Dual Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (25 votes)
Orange: Dual Terror

Price paid: € 590

Purchased from: www.musicworks.it

Sound — 9
I play this amp with an Ibanez SZ520, with Ibanez/Duncan pickups. That's not a Gibson Les Paul but it is really worth it and sound quite good, providing a tone that i would define a mixture between a SG and a LP. Tiny Terror Ch: more bass, great for 70-80 classic rock sound Fat Ch: more aggressive, high mids and trebles Both channels provide good clean tones if you're patient enough to set volume and gain knobs up correctly and maybe choose a right pick up on your guitar. Dual Terror is a high gain amp, so don't expect a "fenderish" clean tone. It has a great distorsion on both channels. I usually use the Fat one with gain knob at 7-9 and the Tiny Terror one for clean sounds, setting gain@4-5 and higher volume than Fat channel. I'm albe to play rock and metal passing through audioslave and dire straits without any problem. The tone knob is the only way to set sounds on DT, but I don't need anymore sincerely. I use a Boss Equalizer pedal to get more bass when i need to play something harder, but DT sounds great by itself. The 3 different power modes not only provide (of course) different volumes that make this amp very versatile in every place you use it, but also make different tones! It is also possible to use only 2 poweramp valves instead of 4, getting the original Tiny Terror sound. I suggest you to choose the correct power mode between 30 15 and 7 considering both the volume you need and the particular tones and sounds you're looking for. It's difficult to me to explain these differences, but you can get them easily by playing a DT for 20-30 minutes.

Overall Impression — 9
Absolutely a must-buy! Less than 600 for a great full-valve amp with a beautiful Orange sound that is doomed to lead the way in next years. I think that DT is great to be played "by its own"... I mean that is not necessary to use 2k different distorsion pedals, it has to be appreciated for its own tones. The only things you're going to need are a chorus and a reverb for clean sounds IMHO (maybe a heavy metal distorsion if you would like to use it that way). Gain level provided and warm DT tone are perfect as they are. Fully approved! Sorry for mistakes in my english ;-)

Reliability & Durability — 9
Never had any problem until now. I use it at home, on stage and 6-8 hours a week at high volume levels during rehearsals. The cabinet looks solid, but I've never had the chance to test it fortunately :P

Features — 8
- Fat Channel (more aggressive) plus original Tiny Terror Channel (very warm british sound) - Volume, Gain and Tone knob only (don't worry, you won't need anymore to get th best from this amp!) - 30W, 15W and 7W modes; 2/4 poweramp valves selector - A very cool bag included to carry your head!

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    it has fallen off a desk thing about 7m high
    Uh, that's a quite a high desk.
    Second Reviewer wrote: Dual Terror is a high gain amp
    Third Reviewer wrote: I know it's not a high gain amp
    Okay then - some conflicting opinions! Perhaps people should say what they're comparing the gain to - a Triple Rec, or a Fender Twin? Come on guys!
    Haha I hadn't spotted that. It's got quite a lot of gain by most people's standards, but it's voiced totally wrong for metal, it'll do stoner/sludge/doom stuff well though. Really, for a British voiced class A amp it's got a lot of gain
    This is a great amp. However some if the posts make me laugh...everyone looks at these (and most) amps to have and to do everything - awesome cleans, awesome dirty, endless eq shaping blah blah. My philosophy regarding gear is that versatility isn't the key - if you get one or two great sounds from an amp, guitar, pedal etc, then it's worth it. What I do is run a couple of amps and A/B between them for best of both worlds. Plus this means that u can have your pedals linked to your clean amp and others lined to your second/dirt amp which makes live gigging a WHOLE lot easier!
    im in the market for a low watt head and its between a dual terror or a mesa transatlantic. im basing my decision from reviews and you tube demos of both amps because all shops in las vegas have neither amp for me to demo myself. im hoping i can get people who have used both amps opinion. im leaning more twords mesa as it seems more versatile. i am a hard rock guitar player with sound similar to rise against thrice atreyu.... and gain and great tone is important to me. the tranatlantic seems as good as the dual terror but with more versatility. what you think?
    If you have the money get the Mesa TA-30. It has so much more to offer than the Orange DT, (Fx loop, reverb, american & brit sounds, etc...) I own the duel terror and I would trade it for a TA-30 if I had the option to. The duel terror does have great crunch, but it is harder to get a great clean out of it. I played the TA-15 and was able to get great american and british cleans and great high gain sounds / full lead sounds. The only reason I got the duel terror before was, I got i for $600 and the TA-30 was not out and I wanted a 30 watt or more amp.
    @ jj. Saw the ta30 sounds like a kick ass amp, 1700 is outta my price range and also doesn't make much sense to drop 1700 on a low watt head when I can get the ta15 for 800 less and get a head with more power down the road if I needed it. Kinda seems like they dramatically uped the price for a effects loop. Don't really need a effects loop anyway.
    Checked out the ta30 as far as tone is it the same as the ta15? Send kinda ridiculous medal added 800 to the price tag for a effects loop. Basically I'm looking for a amp with killer tone at bedroom and recording levels.1700 for a 30 watt head seems crazy to me, when u can have a ta15 for half the price and use that 1700 later for a amp with more power if u need it down the road, that just what I think. That much more for a effects loop? Plugging in a pedAl board right onto the input is always how I've done it does that really make a big difference? Not really a effects guy maybe delay and chorus here and there more into high gain hard rock. So think ta30 is somethin I should scrape up more cash for? @ jj. Saw the ta30 sounds like a kick ass amp, 1700 is outta my price range and also doesn't make much sense to drop 1700 on a low watt head when I can get the ta15 for 800 less and get a head with more power down the road if I needed it. Kinda seems like they dramatically uped the price for a effects loop. Don't really need a effects loop anyway. [/quote]
    has anyone used this with an orange cabinet such as ppc112 or ppc212? P.S. don't mob this poor guy w/ the 7 meter desk just becuase he's a bit taller than the average person!