Valvestate 100 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (71 votes)
Marshall: Valvestate 100

Sound — 9
Guitar Set-Up in Comination with Amplifier Being used in conjunction with a metal-style guitar (H-H passive pickup setup). The amp isn't as suitable with single coil pickups, it can get a bit scratchy. The only problems I've encountered with the combination is that the clean channel can sound like it has a little gain and darkness in it. This limits tone possibilties, but it's caused by the guitar, so not the amp's fault. Music Style Suitability I play every genre I can think of really. This amp can be used for all genre's though there's certain sounds and tones it's incapable of. Though it definitely has a more focused tone when producing classic rock, 80's/old metal, punk and Indie sounds. It's extreme metal sound is rather non-existent. But all you need is a multi-fx or distortion pedal going into it to find it. The second overdrive channel has a contour control for extra versatility Gain The gain can sound a little thin sometimes, but as mentioned above, all you need is effects pedals to supply you with the heaviness you desire. It really is enough until you want to get a heavier sound than hard/classic rock though. The first overdrive channel is basically just for light distortion sounds and blues by the way. Noise It makes no more unwanted noise than any other amp. And I have found some feedback settings, that can be used to nice effect. Some settings on the clean channel can leave you with a hum that can be heard in rests. Personally, I have never found this a problem.

Overall Impression — 10
Reliable, all the features you could want and it sounds. If lost/stolen [though I wouldn't let that happen] I would certainly look at buying something further up on the Marshall food chain. While it is a great amp [in my opinion], the JCM, JVM and signature Marshalls are all obviously better. Nonetheless it is still the best amp I've played in its price range and the quality of the whole package is really high. And many people, including myself, regard it as the best sounding hybrid amp that they've heard. Rock on, U-G.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The amplifier has lasted twelve years in someone else's care and a few months in mine. Throughout all this time it has never needed any repair. Also, it doesn't show any signs of any part of it breaking down anytime soon. I've had one problem with reliability, it was the footswitch. It got faulty after a little while and then completely stopped working. And I do know that if you were to drop it or knock it 'round too much the preamp tube would break. So take care of it! Note that it is actually a really solidly built amp, it's just the preamp that's a little fragile.

Features — 10
Year: 1996 State: hybrid Speaker: Celestion 12" (Gold Back) Preamp: 12AX7 tube Channels: 3 (1 clean + 2 overdrives) Footswitch: yes Effects Loop: yes Headphone Jack: yes It has all the features you could ask for out of an amp, other than on-board effects. But this is a Marshall, if you wanted on-board effects you wouldn't be looking at buying one now would you. It has reverb, which is probably the feature I use the least and even it comes in handy to get certain sounds. The 100 watts of tone can sure put out some volume. It can also Drive 4 by 12 cabs so this thing is easily giggable.

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    Death and Cannibal Corpse used these so all the haters can cram it. High end brand *****s, you piss me off...
    speedinc wrote: KVX10 KING V wrote: Jim Marshall invented the 12" speaker, and then invented the 4x12", he invented the stack, the heads, the cabinets, hes the original, anything else is merely an imitation. Well my Mesa Triple Recto, thats as you say an imitation sounds a hell of a lot better than any Marshall, IMO.
    yeah i dont give a f*** about who was the original or the first. If the "wannabe" sounds better then thats my choice.
    I've had this amp since 1996. I think the tone has actually improved over a fine wine. I use it with my PRS single cut and Fender Tele, both sound incredible. This amp loves to be played loud (if you're using distortion), so it isn't for the bedroom guitar wonder. If you play live, and need a good dependable amp that has a lot of control tonally speaking, this is a perfect amp. If you are easing back on the gain, it loses its balls a little bit, but oh well. So much better than the crappy m-series garbage marshall is putting out now.
