MS-2 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (85 votes)
Marshall: MS-2

Price paid: C$ 45

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 7
The sound produced by this amp obviously won't be loud at all, as it is almost pocket-sized, but it manages alright. I play pretty much just rock, covers, as well as my own stuff, and this amp is fine for that. It likely would manage with some 'lighter' metal, as well. I would use this amp only for travelling (when I wouldn't want to lug around a bigger amp), or for outdoor gatherings. Note: This is not my practice amp, I use a Vox VT30. The Clean channel on this thing is decent, it brings out most of the sound of the guitar itself, but it certainly isn't anything special. The OD seems pretty average on it, and since there isn't a gain control, the amount of Drive varies based on the volume. At Max volume, the amp produces a nice "crunch" sound, but since the sound quality isn't very good, your ears will Hurt, slightly.At low-to-mid volume, there is not much difference between the OD and the clean channels. The amp can achieve some pretty decent rock sounds, but there isn't too much variety. Overall, I think the sound is pretty good, if you take into consideration that this is a micro amp. Don't expect this to compare with $1000 amps.

Overall Impression — 8
The appearance of this amp is pretty nice. Mine is painted red, but there may be other colours available. I've been wanting one of these little micro amps for a while, and I'm entirely satisfied with this one. Again, I play Classic/Hard rock, and this amp manages for a little fun outdoors or while travelling. I bought the amp one day when I went to The Music Shop to try some Highway One Telecasters, and to buy some strings, and at the register I saw one of these little amps and thought, "Why Not?", and I'm glad I picked it up. It's a lot of fun, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a main practice amp and definitely not a gigging amp. If it were stolen, I would eagerly purchase another, because its just so much fun. This amp holds its own against amps like the Marshall MG10, or the Fender Frontman 15R, but those two amps aren't exactly known for their tremendous capabilities. I would recommend the Marshall MS-2 to anybody who travels often, or who enjoys playing outdoors, or needs an amp for night-time practice. This thing is great fun!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have owned this amp for 2 months now, and there have been no problems. I think this amp was used about 30 min/day through the two months, and it sounds the same as it did when it was new. I wouldn't even think of using it on a gig, because it just isn't powerful enough. The amp seems to be pretty durable, but if you were to drop it a few too many times, it would surely crap out. But it is Marshall quality, and you could expect it to last you long enough so that it becomes entirely worth what you payed for it.

Features — 7
This little amp was made in Vietnam, year unknown. The amp has 2 channels, one clean, and one OD (selected through the same knob). It has 1 tone control an 1 volume control, as well as a large-sized headphone jack at its side (You can also clip it onto your belt). The amp has the bare essentials, but it's a pretty cool little amp for some at-home practice.

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    Now this is one hell opf a small amplifer now personally i only use Marshall amps thanks to the greatestbandever known as Alexisonfire. so occasional they ionspired me to use this magnificant tool from god. But im also a great user of Peavey and now VOX. But im marshall all the way will chosse marshallover anyone else any day. i love it becuase its portable and just loud enough for you're mother to tell you to turn it down. i recomend if you ever got a chance to get one get it.
    Mine just arrived, it was free with a magazine subscription. Wired up to my SG I was pleasantly suprised by the sound, on the clean setting it's not very loud but the sound was nice and crisp, I have to turn it up max for a volume level I want to practice with. However, switch to overdrive and the volume easily doubles, I was playing last night with volume on number 1 and it was plenty loud enough for a little doodle, half way and plenty loud enough to practice with, perhps a bit under half. I also wired up my Boss DS-1 and run it through the clean setting and it was again very loud with good sound quality although there was some bass interference when I played with the neck pickup and the volume turned right up but switch to the bridge pich up and it was fine or mess with the tone control. Don't get me wrong, you can tell the sound is coming from a small amp but it packs a big punch, it's meaty but without losing clarity. I'd probably pay 30 or 40 for this amp. Not sure on longevity but it feels heavy and solid, shame when I got it out and saw it was red not black! A great practice amp and much to my wife's delight, I can clip it on my belt and follow her around the house playing while shes doing the housework ;?).
    1KoolGhi Tar
    I got one of these puppies. Since it didn't come with an A/C adapter, I got an International Converter Corp. 9 volt adapter for musical instruments. It won't fit in the Marshall. What's the deal?
    This is probably one of the best toys i've ever bought! I'm still tickled to death over it haha
    Can't use it on clean but it means my neighbours don't hate me quite as much for shredding during sunday roast! I bought a Danelectro headphone amp which is also really cool
    Bought one a few months back of ebay for 20 (17 if you minus P+P). Very nice amp. Its not very loud but it does the job I brought it for which was bedroom practice. Very portable too which is a plus, I take it with me sometimes with my main guitar. Tone can sound a bit twangy/ high on treble even at 4-5. OD is good, doesnt give a powerful metal tone but it does give a nice distortion for alittle blues rock. Its a 7 from me and if you want a small bedroom practice amp then I would recommend it =)
    ace man
    Curiosity - have the overdrive volume on max, amp tone on ten, plug a les paul into it, put your neck pickup on, guitar tone on about 3, then roll your pickup volume back to 1/3 to 1/2, sounds the closest i'm able to get to mick taylors legendary exile tour les paul tone. try it.