MG50DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (181 votes)
Marshall: MG50DFX

Price paid: C$ 420

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 7
I may be a bit biased, because given my musical style and preference, this was a very poorly chosen amp on my part. I like bright but warm clean tones, with a good response on the clean channel. I also like light Drive for heavy blues rhythm and leads. This amp provides none of those things, at least not without the aid of an external eq. On the other hand, this amp can get very very heavy, and has a reasonable range of overdrive tones. Classic crunch to heavy metal, this amp does it all. Very nice overdrive sound to satisfy most, if not all genres of music. Excellent versatility for the overdrive channel. The clean channel however is a bit disappointing. The sound is very muted, even with the treble up all the way it's not very bright. Clean channel is nowhere near as versatile as the overdrive channel. It's decent, if you don't play too much clean, bluesy stuff, like I do. Clean channel doesn't have a very responsive drive, naturally speaking, and when you Switch over to the OD, it's often too much drive. So in my experience, thumbs up for the OD, iffy on the clean.

Overall Impression — 9
For me, a horrible match, but that was just poor selection on my part, it's no fault of the amp itself, I just should've been a more wise shopper. I've been playing with this amp for nearly 3 years, never had complaints about the manufacturing, or anything like that. I do wish I had known about the unfortunate clean channel (again, just a bad choice on my part) I love the OD channel. Good for experimenting with new effects without having to buy stompboxes. Very useful for home practice. A good first or second amp, I would recommend it before trading up to a tube, as I am about to do. This amp really does have everything a new guitar player could ever really want. Overall, quite a decent amp.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've had this amp nearly 3-4 years in my bedroom. Had a good amount of things and people falling on it, kicking it, it's taken quite a beating in the time I've had it.. Yet I've never had a single problem. Never broke down, or even glitched. It works as well as the day I first brought it home and took it out of the box. However, I've never moved it from this room, except maybe 4 or 5 times. But I've also never really taken care of it. It's been well abused, and held its own. Very durable, it's surprising, really.

Features — 9
Standard, dual channel amp. (Clean/Overdrive footswitchable channels) FDD Switch to figitally simulate the tone of a tube amp. Line Out/Headphone port. Reasonable amount of tone adjustment knobs to tweak the sound a good bit. Very useful "Contour" setting on the overdrive channel to change the colour from bright and crunchy, to thick and heavy. Overdrive channel is very versatile, Clean channel, not so much. And of course, the effects, also footswitchable, with the exception of the digital reverb. Very easy to use, good loud speaker, extremely straightforward amp.

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    I havent really been on here much but I was reminded the other day of the "MGs SUXCKKSSZZ" crap on here. I tried out for a band this past weekend and I showed up with the only working amp I got which is a JCM2000 DSL 50. The other guitarist had one of these mgs only i think it was the 212. His actual gig equipment was in road cases in the next town.... And I swear as far as tonality the mg kept up with my jcm. Granted is didnt sound exact but it was enough for the "oh damnnnn!!" face to pop up. After hearing that i actually kind of want one now so I dont have to carry a halfstack everywhere. But with that being said, buy an amp that sounds right to your ears yall...dont join one of the multiple UG hate bandwagons. The mg is a "good" amp.
    I don't see why people give the MG series such bad rep. They're just practice amps aimed at beginners! Of course they wont' sound like a JCM stack! DUH! For a practice amp, the MGs aren't bad.
    does anybody know how to work the store the light indicator , on when the unit is powered on, as nothing is mentioned in the manual thank you sivert
    BlackDeath92 wrote: I don't see why people give the MG series such bad rep. They're just practice amps aimed at beginners! Of course they wont' sound like a JCM stack! DUH! For a practice amp, the MGs aren't bad.
    The reason is that when people are beginners they think that it's Marshall so it's the best but then after a couple of years they notice that hey this thing isn't so good and there are much better amps than MG. They have expectations and they think it's like JCM. I haven't played through MG so I can't comment what I think of it.
    Trust me the 30fx is just as good maybe a an earshot quieter but it's cheaper and still does the exact same job
    I had one of these amps and I can honestly say that they can stand up for doing gigs however I think the problem with these amps are the effects. They are rubbish and if anyone here doesn't believe me I suggest trying out a digital effects pedal or that of a boss/roland studio. clean and overdrive channels without effects are great.
    I have had this amp for about four years now. The first year of my owning it was great. It has good distortion and even better clean tones with a nice amount of volume to boot. A little over a year after I got it, (and just as the warranty expired interestingly enough) the clean channel went, leaving me with a strange, almost phaser-like feedback constantly in the background...For about a year after this I used it as a nightstand and chair until one day I decided to see if maybe the amp had magically fixed itself had! Amazingly everything seemed to work again...and then once more turned into a very expensive and uncomfortable chair. Make no mistake: this is a good amp if you can get it for a reasonable price, however it will be a short-lived good amp that will most likely turn to shit immediately after the warranty expires. To me it's as if Marshall is saying "Now that you've had a really costly demo of our low-end stuff, it's time to buy a tube amp that you should have gotten in the first place." After having played on numerous Marshalls both solid state and tube, it's like they didn't even try with the digital line. I would say if you didn't want to invest in a tube amp, you'd be better off with a line 6. Sure, they're cheap and lack quality tone but if you don't have the money to shell out for a tube, they are the best value for what you get. I've owned a spider 3 half stack and 75 watt for about 4 years and between the two of them the only problem I've ever had is the 75 overheats occasionally. They are perfect budget amps for metal and beyond, although anything that doesn't involve a serious amount of gain sounds cold and hollow compared to say, a solid state Vox IMO. The mg50dfx is a "good" amp, but it does not stay that way in my experience and there are plenty of other amps out there that can offer far better tone and dependability.
    I used to own this amp. I traded it not because I disliked it, but because it didn't suit my needs. I enjoy playing with high gain amps and this wasn't my cup of joe. It had a very smooth overdrive and the cleans sounded beautiful, especially with a little of the lush chorus effect. Guy who owns it now said it is perfect for him as he plays a Gretsch Country Gentleman and his epi les paul through it. Don't understand why people bash it so much.
    cliff niesen
    Thanks, I traded my front man practice fender amp that as soon as I traded it, they took it off the market & added a few different things & raised the price 100% $250 to $2000. As many Guitars & amps they sell today they should lower price. Now everyone & their mother wants a Guitar. All I want is what I paid for.
    cliff niesen
    my Marshall Tube DSL 15c does not get the sounds that are needed for songs like appetite for destruction album Or Metallica without my metal zone. The overdrive on the amp does not come close so I keep it on clean & use metal zone & delay pedals. This sucks because it sound muddy on the overdrive channel. I watch the guy show how to set it but I noticed that he had microphones by the amp; who knows what they where plug into. I am tired of keep trading my amp in for a different one. I bought insurance but that was a rip off! I am tired of exchanging to only to bet less than half for what I paid.
    cliff niesen
    DSL Marshall 15c Tube? I hade their solid state that had effect that came close to the Metal, & Rock N Roll I played but the thing broke. The plug fell inside. I paid for extra insurance but guitar center tried to tell me that I had to take it back to Marshall: "Bullshit", I did not lose my cool & traded it for a so called up grade that cost me more $$$! The Tube DSL 15c Marshall. I am so sick of this. I remember in the 80s & 90s that I could get equipment that was not crap. I am now just going to buy more pedals & keep it set clean. Build a affordable amp that has these pedal set in that don't sound like crap. If I knew this I would have just bought the Cube amp. This will not happen because after all the marshall company took all my money.