Road King review by Mesa Boogie

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 4.5 Poor
  • Users' score: 9.2 (54 votes)
Mesa Boogie: Road King

Price paid: $ 2750

Purchased from: Sweetwater

Sound — 2
I plug a Shure Beta57 into an adapter and then into the amp for vocals. I play in a pop/rock/indie cover band. This amp is not ver appropriate for my vocal style. In fact, it can barely replicate the human voice. There is a terrible hum when you turn it up past 7 o clock and it causes my mic to feedback. This amp does not sound good at all, I was very disappointed. The first 2 modes on the clean channel sound decent if the gain is low, but it is still very fuzzy and dark. I don't even know why someone would want to use the other 2 channels. They create this horrible rumbling fuzzy sound and make my voice sound terrible no matter what modes you use. Channels 1 and 2 sound ok, but it does distort. If I turn the mids all the way down on channels 1 and 2 my mic gets less feedback, but my voice sounds like something off of a really bad recording.

Overall Impression — 3
This amp sounds terrible. I would not replace it if it were stolen, I would probably just buy my own PA. I've been singing onstage for 3 years now and I would not recommend this preamp to anyone. For one last comment, I would have given it a better rating if it had and XLR input. I already spent almost $4000 to buy this and a matching speaker and It is almost insulting to have to go out and spend even more money on a good quality adapter.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Yes, but I would only use it as a back up. Most of the time, I'd prefer to plug my microphone into a PA system, but since we play usually play Pop/Rock covers in peoples backyards for parties I don't always have the ability to use a PA system.

Features — 6
This amp was made in 2009. The amp was not as as versatile as advertised. It has 4 channels but only two of them sound almost decent. Each channel has three modes and most of them sound terrible. I wish this amp had a XLR input so I had to buy an adapter. I've used this amp onstage once for a live performance, but I didn't like it. This is also really really heavy to be carrying around. Most preamps I've used are really light. Its also not very portable which makes it hard to travel with. The speakers are also extremely heavy. I don't understand why you would need such a big speaker if the sound breaks up so easily.

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    Also, whoever thought this was a PA Preamp, either delete your review and put it in the right section, or delete your review and rethink your life.
    big_red wrote: Also, whoever thought this was a PA Preamp, either delete your review and put it in the right section, or delete your review and rethink your life.
    agreed... Hopefully he gets his teeth knocked out right before someone that knows how to use it steals it... Agreed... I hope someone that deserves and knows how to use it steals it right after they knock his teeth out.
    There's a reason the one guy keeps claiming it sounds like shit... He's using it for vocals. WHO uses a ****ing Road King for vocals? It's a GUITAR amp....
    Skagasm wrote: im sorry but there is no way you are correct, even if a transformer was needed that would not cost 2000 to buy and fix are you sure you didnt get the roadster? that sounds a bit more possible but a road king for 750 is just ridiculousmrmuzic wrote: I just bought a combo RoadKing used from Sam's Ass for $750. They had it all setup wrong and thought it needed a transformer. When I got home I downloaded the manual, set it up, and it is absolutely awesome. What a range of tone selections and gain. Sam Ass lost out big time on this one...HAHAHAHAHAH
    Combo Roadking. Combo.
    I agree with big_red,shreddy murphy, and Karlboy. Who the heck uses a ****ing guitar amp FOR VOCALS!? The person was using it for a purpose it was not meant for (a PA preamp) it was meant for guitar amplification!! Whoever that is Get a proper PA preamp not a guitar amp. The Road King would sound much better for its intended purpose and that person would rethink their review. Sorry for the little rant but that's just too dumb of a review to pass up. Oh and ATL_aftermath: Lol XD I hope that's a joke.
    Can everyone just please disregard completely the third review from that know-nothing sourpus jackass who got a high gain rock/metal guitar amp for his VOCALS nonetheless for his shitty indie band.. Fucking idiot.
    Can everyone please just completely disregard that ****ing idiot who got this gem of a rock/metal guitar amp for his VOCALS in and INDIE band nonetheless? Incompetent ****..