Triple Rectifier review by Mesa Boogie

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (132 votes)
Mesa Boogie: Triple Rectifier

Price paid: $ 1200

Purchased from: Elderly Music, Lansing Mi

Sound — 10
I use a 2000 Gibson Les Paul Gothic. My clean sounds somewhat like a Slash mixed with SRV's cleans. My channel 2 sounds like Slash mixed with Led Zepplin. And my most used distortion channel, number 3 sounds like Mark Tremonti and Zakk Wyld mixed. This is perfect for me. I finally have my own signature tone (of course I'm not well know, yet). This is definitly the most versitile amp I've every played on. You can get almost any sound with it. It really is incredible!

Overall Impression — 10
I play a mix between Modern rock, Classic rock, and blues. I've been playing guitar for almost 11 years, and I've wanted this amp the whole time. I finally have the perfect amp for me. It isn't cheap ($1800 brand new) but it's worth every penny. It has the best distortion I've ever heard. If it were stolen I would spend years tracking the person Who took it, and kill them (or just call my home-owner's insurace and try to get money) but I would definity buy a new one. I only wish it had reverb, but most high-end amp don't. This is my favorite amp in the whole world! I incourage you to save up and buy one now!

Reliability & Durability — 10
Well, many guitarests use Mesa, and I've never heard of anyone having any problems. And I haven't had any problems yet. You can depend on this amp! I believe that you could depend on this amp as your only amp for concerts. I haven't had to use a backup amp yet!

Features — 10
This is a late model Triple Recto with 3 channels. 1 clean and 2 overdrive. The clean channel can be switched between a clean sound and a pushed clean tone. I prefer the clean tone, which has a bluesy Fender type of clean. Pushed sound more grungy and dirty type of clean tone. Both distortion channels can be indivualy switch between vintage, raw or modern distortion. I use channel 2 for Vintage distortion which sounds somewhat like an older Marshall. Channel 3 I use in Modern distortion which can go from easy to melt your face distortion, I have set it to have a Mark Tremonti, Jerry Cantrell, Tool-ish type of sound. The triple recto can be switched between tube or silicon diode rectification. It has a setting for bold or spongy power control, and a bigfoot 5 button footswitch. It also has a solo setting for a boost of power for louder solo's (my other guitarest in my band hates that. It uses 6-6L6 power tubes, 5-12ax7 preamp tubes, and 3-5U4 Recto tube. This creates a extremely loud 150 watts, to really piss-off your neighbors!

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    [quoteok A) kranks are horrible... tey have thin solid state distortion.... ][/quote] Dude, I love metal, I play metal and you can't knock off an Amp that ONLY MAKES TUBES and was USED BY DIME BAG DARRELL, how old are most of you guys? I've played the Tripple Rec and I love it honestly, the only complaint I would have is probably the fact that once any one plays one, it's hard to go back. Also, Mesa is a tweek amp, which means YOU HAVE TO CRANK UP THE VOLUME TO WARM UP THE TUBES!!! I swear to god, what the **** ever happened to metal heads who used to know what good gear is? I bet that half of you guys don't even know how to use any goddamn EQ channels for your amp setup.
    Ive heard great things about all these amps mentioned here. I've never actually played a Krank so I can't talk about it, but as to the Mesas...I've never played one I didn't like, at least for the overdrive. The best cleans I've heard came out of a Fender vintage Twin. For Marshalls, I personally don't like the "modern" models such as the JCM series, but the vintage reissues are great. Such as the 1987XL. They are great amps, but I have to can you people afford these kinda amps? Ill be stretching myself for the $600 Fender Deluxe.
    I own a duel rec and 4x12 straight cab. This is the "sound" Don't waste your time or money buying anything less.
    i own a mesa dual and MY GAD! its a beast. i ve played many amps and there isnt anything that nearly compares to these beasts. BUt yea if your gonna own one, you better know how to use it or else its just a waste. WIth this thing ive seen shot glass jump and break mid air just from the frequency vibrations. the triple is just 50 w more then the mesa dual which is just unneccccessary.
    mesa's are cool. The thing you have to realize when comparing marshalls and mesa's is that they use differnet tube types to attain different sounds. Also: I've tried various "Kranks" the Krankenstein and the Revolution 1. The Krankenstein is utter shit, it doesn't matter if Dime used it or not, especially considering he used randalls for most of his career and really only switched to Krank on his last album or two, the distortion sounds like a medium quality SS amp, and its cleans are utter shit, and for the same price, there is much much better out there. However, the revolution 1 is a decent amp, worth checking out, but again, its not really worth the price. onto the Mesa's, honestly I prefer the Mark IV and the Stilleto. The Mark IV is basically a more versatile Dual rectifier, without the cheesey diamond plate grill. The Stilleto uses the same tubes as a typical Marshall (EL34's), but it gets waay heavier than a JCM. In the end though, the Road King and Triaxis are the flagship models. They both sport both the 6L6 tubes (from the Mark IV and Rectifiers) as well as EL34's from the Stilleto/ "marshalls". So you can cover the most ground, with the most insane tone ever.
    doesnt the amp have reverb knobs on the back?? i havent heard a single emo band that even used reverb and almost every band uses reverb
    I Love how he compares a Triple Mesa to a Dual Marshall...thats like apples to oranges, wwhat a jackass. I guess thats cause the Marshall TSL blows the Mesa Triple outta the water
    mesa boogie makes amazing amps no doubt, but they definately have a buyer in mind when they make it, its a metal and rock amp, unlike the marshall dual super lead. marshall has been known to do nothing but rock, but this is due to the fact that either everyone wants to be Hendrix or that they're so damn loud. Marshall makes the most versitile and high quality amps for a lot less money than can be expected from legendary company such as Marshall. For a Mesa, if you want to have an amp great for blues but also funk and r&b and rock and metal, you will need a rectifier, a lonestar, and a mark iv, and frankly, who the hell has that money other than john petrucci? Marshalls are amazing, and so are Mesa Boogies, but for someone who wants extreme versatility to do an abundance of styles like myself, great sound and quality craftsmanship for less than Mesa, you want one Marshall, not four Mesa Boogies. But if you want mega distortion and only mega distortion, get the Mesa Boogie head, and add a Marshall cab!
    I guess I'm emo, I always have reverb on, even on my distortion, damn, I think I'll go slit my wrists now...
    jesus...the guy is a little ignorant but dont bash him for bashing marshalls cause then your just as dumb as he is...IF YOU READ THE DAMN THING HE SAID "The crap marshall is putting out LATELY" i dont know about you...but the mg's avt's and even jcm2000's dont at all compare to the 800's, 900's, plexis, and jtm models the use to have in in that sense he is right