Crush 30R review by Orange

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (118 votes)
Orange: Crush 30R

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Herb David Guitar Stuidio

Sound — 9
I use a Samick Avion 6 with dual humbuckers and the amp will crash sound out. The amp is really great for clean tone on blues and stuff but getting some distortion can be a bit challenging. No excess noise is produced, a little static when in close proximity to other amps that have much higher output. The volume is extremely versitile on this amp and depends mostly on the gain knob, which is usually turned all the way up for me.

Overall Impression — 9
As was said earlier, I play blues rock and alternative and the amp can match very well with all others too. My friend plays metal out of it and never complains. I have been playing for about a year now and this is my second amp. I own a Crybaby Wah pedal that I love (if you don't own one, get one). If it were stolen I would deffinetly purchas another one, for the price this thing is great. I love the sound quality and the durability of the amp. It also stands out in a crowd. I hate the fact that getting some distortion out of the thing can take hours! I compared this to a Marshall Zakk Wylde stack (549) and was dissapointed in the quality of the Marshall. I wish I had a distortion pedal.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This amp is big, loud and durable. It's got some kind of metal casing around the side and a simple (but effective) mesh covering over the speaker. I would use this amp anytime, anywhere at any gig or show and probably as my primary. You can get some serious volume out of this thing. I mean, I drowneded out my friends 28/24 Crate. This amp has never broken down, failed, fallen apart, or sounded bad ever. My one complain is that the plug in the back falls out really easily.

Features — 9
No idea what year it was made in. I know it's a more recent model so probably a 2006 or so. has two inputs and a head phone jack, two channels, and push-button channel switching. Overdrive as well. I wish it had a distortion effect in the amp. has stereo sound and is very versitile in all types of music. I play blues, alternative and rock as well as a lot of Smashing Pumpkins.

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    i bought this amp a few months back, clean sound is amazing, reverb is ace, distortion is average, i just use a distortion factory instead, great value, bloody loud for a 30 watt
    I've had one of these for about 3 days and i love it. I've almost forgotten about my marshal micro stack. but i use that for stereo sound out of my clapton pedal. regardless orange rocks.
    incase no one pointed it out u can get a very heavy sound out of a orange, maybe not metal but underoath uses them and they are heavy enough.
    Wow Reading all these reveiws I'm so pleased that I got It for 125...unless they mean dollars in which case ****!
    soupdragon wrote: Will this be louder than my Marshall MG30?
    Does volume really matter when comparing it to an MG? definitely get this over an MG (but yes, it would be louder regardless of how sh*tty an MG is)
    I use this amp with my PRS SE semi-hollow and their a brilliant match, i give this amp a 10! i only paid 130 for it New!
    i-d love an orange amp would this sound ok with my guitar drop tuned to drop B ?
    Bought this amp and right when i got it I was diassapointed to find out that the distortion wasnt very greating seeing how I play mostly metal but if u play around with it a bit you can still get a really nice distortion which sounds awesome even when your playing metal. The reverb is amazing sounds so nice. The more I use this amp the more and more I like it I deffinatly recomend buying one and the price is great for one of the best amps out there!
    yes, this thing will beat drums on like 6. just as a tip...if you have a fender get it they sound sooo good thru these....
    It is loud for a solid state 30W but that's because over here in the UK we rate amplifiers the correct way, RMS clean. so all the gain you add just puts out more power. But people don't forget this is a solid state, i have one of these at home for practice but put it next to my all valve orange head and it's pissy and fizzy in comparison. For what it is and what it costs this is a great amp, just don't confuse the legacy of orange tone with an excellent bedroom amp. you migth be ok for a band practice but to cut through the mix at a gig you need a real amp, unless you're playing your gran's birthday. Also if you're trying to shove high gain distortion through an orange (especially a solid state) you're missing the point, they're all about tone, not distortion. The new thunderverb has the high gain to do metal. If you want metal get something with some metal heritage.
    fazgaz# said exactly what i was thinking. did Underoath use Orange amps when they started out? cuz if they did, im pretty sure a good overdrive pedal and one of these babies could produce some convincing metal tones. side note: im talking about Underoath's first 2 albums (which were deathcore) and most parts of the 3rd one (which has death-metal undertones).
    i think its so loud for a 30 watt because i think orange rates the wattage clean
    i'm getting this for christmas in England, what sort of distortion does it have? i'm getting a pedal anyway, just wanted to know.
    orange amps are actually made in india, only the valve (tube for you yankees) are made in England (because it is british it is obviously so much better than an usa brand)
    well im still not convinced....although i know orange amps cant be used for bout if they had a distortion/overdrive pedal connected..would it make a difference...and actually underoath use orange amps and they have a metal sound also or at a least a heavy sound..