MG30DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.8 (302 votes)
Marshall: MG30DFX

Price paid: $ 239.99

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Sound — 8
I'm playing an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with the stock Alnico II humbuckers. I play all kinds of music, from blues to metal. To get a good metal sound, I have to scoop the mids and line my guitar through a DS-1, but the amp will play any other kind of music fairly well. Once again, the tone isn't anything amazing, but it is fair, especially considering that it's a <$250 solid-state. It does have a nice punch to it, and that's something you really have to give this amp. It may not have the best sound quality, but it has a lot of spirited punch and Drive and that's something I really like about this amp. It did hum quite a bit at higher volumes (post 6), but I recently purcahsed a long Monster cable and play far away from the amp, and it's relatively quiet now. It can play blues on the clean channel, but even at high volumes with a nice amount of reverb, it's missing quite a bit of soul and doesn't sing as much as I would like, but I hooked it up to my friend's Holy Grail reverb pedal and it ended up having a surprisingly beautiful tone, an astounding, bluesy tone with a nice, concert hall-like reverb to it. The amp's distortion isn't very brutal. It will give you a good overdrive sound, but you can't get a brutal, down-to-earth sound with it unless you hook up a distortion pedal. However, like I said, it has a good punch. It's very loud. It's a 30 watt amp, and 30 watts is all you'llever need from a practice amp. I've never had it past 6.5. The sound quality isn't amazing, but it is fair, and this is a practice amp, so keep that in mind.

Overall Impression — 9
This amp is a great practice amp. It's loud, versatile, durable, and has nice effects built right in, so it really is a great amp for practicing or playing with friends. I wouldn't gig with it because the sound quality isn't as good as the tube amps in its price range. I love it because it's versatile and simple, but the sound won't compare to tube amps. If I lost it, I would buy another simply because it's such an excellent practice tool. Overall, it's a reliable amp with plenty of features that introduces new players to effects and the EQ controls, all while giving plenty of punch and a fair sound.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Rock solid. This thing get's thrown in the back of my car three times a week and is transported back and forth between my house and my friend's house. It's been accidentally knocked against a door, it fell over in the trunk of the car when we had to brake hard to avoid hitting a deer, the line in jack is plugged and unplugged at least 50 times a week, it's been played for 4 hours straight, I Switch channels all the time, and it hasn't changed a bit since I bought it. It gets the abuse you would expect an amp to get from a teenage musician Who uses it daily, and for me it's been completely relaible and durable.

Features — 8
As far as features go, the MG30DFX is a great amp. The reason I say this is because it's an entry level-priced amplifier that has two foot-switchable channels, four of the most popular effects built right in, and independent controls for both channels. Basically, it introduces you to the important effects and you can get many different sounds out of this amp, even though the sound quality isn't the best. The only thing I was confused about at first was the contour control; I did not know that turning it up actually scoops the mids instead of raising them. It's a solid-state amp, and it cost less than $250, so don't expect amazing tone, but the tone is fairly good. A lot of people will tell you it has horrible tone, but the truth is that the tone (on both channels) is actually pretty good, it's just missing that unique tube Drive, but that's not a big problem with a practice amp. I'mgiving this a 9 because it truly does have many good features, especially for the money.

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    Oh, forgot to mention, I play punk. So, for someone in a punk band to say an amp sounds like crap you gotta know it REALLY sounds like crap.
    I've got the same amp, but I used to think it was grrreat but than i bought and SD-1 Boss overdrive pedal, and I could get much better tones out of it, i don't even use my overdrivechannel anymore because now it ain't sounding good, and if i want to play clean i won't even use the clean channel, i'll use the SD-1 but and a boost way but these gives you nice sounds if you play with the tone knob, otherwise the clean channel just sounds to boring
    How can someone gives this shitty amp 9.5???!!! The sounds is awful and you cannot really setup a sound... Impossible to play some Guns'n'Roses, don't even try to play blues... Mine broke after 4 months as many of the posts seen here, really disapointing. Now I've bought the Line 6 Spider III 75 which is WAY more awesome, tons of effects, good sound, multiple setups, ... Don't buy this Marshall please, this is really a fake...
    Have owned it for almost a year and at first I thought it was a great little amp for just playing around in my room on 3 or 4. It is fine for that I suppose but the sound really sounds fake, like its trying too hard to sound like something it isn't. I play a Gibson LP studio so I don't believe its the guitar. A friend played through his Roland cube and blew me away. Thought maybe I just sucked so we switched- him with my set up- me with his. I blew him away. We swapped guitars and played through our respective amps: his blew mine away. Roland and Vox ad30vt kill this amp for relatively comparable price. Sorry Marshall, you suck. What a bummer.