MG2FX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (8 votes)
Marshall: MG2FX

Price paid: $ 99

Purchased from: Pro Audio Star

Sound — 10
I use this as my late night and travel amp. At the volumes I play it sounds absolutely awesome. In fact to say I was blown away is a very accurate description. Before this I have had a few small micro amps including a Roland Microcube and a Blackstar HT-1. The sound of this amp is definitely a lot clearer than the Roland and puts out more convincing distortion and metal tones. Where the Roland just farts sound this actually rocks. I would very much rate this on par with the Blackstar (an amp that is at least double the price). The distortion is clear and cleans up nicely when I roll of the guitar volume. The range of tones I can get out of this is incredible.

Overall Impression — 10
I bought this amp at ProAudioStar in NY. They are BTW, one of my favourite stores and offer great and reliable service. I play all types of music from clean to blues to rock and metal. I love its size and sound and its list of features. I love that it travelled all the way around the world with me and played in every country with just a different adapter plug. I believe it is the very best little portable amp in existence. I would recommend it over the Blackstar, Microcube, Pignose and the smaller Marshall MS-2. This one hits the nail on the head perfectly.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I travelled with this amp to three countries and it was in my carry on luggage. At one airline gate my carryon bag was taken from me. I watched from the window of the plane and saw that they were throwing bags into the back of the trolleys. The bags were flying at least 6 to 7 metres and rolling and tumbling around. When I got to my destination I discovered that the speaker had been ripped off the back and was lying on the inside of the amp. It was still playing. I was able to reinstall it by screwing it slightly offset to the original pattern. Given how this amp was treated I was suprised it even worked at all. I will still rate it highly but not give it full marks.

Features — 10
Made in 2012. This is the updated CFX model with the silver front panel. The amp is very fully featured with a 6.5" speaker and tons of Marshall distortions. Its got reverb and chorus, flanger, delay and phaser as well as MP3 in, headphones out, a proper tuner and an ability to store presets. It comes with a nice strap and an AC Adapter that takes universal voltages. It also works with 6 C size batteries that are supposed to last over a year. The amp looks nice and chunky with that great Marshall name on the front.

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    The amp was fine until it was thrown in an unreasonable manner so I dont think the two statements contradict one another. What happened in my case was unreasonable abuse. I have lodged a complaint to get redress from the airline and expect to be compensated.
    I love how one review says that you could throw the amp in a suitcase on a flight and it'd be fine, and the other says he had to re-screw the speaker when this happened haha
    How can you actually store presets there? This is mistake, right? As far as I know, there is no possibility to store the presets and switch between them, just to dial them up each and every time again.And the battery lasting over a year is meant as without playing? Or what you mean? I guess that you can play several hours, not more.
    Hi all, so finally i got one. And I cannot complain in this portable battery powered category at all. Here are my observations in this category, as I owned also VOX mini3 and Line 6 Micro Spider. I am not going to compare the features, which are common and taken for granted (MP3 input, phone output, running on batteries, included original AC adapter) or which I did not take as such important (more Reverb or Delay types): VOX mini3: PROS - nice warm analogue sounds - many options from simulation of Fender Clean, through several Marshall decades, to high-gain metal sounds of Mesa and Soldano amps (easily switchable with just one knob) - easy tone control with just one TONE knob (no 3-band EQ) - decent effects inlude Chorus, Reverb, Delay (the ones I use the most), then several others (Flanger, Compressor, Tremolo) - mic input with its own controls (Volume, Reverb) CONS - protective corners are missing, so the feeling of the case is not as sturdy and durable (especially when you consider it as a portable amp to be carried often) - tuner can recognize only note "A", which is not so comfortable for fast tuning - missing 3-band EQ (this might actually be advantage, if you need to set-up the tone quickly - usually TONE knob was enough for me and I got used to such comfortable way of setting easily) - little analogue noise - used AA-batteries (usually last less than C-batteries) Line 6 Micro Spider: PROS - 4 channels sounding from Clean and Crunch, up to Metal and even "Insane" (plus additional fifth Acoustic channel) - possibility of storing presets under channel switches - 3-band EQ - includes my favourite effects (Chorus, Reverb and Delay) again, then several others (Phaser and Tremolo) - no noise coming, sounds "digitally" clean (except of hi-gain distorted sounds, where the built-in noise gate might be turned-on in order to cancel the noise) - Mic input with its own Volume control - sturdy case built - chromatic tuner can recognize all of the notes, which make tuning effortless - runs on C-batteries (usually last longer) CONS - too digital sound in my opinion, did not suit my taste at all, although some other people might like it - Chorus and Flanger cannot be set separately (such mixed effect does not please my ears at all, compared to warm feeling of pure Chorus - I use Chorus for clean sounds only, where it adds that typical sparkle to it) - front panel feels of weak quality somehow and is moving a bit, when the knobs are touched Marshall MG2FX: PROS - a lot of warm analogue sounds (all of them Marshall tones) from Clean and Crunch up to overdriven Rock and high-gain Metal modes - sturdy built - 2-band EQ (bass and treble), mids might be understood as included in different sound modes (e.g.Crunch provides 3 sound modes, which differ from each other in mids settings and saturation) - includes my favourite effects (Chorus, Reverb and Delay) again, then several others (Phaser, which I like, and Flanger); BTW - Delay and Reverb can be played together at once in this amp, which is not usual - chromatic tuner recongnizes all tones, that makes tuning effortless - runs on C-batteries (usually last longer) CONS - Mic input is missing (this is actually not downside for many, but might be downside for some people - mainly for buskers) - little analogue noise, especially hi-gain distorted modes (this is natural in my opinion) All of them are way too lound for a bedroom (the wattage differ from 2 watts up to 6 watts). There are several other options among battery powered amps, which I have not tried - definitely I need to mention Peavey Nano Vypyr (with optional expression pedal for e.g.wah) and Fender Mustang mini (with optional one-button footswitch for switching between channel settings). For buskers I would see nice some Roland offers like Roland Cube Street EX, which is however quite expensive. For me the best of those 3 portable amps I have personally owned and used is definitely Marshall, mainly thanks to its nice warm and crispy tones, then to its features and overall impression. The other quitar players might have another tastes though.