortunately, this little guy can't take too much abuse. I dropped HIM on my floor, which is carpeted, and knocked something loose. Now the line-in is no longer working, so I have to get that fixed. Of all things, the line-in has to break. I was furious. Plus, it has been dented several times, it just doesn't take abuse very well. I'll admit, I don't take very good care of it.

Features — 8
I got this amp about a year ago and it's not bad considering how much I paid for it. It has one channel, a CD & Headphone jack, FDD, overdrive and reverb. The overdrive is pretty bad, it just sounds fuzzy and I get way too much feedback. I was disappointed, especially from a Marshall. You can fix that with a good pedal, though. Other than that, the amp is great. The cleans are nice and clear, perfect tone.

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    Weybl Himself wrote: I don't know what you guys expected, it's a practice amp, for practicing, not performing, not recording. It doesn't need beautiful tones, just good enough to give you an idea of how you're playing, hence, practice amp.
    There are better practice amps than the MG's. I know comparing a Roland 15x to a MG10CD..(which I have unfortunately)...
    i own the MG15cd and its so bad. even for a practice amp its just not good enough. its impossible to get a good tone out of
    Just fyi... This amp is complete rubbish. I have it, it literally SHAKES when I play on half volume on the clean channel. I don't ever expect good Dist/Od from small amps, but this one's really poorly made and constructed. (Even for a 15w... I tried a peavy rage 158, and was amazed to see it DIDN'T RATTLE/SHAKE, and sounded way better.) Two best options instead: Peavy 158, Roland cube 15x. If you're gonna get an od/crunch/dist pedal with the amp, get the peavy. Sounds best. The roland sounds worse on clean but has modeling.
    how can there be so many high ratings for such a terrible amp? Don't buy this thing unless you play numetal.
    Yeah i got the MG10CD and it is what you pay for ($80-100 something like that). Not the best Tone at all and the Distortion is 2/10 but its for practice. I just dink around with it. I always say if you can make a guitar sound good on things like this then when you get money for better equipment it will be a breeze.
    Well, this is a practice amp.. I really got dissapointed when i bought it, I expected something better from Marshall, its distorted tones are not as "heavy" as I need them, but I don have a lot of money so, I will have to stay with this amp some time... Besides it has almost no use to play live unless it is in a place with very good acoustics, it does not work well with distortion or effect pedals, but i think it is ok for begginer guitarists.
    Practice amp. All it should be used for, i like the reverb, its shit, but at least its there, doesnt work too well with pedals.. so yah all good. Clean volume won't do well soft drums but od is alright volume wise. thats all.
    I disagree, I think this amp is great. I had a 15 watt DFX before this, and the only advantage that one had was that the reverb was more dynamic and noticable. I thing the MG15CDR is a great amp for it's price, it has a great Marshall crunch. I am playing a Samick HSS strat copy through it, and the thing sounds fantastic.