Triple Rectifier review by Mesa Boogie

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (132 votes)
Mesa Boogie: Triple Rectifier

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I am using it with the Gibson ES-335 Diamond cut, all colors, ES-339's and The Tom DeLonge Es-335, all with Humbuckers, minus the Delonge, which has dirty Fingers. It suits my style, which is the AVA type stuff. It's noisy, but only on high volumes, and in any environment. The first time I hit distortion, I thought a T-Rex was pissed off, the distorion is that good. It's almost scary.

Overall Impression — 10
It is a great match for anyone playing AVA stuff, actually it's great for anyone, except acoustic players. I have been playing a year. I own a bunch of ES-335's, ES-339'S and things of the like. I own a bunch of Mesa cabs and Boss pedals. I didn't worry about questions, due to past experiances. I would kill the person Who took it, and most definatley get a new one. My favorite feature is being able to crank the volume like nobody's business. I compared it to the Dual Rectifier. I chose this due to mre channels. I wish it had one of those mini hule bobbleheads on top! Hope this helps! Love, Caleb.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can depend on it, truly, I use a backup, but that's only for my other cabs. It has never broken down, but requires little maintainence, much like an AK-47, but with more power. I've spilled water on it and still had it work. In fact it is so durable I kept it on for 24 hours and didn't turn it off, nothing happened, she played through the solid day! I never would expect it to break down. The only real maintainence it dusting and replacing the tubes.

Features — 9
The amp was made in '07. The amp is extremely versatile, I can play John Mayer, Norma Jean, AVA, Dashboard Confessional, and DMB all with little tweaking, and of course the inevitable tuning. It has three channels, all footswitchable, and it has a solo button/channel, for that extra scream. It has no effects, except the output control, and no headphone jack. I can't really think of any other desirable features. And nothing I don't use. I play in my band practice room, with blacklights, strobes, and cool stuff like that. It is a tube amp that can also handle silicon diodes.