    Any amp,depending on your need is a good amp. I personally hate box amps,and I've owned high end ones,I don't like Marshall amps much or fender amps,doesn't meen they suck,I just don't like the sound. I love mesa,kustom and peavey. Some people swear by line 6 (I owned the flextone III) which was actually badass and I hate line 6. The one thing that p****s me off is when any amp gets a ten,is there really any amp worthy?
    my valvestate vs100 sounds great, has 3 usable channells, 1 clean and 2 distortions, the 2 distortion chanels share thier own eq, but i only paid $286 delivered, it has a button that does not work on the footswitch and reverb pan also is dead.. apart from that, its quite warm from about 40 percent volume, i use a sg gibson standard, sometimes a les paul custom and sometimes a sg 61 re issue, and it gives me a great tone on ch 2 and ch 3 for lead, i have a few amps, a peavey bandit and a marshall g80r cd, this is definateley my favorite even without reverb which i have ordered... for the price, it was a great amp, if your looking for a cheaper alternative to a jcm, id certainly recommend this amp and id be happy to pay up to about $350 for one in great condition... this also may come up in value over the years as being a hybrid, it can be used at a gig as well as at home and still produce a great sound, being 100 watt, its got more than enough grunt for a live gig, miked up of course... hope this has helped
    i have this amp and use it at school instead of their line 6 spider 3 one's. it makes the line 6's sound cheap and awful. but the inexperienced guitarist will not use it to its full potential, you really have to know what tone you want to get from the amp and it will give it to you. i play alot of classic rock aswell as more modern heavier riffs. i've done a lot of rage against the machine covers and i can get the perfect tom morello sound supprisingly with my Epiphone les paul black beauty. if you need an amp for gigs, band practices then get this, find it second hand for a real bargin, i got it for 80!!! it will really grow on you and you wont want to sell it
    WHAT NOW SON wrote: i doubt its louder than the mesa, mesa is the king of all amps. they're the best sounding most versatily amps
    Engl is the king of amps...but you have to pay like 1000$ for one of their (german made) amps....
    Im going to add this to my comment above.. I plugged this thing in my bedroom, it sounded pretty bad ass. Im running a chain of pedals in front of it to get the sound I want. It pretty loud. When I got to band practice however, it wasnt keeping up and when I have it loud I get shitty feedback noise and the clean sounds slightly distorted to me with the volume at 11oclock. You might have to turn your midrange up to cut through the mix better with your drummer but then I lose my signature tone that is low on mids :s Im a bit disappointed with that but this makes a great bedroom amp if you have the kind of money to spend on one. For now Ive been mic it with a pa system at band practice, and its working alright. Hope this helps. \m/
    I just got this amp. Has anyone considered using a boss equalizer stompbox and what are the results like?
    i like this amp. you gotta crank it, but drop in a high gain tube, plug in some good buckers, and there you go. obviously if im going to do somethin like behemoth i add a disto pedal, but one of the best for the price. i mean, mine is one of the first built and it still kicks ass.
    Umm. guys. all this talk of "immitations" of marshall its kinda flawed in theat marshall was immitating a fender bassman... so... anyway i own this amp. the verb doesn't work. oh well. the distortion is great. its one of those amps that inexperiances guitarists hate because there used to hiding behind distortion. it not a tube amp but i like solid state because of there reliability and stabitity. also its crucial to know how to work EQ on there things cause there are some nasty sounds that can be drawn out of this amp. i love it. peace
    too be completely honest... i probably would buy an actual tube amp if this one went out on me.....but it has endured some serious gign and party playing...been used as a table, chair, doorstop,...had beer and other booze spilt on it and maybe some puke...but it still does the job ...and quite well for a tube sim. its not a peice of garbage and ill stand firm on that one. its a matter of taste and style just like everything else. if u can't afford the real tubes baby then this is what u need ...u won't find a better sounding solid-state amp anywhere...gettem used if u can ...most of em that are still out there rocking are proven by now i wld think
    u guys are killing me.....just like guitars, amp depends an what kind of sound you are looking for....futhermore the different cominations of each amp and each different guitar are gonna give u different tone,,,this amp is freakn badazz if u plug the right guitar into it, like my custom semi-hollow body fecker testicaster with dual p90s...but only if u r lookn for that kind of tone,...right?ill agree that the clean channel can get a bit ballsy with the p90s but thats exactly what i like for the stuff i play so no prob there for me but, there is no point in trying to say that one amp is totally crap and another is better...unless its a peavey.....then its probly crap....i got one of these amps when sum guy who was trying out for our band abandoned it at my drummers house....he thought the preamp or somthin burned out and since he had a fender deville, he just left it there and never came back. come to find out,,,the speaker wire had only come unplugged from the back of the celestion 12" amp!!!! for free ...of course i love it. but ive had it for three years now and playd many a gig all over the east coast and its still rockn. i would def buuy this amp if i didn't score it so luckily and i couldn't afford an ORANGE!!! u guys shld check out the thd univalve head...very nice and versatile head with a built in attenuator!!!
