MG15MSII Microstack review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (59 votes)
Marshall: MG15MSII Microstack

Price paid: £ 150

Purchased from: ebay

Sound — 7
This amp has a alright sound, for me it's a bit bassy and there isnt enuff treble but I like a hard metel tone. however it's better than some amps out there on the market todaii. If yhure looking for a blues tone this I think is a good amp for that. It's clean channle is ok but it does have quite a distorted sound but good overall.

Overall Impression — 7
My overall impression of this amp is it looks good has good volume and is great for bedroom use. however having used a Line 6 spider amp for a year this amp has a very bassy tone and now is not up to my expexations. but brilliant if yhu want a stack and don't have the room.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This is a reall reliable amp and will last, but mine has had a few knocks it still works fine but it has a rattle wen yhu shake the head so durabilty could be better. But all in all it's quite a good reliable amp which can be be broken down into it's 3 parts for easy transport.

Features — 7
This Marshall microstack is a cracking looking amp. It's quite punchy for it's size and has a very bassy tone. however looks fantastic wen stacked up. It has a OD channel which isnt brilliant but it's good for bedroom use but no footpedal is included. It has sockets for headphones, CD and other cool stuff.

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    jakecko17 wrote: thinking of buying to replace my kustom 12 watt. I have a yamaha pacifica 112 and a korg ax15000g. Would that make a good rig for home practice?
    it really depends on your rooms size. If you play alone in a small room then i dont think you even need this. But if you have a drummer in a medium sized room then i think this equipment will work for you.
    i just bought this used off Craigslist for $175. Couldn't be more pleased. Exactly what I'd expect. it's got pretty good sound, but I'm not trying to play loud just for the sake of playing loud. Right before purchasing i tried out some other Marshal's at GC, and it really does have the Marshal tone. In a couple of weeks i'm going to buy a 5 or 15 watt tube head to go with it also. the head does have great tone for a solid state though. compared to other comparable models (15-25 watt practice amps) it has the best tone of any i've played. If you're looking for an amp that is a step up from a practice amp, but is still practical, and can produce nice tone when you're playing at low volumes, then this would probably be a good choice for you.
    went to trade my fender practice amp in...wanted a small marshall combo... but when i walked in the local music shop a marshall micro stack caught my eye and started calling my was love at first sight, i could'nt resist...i wanted it, i had to have it, so i bought it!! we are in love... my favourite bit of bedroom furniture. and awesome sound..
    I bougt my first electric guitar yesterday (Fender standard strat) and i really need an amp, it would only be used in my bedroom for practice. My price range is 1-330$, any recommendations?
    I got it when I was 12. i thought it sounded great then, and now it makes a pretty cool room decoration.
    Sonicxlover wrote: Zakk Wylde doesn't play MG's, he just endorses them. No professional in their right mind would play a crappy amp like this.
    wayne Static from Static X plays MG's ...
    Galactic God
    I played one of these amps yesterday and I thought it sounded great for what it is. I play a lot of Metal, and it certainly had some crunch. As with any amp, if you play a crappy guitar, the sound is going to be crappy playing through the amp. The room I played it in was a fairly good-sized room, as it was a small music store. It shook the walls pretty well, and it certainly sounded like it was more powerful than 15W. Great tone, great sound, great for practicing. Would this do you at Cobo Hall? Highly unlikely. Would this do you for practice? Absolutely. The employee at the music store even got on the drums and we rocked it out for a few minutes, and I could hear it as clear as day over the drums. Yeah, I'm getting one. Yeah, I like the image. No, I don't have a need for a full-sized Marshall stack, but I've always wanted a stack. I'm not in a band, and I don't ever plan on playing out, so there is no reason to blow $2000+ on the "real deal." This is a great amp for $300. The comments I've read from some of the people here make me question whether they've ever even plugged into one.
    For what is this thing made? It's a stack but for home use?? Who needs a stack if they only play it in their bedroom?
    I got a micro stack as my first amp when I started learning years ago. Yes, I bought it for the image and I think that at that age, for me, the fact it looked cool made me want to play more and as a result I got better as a player. Is it a stage quality amp loud enough to gig without micing it up? No; but the tones you can get from it are great for a practice amp. Since this amp, I've had many more and the guitars I use these days are all good quality Fenders, Gibsons and Music Mans. The other day, I plugged it in again to have a low level jam and with a bit of knob tweaking, found several perfectly usable tones. If my stage amps broke down, I wouldn't hesitate to use this for a gig as long as it was micd up. I still enjoy owning this amp and it always raises a smile from friends. The tones are perfectly good for an amp of this level and it looks great. It may cost a bit more than a non-micro stack layout amp but I think it's worth it if that's what you want. There's not much gear from my early days of playing that I would still respect and be proud to own. It is what it is and in my opinion it's great fun and respectable. Several comments have said that you don't need something like this to practice but how many things do guitarists really need? If I only bought what I needed, I'd probably not enjoy playing as much; although I'd be significantly richer!
    Got this 2nd hand, but after a bit of elbow grease came up like new and for under £100 its a bargain, certainly sounds and looks the business. Had a couple of Line 6 Spiders (15w and 30w) the past few years and to be fair they are great practice amps. So the only thing missing from my Marshall is the inbuilt tuner, but hey you can,t have everything. I now have a Marshall stack OK, not full size but they say size is not important and with this kit they're right....