MS-4 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Features: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 1.3 Junky
  • Users' score: 6.2 (67 votes)
Marshall: MS-4

Sound — 1
I have used this amp with a Vintage Les Paul copy guitar (pickups unknown), and a Gibson X-Plorer, with stock pickups, with both of these guitars, the distorted end of the dials, is horrendous. There is virtually no sustain at all and the tone literally gives me a headache. On a lighter note, the clean sound this amp produces isn't too bad, it's nothing special but all the same... But if you are like me and play heaver things, then your most likely to be playing with the distortion sound, so, sound quality is bad.

Overall Impression — 1
I play metal music, thing like Metallica, Iron Maiden etc, ( if they even are metal! ) and this amp does not suit my playing style at all, apart from the slightly ok clean sound it makes, which I guess could go down well with some Metallica clean sounds. I have been playing for, about 6 months, and I own a Gibson X-Plorer, and a Vintage Les Paul copy... thing. If this amp was stolen, I would find the person Who stole it, and say "its your burden now" and be grateful, and maybee have a quick jamming session with him/her. When buying this, I did compare it to other amps, and bassicly I picked this one because it looks like a stack, whcih I thought was pretty cool. Overall though, I did only pay 15 pound, so not much of a loss. But for the love of god look else were if your buying a new (practice) amp!

Reliability & Durability — 1
I can depend on this amp to "work" to it's full potential each time I turn it on. I would never gig with this thing, it wouldn't even cross my mind, it is far too small for a start, and it don't sound god at all. The build quality is fine, my own complaint would be that the "gold plate" which feels like gold plastic, or gold paper to me, isn't even long enough to fill the background behind the amps control panel. I mean come on Marshall, if your going to make a terrible amp, at least make it look ok!

Features — 2
This guitar features, well not very much at all. There is gain, volume, and tone controls, and of course the all important one and off Switch which is very useful with this amp, what with it being terrible and all. There is no foot pedal, but one channel, no effects, just plain and simple amplification. On a more positive note, there is a headphone jack, and it is battery powered, or alternatively, you can plug it in, if you can get hold of the right plug.

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    hendrix n page
    It would be awesome to go around your town playing an insane solo with this i'm one step closer to this dream
    revo crazy
    i have one of these.... great fun... mines about two years old now and because it gets torutured the input jack is a bit broken... however i keep taking it to peices and soldering it and it now seems to be working fine... if you want it because of its protability though i would buy an ms-2 or if you want someting of a higher quality (which obviously means higher price tag) buy a vox da5.... thats my opinion anyway
    I play late at night (kids sleeping)and this thing is fun & great for headphones (while i just look at my real amps, lets face it ..this is not a real amp and it has no bass but it does sound good clean and turned all the way up "11" distorted. no effort to haul to have at least something at the cottage ,Looks good on my desk too !! If you want a real practice amp spend the extra few bucks and get a Roland micro ..otherwise it's a fun thing to noodle with...
    I might have a faulty unit, but my MS-4 starts to flip the **** out if any knob is higher than two. It grizzles, it spits, it buzzes and it calls my mother names.