MG412 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (22 votes)
Marshall: MG412

Price paid: $ 180

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I play metal for the most part which is totally fine for these speakers. It goes well with pedals also if you choose to do so. I can get great distortion at high volumes but have to be pretty far from the amp if I don't want a ton of feedback. I guess around 2 o clock is where it starts to break up on the stack. I also play hip hop and R&B with the clean side I can't say to much about it. But it does get the job done. If you want clean sparkling tones off of this cab you might want to look into effects pedals.

Overall Impression — 9
I love this amp for everything it is. What other Marshall can you get for this cheap. The sound is way worth way more than what I paid for it. It matches my style, amp, needs as a musician perfectly. I've been playing for 6 years and I can't say I've heard a better amp than mine for under 500 bucks. I use a Jackson JS1 with EMGz in it. I'm thinking about drilling my Crate XT120R together with my Marshall MG412 so no one can steal it. I wish I had asked the guy I bought it from if he could get be a better of a deal. I hate nothing about this amp. There is not any real features I can speak of. When I was shopping for cabs. I was looking at the Crate line of cabs they had the matching speakers for my amp. But I was attracted to Marshall for 2 reasons. One I wanted the full 120 watts on my cab to really get everything my amp was putting out. Two I really wanted Celestion made speakers. Marshall was the right choice for me. I wish it had the ability to go in to stereo mode though. O well.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Other than a few blemishes this cab can take the beating that I have dished out to it in 2 years. I say it's well made but not with the most quality of parts. I've had to re-tighten the plastic nut on the speaker jack. People Who tour heavy can depend on this amp but might wanna bring a wrench on the road with em. I had to fix mine in the middle of a show once.

Features — 9
I'm not sure what year this cab was made but it's withstood the test of time that I've had it (2yrs) it's pretty versatile for what I do. It has plenty power to complement my Crate XT120R at 120 watts. I don't like that I can't run another cab in to it for more of a richer sound but that's a small problem that I can get over.

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    ima take my Vintage Modern combo in to the shop so i can try it with this cab, see what it sounds like
    lol, i bought one.... for 25 im yet to try it with a decent head, so even if it turns out to be complete balls, it wont be too much money down the shitter
    I wish it had alnico gold's with a Mesa Boogie tri-rec head but we can all dream.
    Whattaa... How can a cab have a Mesa? Also, the cab watts are all about power handling. They have nothing to do with the volume. If it had less watts, it would be as loud but it wouldn't handle as much power as this so if you had a powerful head, the speakers would blow up easier when played at loud volumes.
    No problem for me...played with Marshall JVM410 Head!.. not much difference from Orange cabinet (worth over $1000) with Thunderverb Head >>D Good buy...
    *palm face* there are much better used cabs for cheap all over craigslist. A Peavey 412ms is a heavy plywood enclosure with Sheffield 1290 speakers (unique and some of my fav). Best part- most of them can be had for $100. They are even stereo switchable and can run a second cab when used in mono. Can't beat good old peavey (unless its a Bugera head)
    Owned one from 08 to 14. Great tones, but it kinda makes every amp head sound the same. I own a MG100HCFX and a Jetcity 50H. I bought the Jetcity because I thought I wasnt getting enough punch from the MG100HDFX head. It turns out its the cab. Also been playing show twice a month from 08-14 and this cab has a problem with sound direction. Like you can only hear it if you stand in from of it and looses a lot of tone if hear it form the side. this is a problem for un mic'd stages and in general. Actually the cab it great but the speakers sux. If you dont plan on switching out the speakers, look for a differ cab.
    I bought one of these with an MG100HCFX and you won't get a better amp for the money. Of course if you have 3 or 4 grand to spend you can get better; but I seriously doubt you would even get something nearly as good for the money (all told 700 for head and cab NEW!). The celestions really pump and there is enough power here to feel the music rather than just hearing it (not that that's particularly good for your hearing; but oooooh what a feeling . If this is your price range or a a little above it - BUY IT. Hands down kicks the crap out of any over electronicly gizmoed bedroom poc amp. Period.
    BTW I've played a JVM through this cab and it kicked. No problem at all handling the power. Everything breaks up a little when you've got it all on eleven...more importantly it didn't do any damage to the speakers - cause I've blown out more than a few with that ole JVM - I mostly jam with solid state these days for one simple reason - tubes cost money - more and more money every day it seems...Solid state is just that Solid! Yeah, I love tubes; but I loved my 70 GSX too; doesn't mean I'ld still use one as a daily driver...
    Man I got lucky, I bought one of these bran new, used it for about a day or two and was able to take it back to guitar center. This thing SUCKED! So glad I did not get stuck owning it and having to try to sell it to someone for 50 bucks later down the road. I took this thing back got my 250 dollar refund, and put that money up on a marshall 1960 lead cab. Thank the LORD I did not keep this cabinet!