MG15FX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (47 votes)
Marshall: MG15FX

Price paid: £ 104

Purchased from: Soundslive

Sound — 7
I play a Epiphone ES-335 Dot, and a Yamaha Pacifica 112. I use neck/middle positions. The Yamaha's bridge is sh-te, the Epiphone has a useable bridge, but I prefer neck/middle. I play Indie rock/Reggae/Blues/Alternative. I am influenced by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo, Bedouin Soundclash, Smiths, Belle And Sebastian and Smashing Pumpkins. The amp is pretty quiet unless your using a lot of pedals. The clean is slighty muffled at high volumes, just roll back the guitars volume knob though. The effects are quite cool. Put the effects knob at slightly after 12 o clock for an incredible phase/flange sound. Didn't like the chorus. Reverb and delay are really good. The overdrive is OK. Not the quality you'd expect from Marshall though. If I wanted a good Marshall distortion, I'd look at the DSL series. Or better still. A Fender amp with a pedal of choice. The MG's overdrive settings aren't bad, don't get me wrong, good for jamming and practice, but you can do better with tube amps. Or an amp which takes pedals well, like a fender. I'll give it a 7 due to the average OD and noisy with pedals. Good effects and clean sound though.

Overall Impression — 6
I'd recommend this to anyone needing a cheap practice amp with a decent array of sounds. Not for metal though. The overdrive would suit maybe... A Clash cover band or something... 77 punk and sh-t... If it were lost or stolen I would just carry on saving for ma Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III. Might get one of they headphone amps too. Vox make them, they look pretty cool. I have played ma dad's Vox VT40+ for just 60 more than this, and it is much better. Or a Harley Benton HB80R. That one has a really fuzzy distortion sort of like The Jesus And Mary Chain. In other words, there are better amps for the price. For home practice, you can spend a lot less, it doesn't need to sound amazing. For jamming and small gigs, you can get much better value for the same price and up.

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Reliability & Durability — 9
I usually gig with a backup. Just incase, ya know? The amp has never broke in the 1 year I've had it. Apart from about 3 days last week it stopped working. The sound was flickering on and off. Could've been my Yamaha though. (My other guitar was getting repaired). But it's fine now and working. No problems. I'll give it a 9 because it's only stopped working once and it was just a few days. It's been fine a week since.

Features — 7
Not going to list the features here, the other reviews probably already have. I think the effects are good quality. And the clean sound is nice. OD is weaker but still good for a practice amp. I use neck/middle positions all the time. I fiddle with my knobs for more tones, and this amp is good for practice, jamming, writing songs. I used it for a few gigs with my band as well. Playing to about 20 people. The amp did really well but I think I'll be buying a tube amp next, and keep this as a practice amp. I'll give it a 7, because it's not very loud, needs a bigger speaker and the clean channel goes a little muddy when you turn it up past 6. You can clean it up with the volume knob though.

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    ^ It's kind of the same as upgrading pickups. It's wasted money if the upgrades cost more than the guitar. If you want to upgrade your starter pack guitar's sound, just buy a new guitar, don't waste $200 on pickups that you could save for a new guitar that plays and sounds better without any modifications. So buy a good amp first, then if you need, buy pedals. Because you might notice that the MT2 you bought gives you teh br00talz through your MG but once you plug your guitar into Mesa Recto, you'll notice that the amp has so much better distortion that it makes the MT2 sound like crap, not to mention it sounds crap already but you might not notice it until you buy a better amp. So you have $100 less money. And that money could have been saved for a new better amp.
    you can get a metal sound out of the amp but its not serioulsy awesome
    Score given? 10. People should get banned for shit like that.
    Great practice amp. I use it quite almost every day. If you like Marshall analoque sound and are all right with solid state, then you probably would not regret - you can get plenty of tones with its 4 channels, EQ and Gain settings (just spend some time with them searching for "your" tone). Everybody likes something else, so give a try to this and to other amps (you might like endless digital possibilities of modelling solid state amps, even though they are actually digital, or you wanna save some bugs for tube amp of your choice). But I love both my MGs.