Roadster Head review by Mesa Boogie

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (28 votes)
Mesa Boogie: Roadster Head

Price paid: $ 1999.99

Purchased from: Morganroth

Sound — 9
I have many guitars and im not going to get into how each one of them sounds. You have to take time and balance the eq perfectly, not the most interesting, but anyone Who is a real musician should take the time to FEEL ther sound. This amp is capable of the highest and heaviest gain imaginable. I was always a devoted Marshall fan, and the reason that i decided to get a mesa, was because they sounded great atop Marshall cabs. I never did like Mesa cabs all that much as they seemed to add to the compression that is a frequent complaint about Mesa amps. However, when i threw this head atop my Marshall cab, it sounded amazing. This is common sense, but when you increase your volume you will get more natural gain. Maxing out the gain is not necessary at high volume. Especially with Mesa Heads, it is good to take the time to balance the volume with the gain to have the perfect sound. If you do this i guaruntee you will find the perfect sound. The clean channels will distort at high volume (and obviously if you maximize the gain) but it can give you a feel of what a Vintage amp does. I am not at all implying that this amp will replicate the sound and feel of say a Plexi or anything from the Mark series, but it has its own unique way of building natural gain vs artificial gain. Like ive said before, find the balance. One thing to take in mind is each mode is going to affect the way your gain builds. One of my favorite modes (that i hardly ever use) is found on the second channel called "Brit". It is supposed to give a general feeling of the older Vox and Marshall sounds, while it does not sound like them, it does sound great at low or high gain. I could write a novel, try it yourself.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said before, I am metal all the way, but also a guitar player Who experiments with different sounds, making this the perfect amp for me. I have played for ten years, and I think I've finally gotten what I deserve as a guitar player. We can all go get an amp that is simple and produces one sound that is easy to get. But, it all depends on opinion. I like versatility, I like to jam out blues and jazz for the fun of it, even though it is not my primary music choice, but because I like to do that, this amp provides it. Many people do not like Mesa because thier amps are not simple, but truse me people, if you take the time to learn you will love it. This was worth every cent and I would most definetely buy this again. I still love Marshall, but Mesa impressed me with this amp. We don't all like the same stuff, but Mesa impressed me. Try it out for yourself if you don't take my word for it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I had only one negative experience with this amp. I had it fitted with EL 34s (it normally comes with 6L6) and the bias circuit had a weak solder connection causing the fuse to blow and the tubes to fry at one point. yes, i did frown on Mesa a little bit but it was a small technichal issue (that was 100% paid for and honestly fixed). Once i got past that and retested it. I still have no regrets. It is a great head, i use in the studio and on the road. Ive had it for almost a year, and i love it.

Features — 10
There has not yet been a review submitted for the Roadster combo and I am surprised. The Roaster is a 100 watt all tube amp head with 4 footswitchable channels (each with 3 selectable modes), tube reverb for each channel, an effects loop that can be active or inactive on each channel, a selectable power amp for each channel (50 or 100 watts), and of course the classic Mesa signature rectifier, which allows you to choose between Silicon diodes or 5u4GB rectifier tubes. This is also featured for each channel. I use this head atop a Marshall 4x14 1960 cab and it sounds amazing. When connected properly, this amp is loud enough to pierce the eardrum of anyone a mile away. The amp is very versatile, I myself play classic and modern heavy metal. I bought this amp so I can use it on the road and in the studio. This is a great amp for all sorts of music. The selectable modes and the versatile eq balance make this the breeding ground of the perfect sound, as long as you take the time to properly set it up. There are so many features in this amp I don't even use half of them, but it is still nice to have them around. This amp head comes with an eight way footswitch, allowing you to select channels one through four, to mute your guitar, to give a solo boost, to activate or deactivate the FX loop, and to activate or deactivate the reverb. The only thing this footswitch doesnt't have is a button that allows you to Switch the modes.

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