Valvestate 8080 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (110 votes)
Marshall: Valvestate 8080

Price paid: $ 183

Purchased from: (It's second-hand)

Sound — 10
I've got a Squier Strat guitar, which I've put a humbucker on in the brudge position. It runs through my Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion (with turbo mode off) and further in through my Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus and finally into this baby. The eq in the clean channel is enough to make the Nirvana sound I want, but I've toy'ed with the other channel aswell. If I want sound like Deep Purple, no problem! Like Stones, no problem! Like a nu-metal band, no problem! Just plain hardrock sound, no problem! You can get JUST the sound you want! The distortion in this thing is so versatile! It makes no noise at all! The only noise I've ever heard from it, somes from the guitar!

Overall Impression — 10
Again, I'm into Nirvana and grunge. I'm also into other styles of rock. And this amp seems to be sharing my taste! I've been playing for a little over a year and play mostly power-chord songs and easy solo's (simple, but powerfull, as Kurt Cobain'd put it). My previous amp was a Behringer GMX122, or something like that. The only thing I can say about that is "stay away from it"! Eventhough it has 2x60 watt and 2x12 speakers, the sound just ain't right! If this one was stolen, I'd search the world around to find the thief, take him down myself and even swim it back to Denmark in a raft made of concrete, if it was necessary! This amp is a must! What I love about it is anything! What I hate about it is nothing! It may look like I just write that to save time, but it's simply as simple as that! My favorite feature might be the eq on the clean channel combined with the gain pot! When I was looking for a new amp, I came across Marhsall MG30DFX and a couple of sweet Randalls. But it ended up being this, because I saw the incredibly low price on the internet. The owner even had a bus with a 220 volt power generator in it, and he was incidentically on a trip to my area, so I tested it in the bus! And I fell in love with it right away! The only thing I've ever wished it has had, is a button to turn the internal speakers on and off, as it's nice to be able to test the sound coming out of the line out compared to, say, vocals and other instruments, so the mixing would be easier. But I can live without! Maybe I could even build my own, one day.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is really an amp you can depend on! I'd anytime take it to a gig without a backup! It's never, ever failed or done anything un-expected! The only problem it has (and many people reports that aswell) is that the pots can get dirty and noisy after a while and it can be VERY annoying. But if you take some contact-spray, it's fixed in no time! But still.

Features — 10
The legendary Valvestate series "swept the world" in 1991. This amp is a 80 watt amp. It could play paintings off the wall, if you'd like it to! It's 12" speaker gives the sound the correct depth and the preamp in it has an ECC83 valve in it and makes a nice sound! It's a great solid state amp with two channels (clean and boost). The clean channel has a 3-band equalizer and a gain, that can add a little crunch if you turn it over half power and it has a crunch button, that gives the signal a little extra drive. The boost channel also has a 3-band eq. It also has a gain, that decides how distorted the sound gets. There is a button for switching between "OD 1" and "OD 2." OD 1 is old, classic rock overdrive, while OD 2 is more brutal distortion. That channel also features a Contour pot, that can make the distortion sound anywhere between good ol' Marshall overdrive and a great nu-metal sound. And finally theres a volume pot to make the volume ballanced so it matches the volume on the clean channel. The master section features a master volume, power button, line out and footswitch out. Additionally it has an effect loop, where you can decide how much the effect shall mix with the sound. The effect loop also has a button to give the "Send" port more power, which is required for multi fx's. The footswitch can switch between the two channels and turn reverb (which by the way is made by real springs! ) on and off. I play rock. Mainly Nirvana, and it's versatile enough for ANY kind of rock! I can't see how anything should drag this rating down, so.

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