    I bought this from a pawn shop. It was great while it lasted. Clear Clean channel and super heavy on OD2. Unfortunately, It's went out on me ...twice. I played it at my house and every where else and it was fine. I plugged into the stage at my school, and the fuse blew and I had to replace several transistors. avoid this.
    KVX10 KING V wrote: Jim Marshall invented the 12" speaker, and then invented the 4x12", he invented the stack, the heads, the cabinets, hes the original, anything else is merely an imitation.
    Yeah, well there are a lot of immitations that are better than the 'original'.
    I have this amp. It's certainly not the best amp in the world. Pretty far from it really. But as I'm always tight on cash, this was actually the only thing I could afford at the time. I got it for 90 from ebay, and for that price it rules. IMO, the cleans are acceptable, and the ODs are okay for anything that uses less distortion than guns n roses. They're not fantastic. I use mine with a Gt-6, something else people say is sh*t. Together, I think they sound f*cking good. I can get about as close to a Mesa Mk IV as you can without actually having the real thing. Got some nice Petrucci and Satriani sounds from the combination. However, I've tried my gear with a Line 6 Spider II and III and a Vox something or other. IMO, the Marshall was much nicer, didn't sound anywhere near as trebley, and definitely nowhere near as digital in terms of distortions. And as i got it much cheaper than you could any of those amps, I'm happy. Great if you cant afford much. If I could afford 2 grand, then I'd definitely buy a Mesa Mark IV, as I think they're possibly the best amps you can get fro the sorta stuff I play. But until then, this with my GT-6 will do.
    I actually like VS amps, my friend has one and I was playing it straight without any pedals without knowing that it was a VS and it sounded pretty amazing. Not better than my 6505, but still.
    d_byrne23 wrote: yeah these amps arent good at all...and mesas arent the king of amps...theres plenty of amps higher up then mesas
    EHHH! wrong answer. mesa are the kings of all guitar amplifiers.
    My local rehearsal studio uses these, I hate the bloody things. They sound awful, too muddy and bassy, but if I boost the mids or treble all I get is feedback, even with the gain rolled back
    Guys, it's not a real Marshall if it's not all-tube. MGs and Valvestates are to Marshall as Squiers are to Fender.
    lo l, i was crackin up at that to.. harder stuff.. yeah right
    pshhh anger issues,my fav is marshall,but thats my opinion,i dont care if people like vox or mesa,ITS AN OPINION!U DONT HAVE TO ARGUE ABOUT IT!!
    MT in Austin
    Jim Marshall invented the 12" speaker, and then invented the 4x12", he invented the stack, the heads, the cabinets, hes the original, anything else is merely an imitation.
    That's like saying a Ford Model-A is better than a Dodge Viper because it was first. Amps are designed differently for different sounds. If you like one sound over the other, that's the better amp for you.
    My school has this amp and it's terrible. Never buy it because it sounds horrible. Cleans are ok at best, but distortion is disgustingly muddy.
    The amp is very realiable, you can always **** on it giving you great sound.
    I lolled at that and wondered if anyone else managed to notice haha. have a great day!
    Can anybody tell me if this amp is the same as the Valvestate 8100??? and do somebody know what the original Footswitch for the V 8100 was?
    Doesn't work for me. It's too atmospheric and can't find a decent tone. I can even get a better tone with a Laney HMC30.