MG30DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5.5 Decent
  • Users' score: 6.8 (302 votes)
Marshall: MG30DFX

Price paid: £ 129.99

Sound — 6
I'm using an Epiphone G400 SG-style guitar with humbucker pickups (I think) and I thought the amp was well suited with my guitar at first but as I got used to it I started to think it wasn't a well match. Firstly, I don't know if it's just me but It takes forever to find the correct sound for what I'm wanting to play and the tone levels, FX etc are quite limited. The clean channel is okay for practicing but it sounds quite poor for gigging. There isn't much to change with the clean channel unless you attach an FX pedal. Volumes: The amp is just 30 Watts which is a good wattage for practicing at home (maybe even a bit too high! ) and okay for practicing in a band to some extent (I found it a bit too quiet when practicing with a drummer). Definately not loud enough to gig with (unless it was a really small gig say 20 people) but still the drummer issue would arise.

Overall Impression — 5
I'd say this amp is a good amp for practicing with alone at home but not really for in a band and definately not for gigging. If mine was stolen I would not buy it again as it's features are limited and the reliability of mine was obviously poor (I'd feel sorry for whomever stole it).

Reliability & Durability — 4
As I said at the start I bought this amp over a year ago and it has lasted me quite long but a few months ago something wnt wrong. When playing with the amp the volume becomes extremely low (even when turned up full) so I need to kick the amp a bit to get the correct volume but the need to do this is quite often so I end up kicking the amp more than playing the guitar which is quite frustrating. As a result of this I have given up using this amp and has given me doubts about Marshall products (which I have always respected as a high valued brand).

Features — 7
I got this amp well over a year ago and some of the features are quite good such as the knob to change the effects (reverb, delay, chorus and flanger) I play a range of music, rock, punk and metal and I like this amp in particular for the punk rock sound.there are only 2 channel settings (clean and overdrive) and it would be a lot better with a distortion setting or even preset sounds (like the Line 6 series have). There is also a Marshall footpedal that can be purchased seperately, I have never purchased one but I predict it would enrich ones performance whilst playing Live as you could easily Switch between channels without the need to stop playing and pressing the button.

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    I have this amp its alright it does the job but I do admit it has its good days and its bad days Its never actually cut out or broken down but it just seems to have a thicker tone to it than other days who can explain this? But other than that its a good amp
    I need mine to break down within 1 1/2 years, as i want to exchange it within it's warranty but don't want to buy a different one. Once i get more money i'll get a better amp.
    dougiedogg23ws6 wrote: would this amp be loud enough to play over drums?
    i have this amp. Over drums its loud enough if you play rhythum but i play lead and found that even when i turn it up full its hard to get it loud enough, you can hear it but it doesnt quite stand out enough over the rest of the band. If your playing live i'd recomend a stronger marshall.
    i have this and hes right it does sink really bad but it gone after a few days. its a pretty good amp 7/10 for me
    I fell into the hype. I went from the shitty Fender amp that comes with the "Squier Strat Pack" to this thing. At first, it was awesome. 3 months later, it is so goddamn bland. The clean channel is the best part, which isn't much of a compliment. The distortion is being praised by all the reviews. Yet to me, it is just a mess. Seriously, folks, the tone goes down the drain when using the OD channel. And I KNOW it's not the guitar...I use an Epiphone Slash Signature Les it's not that. The thing has such a shrively down to it. The noise goes in and out and tremble on just one power chord! For this price, you can get a used Peavey ValveKing 112. Think about it, and try before you buy.
    seems people either love this or hate it...i'm thinking of getting this with a epi dot studio...
    More purely as a practise amp will have enough power to compete against a drummer, but tonely quite restricted
    I hammer and a bit of imagination
    hugh20 wrote: I need mine to break down within 1 1/2 years, as i want to exchange it within it's warranty but don't want to buy a different one. Once i get more money i'll get a better amp.
    the staggerwing
    damn, a friend of mine bought this thing, and he is so glad with it... but I think that he doesn't know what marshalls are supposed to be... he praise it but it's so... so... uncool Seriously I've bought a Roland 30 cube as a practice amp and I use the Boss ME-70 for effects... now I realy like the distortion, it goes from, blues-rock to death metal... call it a clean distortion, no ennoying buzz of fuzz sound if you don't want it... but then the marshall Mg-30... it's distortion is CRAP!! when I play lead solo's on distortion I want a sweet smooth sound... not a fuzzy sound!! damn Marshall!! I'd expected better from you
    I don't know what you guys are talking about. I just went to my local music shop saw this, played it and it rocks! It is such a great amp. People that say theirs broke thats because they ****ed something up when it was first made and it did that. The newer ones don't do that. Distortion is great on it the only thing is the clean channel isn't super amazing but it still gets the job done. As soon as I have enough money I'm going to buy it.
    I bought one of these last year, it's still working perfectly. i don't really like the built in fx because of the limited amount of control over them and the delayed signal doesn't really sound out when using the overdrive channel, but who cares, I can get pedals to do the job. The clean channel is that, clean. As others have already said, it's good for use with pedals. I have a Cool Cat drive n a Fab Flanger and what comes out of the speaker sounds brilliant. As for the overdrive channel I've found that a few tweaks of the contour dial can produce a whole range of tones by itself. This is a good amp for home use, practice or small gigs, but I doubt it'd be enough for a large venue. For those who live in the UK i got mine for 118 brand new from the Guitar and Keyboard centre, check the web!!
    for all of you woundering.. ive had this amp for a year now.. best practice amp out there.. of course if your a dumb ass noob setting everying at max youll get shity sound.. play with contour a lil bit.. dont lower the fx knob all the way down.. leave it at half with it on min reverb.. trebel at 3oclock bass at 12.. go nuts with gain.. its a great amp.. everyone complaining it breaks i play with my band.. hit it on walls a couple of times, never broke..