Roadster 2x12 Review

manufacturer: Mesa Boogie date: 07/08/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Mesa Boogie: Roadster 2x12
Responsibilities behind, miles of S-curves aheadfully in the moment and feeling the rush as you confidently snake your way through shadowed canyons that give way to sunny ridgetops. Freedom, Flow, Exhilaration!
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9.7
 Features: 10
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overall: 9.5
Roadster 2x12 Reviewed by: KoskineN, on february 14, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1816.21

Purchased from: Italmelodie, Mtl

Features: So much stuff on this amp! Where should I begin? Mine was made in 2007, bought brand new (I actually helped the guy to take it out of the box)100 watts, 6L6 power tubes, 4 channels, each with 3 different modes. Each channels has it's own EQ, with separate reverb, power (50 or 100w), rectifier mode (tubes or diode) and FX loop controls (in or bypass). You got a big 8 buttons footswitch that control each channels, reverb, mute/tuner, FX loop and solo mode. You can also bypass the global FX loop for a direct, full power sound. The Roadster comes standard with 2 Celestion Vintage '30s speakers. Talk about features! This amp gives me everything I need and more, and with 100 watts of pure Mesa power, I've got enough and more than I will ever need. I wanted a very versatile amp since I play a lot of style, and the Roadster was the answer for me! I play stuff form Radiohead, to The Black Keys, to heavy stuff like Tool and Lamb Of God. // 10

Sound: I use it with a LTD EC-1000 Deluxe and a Fender Telecaster. So about the amp's sounds. Has I mention earlier, each channels has 3 modes. Channels 1&2 are clean. They both has a Clean and Fat mode. Clean is a pristine clean, really pure with a lot of headroom. Fat has more of a bass boost, really good for clean blues. The third mode of channel 1 is Tweed, which is the one I use all the time. Think Vintage Fender! Add some reverb and it sounds like heaven! It got a nice breakup past 1 o'clock, but I keep it clean most of the time. 3rd mode of channel 2 is called Brit, which is voiced to sound more like a Vox or clean Vintage Marshall. I use it with the gain at about 2-3 o'clock for a nice overdrive, a la AC/DC, really sweet! Channels 3 & 4 comes with Raw, Vintage and Modern modes. Raw is more of a low gain mode, again really good for softer cruch. Vintage is the one I use on #3, think Gun's & Roses and classic Rock, big Marshall like tones awesome! And finally, Modern is for the heavier stuff, big brutal distortion, huge "chugga chugga"! Playing Sad But True on this almost made buy this amp! On a more negatine side, it takes time to dial the sound you really want. Don't get me wrong, this amp sound really great, but with all there settings, it takes a little time to get familiar with it. An other thing is the reverb. It sound really good, but since it's a tube reverb, you need to crank your amp to really hear it, at its full potential. Finally it's heavy as hell to carry around. But overall, a really great amp! // 9

Reliability & Durability: Even if I only own it for 4 months now, this thing seems to be built like a tank! I already did several gigs with it without a backup. I'm always carying spare tubes just in case! I'm giving a 9 because you never know! It comes with a 5 years waranty and you can see that Mesa guys really cares about theirs amps quality. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing for 16 years now, and this amp is a dream come true! First I always dreamed of having a Mesa, until the day I want the to store to buy something, but came back with the Roadster, talk about a impulsive buy! I try some Marshall (JVM) and an Orange Rockerverb, and while the Orange is really great (I will buy one someday), the Roadster was better because it is so versatile! I use some pedals with it but you can get a vast variety of sounds just with his 4 channels. It may be the only amp I will ever need for the rest of my life. It got everything I need! The only big downside to it it's his weight, but I own a car so it's not a big deal! Plus, bandmates are there to help you too! // 10

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overall: 9.8
Roadster 2x12 Reviewed by: PlagueX1, on march 03, 2008
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Price paid: $ 2000

Features: This amp has an amazing four channels. You can find a use for each channel. The first two channels are clean channels that shimmer. The other two channels are were the main magics at. The third and forth channel are the overdrive channels. You can set three different distortion modes on the channels. One being Raw, which is a very mild overdrive, the second being Vintage which is good for Metallica tones and such and the third is Modern. The modern mode has the most distortion on the amp it's really brutal; it's good for Lamb Of God or any heavy type of metal. On each channel you can also set it for 50 or 100 watts. You can also set weather to use Diode or Tube Rectifier. You also can set different amounts of reverb for each channel. It's really versatile and can do so much more than metal. // 10

Sound: I use an Jackson DXMG with Seymour Duncan SH-2N and SH-6 pickups in it and a Schecter Hellraiser C-1. This amp is hardly noisy at all even when the distortion is high. The distortion can get very brutal on it. The variety of the sounds that can be achieved on this are nearly endless. Classic rock, metal, bluesy type music, it can do tons of different types. Regardless of what people say this amp does do great at low volumes. I use an Equalizer GE-7 through the effects loop that makes a world of difference in the amps sound. The EQ helps tighten things up a bit and it helps the distortion liven up very much at lower volumes. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I haven't had any problems with this amp so far so I would say it can withstand gigs and traveling and such. Although this amp is definently no lightweight. Don't expect to do any real moving of this by yourself. I probably would use this amp without a backup if I was gigging. Just make sure you have a spare pair of tubes and possibly a fuse, you never know what might happen. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, basicly anything that's really heavy and sounds good. This amp works perfectly for me. I love it. If this amp were stolen I very likely would buy a new one. I can't really pick a favorite feature because I love everything about it. It definently has the classic Dual Rectifier sound that's so sought after, but it's so much more than a Dual Rectifier, with the tons of features and possibilities on this you can't go wrong. // 10

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overall: 10
Roadster 2x12 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 08, 2011
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Price paid: A$ 4495

Purchased from: Custom Music

Features: The amp is a late 2010 build. It has 4 channels which have three modes each, when you first look at all the controls you might feel a bit intimidated, don't be just look at it as if you have 4 amps in one and you will feel much easier about getting to grips with this beast. It has a fantastic footswitch for all the channels, reverb, effects loop, tuner mute, and solo features. I bought this amp because I wanted an amp that would be suitible for all the styles I play plus others I don't play yet but may in the future, this amp is increadibly versitile. Naturally this amp is an all valve amp with 100w of power, each channel has assignable power (50 or 100 watt) tube or diode rectfication, and effects loop settings. Each channel has its own 3 band EQ, Gain, Reverb, and Master volume controls. I use this amp mostly in my bedroom as the moment but I do intend to gig with it as I put together a new band. // 10

Sound: I currently have two main guitars I play at the moment, a Fender Jaguar (bridge pickup has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan HOT Rails) and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus top. Both guitars sound awesome through this amp, the Fender has a much more cutting mids style sound to it whereas the les paul has a very thick sound to it. I have yet to throw a musical style at this amp that it does not do well, I'm very impressed by it. It does take some time to learn and dial in the sounds you want, but once you get familiar with it you learn you can do so much with it. I can get sparkling cleans, Marshall like almost cleans, great crunches, smooth overdrive, and brutal overdrive all from the one amp. Impressive. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This thing weighs 42kg its built like a tank and gives the distinct impression of it being built to last a nuclear blast while still being functional. I have taken it to several places around the area to play through it so far and it hasn't even got so much as a scuff mark. // 10

Overall Impression: This amp is brilliant, It does everything I want and more. I have been playing for 15 years now and I've had my fair share of amps (I still miss my old JCM900) but this one has all the bases covered I don't think I'll ever need another amp again. If this one were lost or stolen I would definately consider buying another one if the funds were available. // 10

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