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    metal jello
    What exactly are silicon diodes? Are they kinda like tubes you don't replace..... I've heard you can make this amp tube or non-tube, and you can bias for either British El34's or the safer 6l6"s.... But what are silicon diodes??? Someone help.
    I played a Marshall at GC the other day. It was just horrible. The distortion sucked. The clean channel was OK. It made me wonder how anyone could ever try one out and want one. Now, I've never played a Mesa, but anything has to be better than that Marshall I played.
    dude if ur into tone then get a marshall that have that classic crunch and clean sure they dont run as much much gain but hey a simple distortion or od pedal works good to run more gain for u without killing ur tone while mesas are good for high gain as seen with many metal bands and a few blues artist like santana
    in my opinion, EL34's suck ass. thats why most marshalls IMO don't have balls. i would definitely play the Kerry King Signature though. but mesa amps are the best in the world for me.
    aidandude wrote: why would you use a 150 watt tube amp as a practice amp? you cant get a good sond out of theese things unless you crank it. and wtf do you mean reverb is for emos? i should kill your wife
    Power Attenuator. These amps rock...and "emo s***", seriously?
    ive played peavey 6550/and valve kings(which by the way are awesome for the money)played mesa trip and duals...and played one krank rev...i loved em all but hands down...the triple rec owns..all of my bands recording were with triple recs...and if i had the money i would no doubt drop it on a dual or triple rec mesa..great amps..jus my opinion...buuut then again if i everything goes right and a friend comes thru might gettin a sick deal on a krank rev...i mean siiiiick deal...but yea mesa for the win
    I have a question for anyone out there that can help me out. I have been playing for a lot of years but only got into cabinets and heads about 3 years ago. I had a Marshall Valvestate head and just recently got a Mesa triple. The marshall had 4 channels and was very diverse but the Mesa is SO much louder and definitely had a lot more bottom end. Suits my style much better since I mostly play metal. This is my first "tube" amp so I'm still messing around. My question is I've heard of people running distortion pedals through the heavy 3 channel. Some say run it with the distortion on the pedal. And I've heard some say turn ALL the distortion on the pedal off. I heard Kill switch does this as well, runs a pedal through there Mesa's. I heard that it can act as some kind of compression and tightens up the bottom end. But I can't find enough information on this. I guess my question is if the sound is so thick and crunchy, what is the purpose of running a distortion pedal as well. I'm not much of a gear head so any help would be great. Thanks for anyone that can shed some light on that for me.
    voodooblues wrote: mesa boogie makes amazing amps no doubt, but they definately have a buyer in mind when they make it, its a metal and rock amp, unlike the marshall dual super lead. marshall has been known to do nothing but rock, but this is due to the fact that either everyone wants to be Hendrix or that they're so damn loud. Marshall makes the most versitile and high quality amps for a lot less money than can be expected from legendary company such as Marshall. For a Mesa, if you want to have an amp great for blues but also funk and r&b and rock and metal, you will need a rectifier, a lonestar, and a mark iv, and frankly, who the hell has that money other than john petrucci? Marshalls are amazing, and so are Mesa Boogies, but for someone who wants extreme versatility to do an abundance of styles like myself, great sound and quality craftsmanship for less than Mesa, you want one Marshall, not four Mesa Boogies. But if you want mega distortion and only mega distortion, get the Mesa Boogie head, and add a Marshall cab!
    No. Santana played on a Mark series amp. He is clearly not metal.
    Man there's a lot of ignorant kids posting in here. Here are some great amp heads for metal that aren't Mesa or Marshall (which are amazing as well): Krank Krankenstein/Revolution ENGL Powerball/Invader VHT Pittbull/Deliverance Bogner Uberschall/Alchemist Rivera Knucklehead Peavey 5150/6505(+) Line 6 Vetta II (Yeah so what? However much you hate Line 6, this head is amazing and LOUD (emphasis on the loud)) I'm only pointing out one's i've played and studied. I'm not gonna vouch for any that I "think" are good because popular bands play them. Hope helps the argument.
    HELLSHREDD wrote: Check any mesa out on U-tube & see for ur-self that they sound like crap.I have the new spidervalve Hd-100 & that has amazing tone compared to that over-rated , over powered, buzzy sound ya get from a Mesa& i mean any mesa ! I have not once seen someone get a wonderful tone from these junk piles , i even owned one & i took it back & now im happy , im a metal head & mesa suks bunk , dont waste ur money , go buy a line 6 & have half the loudness But amazing tone.
    You must be tone deaf then man. Alot of artists pull of some amazing tones with these amps, especially live. I own one and it's the best amp I've played by far. But everyone has their own opinions.
    speedinc wrote: AnxietyAngel wrote: F*ck You Guys, Randall Is Way Better Than Mesa Yet, because many greats (like Metallica) have switched to Mesa's... I guess your right Randalls are better... After all you've given soooo much evidence in you statement that proves your point.
    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, you're wrong. Metallica plays Diezel amplifiers now. The Mesa Triple Rectifier is almost purely a live performance amplifier. Don't even bother buying it if you're going to use it as a practice amp. Like many people have said it is a tweak amp. If you do not know how to set up your amplifier properly you will have a terrible time dialing in a tone you like. The controls are VERY sensitive and very confusing to the untrained hand. This amplifier needs to have a decent amount of volume for all the frequencies to come out. Honestly, it sounds like shit at bedroom level but when you turn it up it truly starts to shine. It's loud. VERY LOUD. So be careful when adjusting that level knob or you'll end up with a firm scolding from your parents and future hearing problems. Haha. All in all, this is one of THE amps for metal. If that's what you're looking for (ie: Huge distortion and amazing tone) then by all means buy it. But if you don't ever or rarely perform live, I would recommend looking elsewhere as you will never be able to hear this amplifier at its full potential. I can see that many people here say they have tried this amplifier before. I know many have but if you are someone who has only tried it out in a music store or at a friends house, you are in no position to write a review or a comment saying this amp sucks. Like I said, It requires a lot of volume for all the frequencies to come out. Playing it at room level or in a store will never push it enough for it to sound like it should. It sounds like a buzzsaw at low volumes. It's terrible. But mark my words, it's amazing when you turn it up. Don't be bashing other companies either. Everyone has their preferences. Deal with it. Just because Mesa or Marshall do not suit yours, does not mean they suck. Grow up a little bit.
    I've seen to a lot of metal bands, changing their Mesas for ENGL Powerballs, VHT Pitbulls, Framus Cobras, Randall's whatever they make, Krankensteins,etc, and all at the end they come back to Mesas Rectifiers....the best metal amp.
    Check any mesa out on U-tube & see for ur-self that they sound like crap.I have the new spidervalve Hd-100 & that has amazing tone compared to that over-rated , over powered, buzzy sound ya get from a Mesa& i mean any mesa ! I have not once seen someone get a wonderful tone from these junk piles , i even owned one & i took it back & now im happy , im a metal head & mesa suks bunk , dont waste ur money , go buy a line 6 & have half the loudness But amazing tone.