Dual Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (25 votes)
Orange: Dual Terror

Price paid: A$ 1700

Purchased from: shop

Sound — 8
As I said before the Dual Terror has a warm sound. High mids. Is a very nice sound with a graphic equalizer or even a distortion pedal. It depends on what your using it for. There is not alot of noise. But that's no surprise. It's not a high gain amp. There were a few other amps like the DT that had alot more noise. It was one of the reasons I got it. The distortion is nice.. there's just not alot of it. But again it depends on what your using it for. I know it's not a metal amp but with a distortion pedal you get great tone. I like working with warm tones. I don't really know why. I think it's because when I started playing my dad always gave my amp the warmest tone. So you add alot of bass and a lil treble and there's ya distortion tone. It's good though because the amp is extremely versatile. I have used this amp to play punk, metal, grunge and a lil country believe it or not! Just fiddling with the tone nob it's amazing how it changes. (I never really got into the country but my mate did) this is a loud amp concidering it's 30w and using EL84 tubes.

Overall Impression — 9
Ok I have sorta explained this as I have gone. Sorry bout that... The only thing I can say before buying it is don't buy anything that you havn't played.. A kid I went to school with did this and ended up not playing guitar. You can use this amp for almost anything... you just may need an equalizer.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp is almost unbreakable... I have given it a fair amout of abuse and all it did was say "oi you! Go get me some more valves" it has fallen off a desk thing about 7m high, it's been beaten knocked bunped fallen on... Still works fine! Whack in new tubes and away you go. As good as new. I would use it for a gig with out a backup with out hesitating.

Features — 5
Ok so I play metal. I wanted an amp with a warm sound... I went around trying amps and eventually found one that I loved. This was the Dual Terror. I know it's not a high gain amp but a great feature is it's easy to use with just 1 tone nob. This gives a rather warm sound. Now this isn't the greatest because you don't have a lot of control but if you go through pedals the tone you get is amazing. I tried in the shop with a graphic equalizer and my guitar. That's when I discovered that having the warn tone in the amp the equalizer was then to push up the bass and treble. It has 2 channels The Tiny Terror Channel and the 'Fat' channel. They are the same just I find the Fat channel has more bass. It is very handy if you need a heavy tone and I lighter tone.

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    Well, I guess we're all the same for the fact that we would like our amps to perform doing the best of every classic amps out there... My experience with the Dual Terror is that it is a highly versatile amplifier, thanks to its classic TT channel and its marshallesque darker channel. True, it will never come close to a Dr. Z or a Fender in terms of cleans but hey, as mentioned earlier, one cannot have it all for a mere $800, right? I use it in a home made 2x12 cabinet (greenbacks 20w) and it does more than the job to satisfy the fussy old bastard that I am. However, I tried it into a buddy's 4x12 cab and this is where it shines the most; not at all thinny as someone said in a previous comment. Yet again not as organic as a GOOD Fender but still, the Orange clean is the Orange clean right? some will love it, some will bash it to death. Nuff said. I give it a 9/10 by experience... and did I mention it is built like a Panzer tank?