Micro Crush review by Orange

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (37 votes)
Orange: Micro Crush

Price paid: $ 45.7317

Purchased from: Dawsons, Manchester

Sound — 7
I'm using a Harley Benton HBT1500TBK with stock pickups which are OK but nothing special. I'll start with the clean channel. First off I must say that the tone is not the best you'll ever hear. If I play on the neck pickup with the amps tone turned down all I get is a bassy sort or blurry noise which to be honest is god awful. However if I turn the tone up on my guitar and the amp a bit, it gets better. To be honest though, I rarely play on my neck pickup, only using the bridge pickup even for rhythm playing. Switch to the bridge though and it gets better. You can get a nice clean sound that's quite clear. Turn the tone up quite high and it gets a sort or Vintage amp sound I think. Sometimes whilst playing chords on louder settings it can get slightly muddy but it's not too bad. At high volumes the amp can get slightly distorted but it can make for a cool classic rock distortion. On overdrive I think I would describe the sound as quite 'punky' if anything. It's got a sort of a brittle rasp to it. With the tone turned down it's really bassy and muddy but turn the tone up and you can get a nice tight sound. At high levels of volume the sound becomes quite poor quality. Overall the sound is good especially out of the tiny 4" speaker.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I'd say the amp is very good. It's incredibly useful and portable and should be part of any guitarists repertoire. The sound isn't the best ever but after all it is only a practice amp and gets the job done. My mates got the Marshall MS4 and I think the Orange is sooooo much better. I's got a better, louder sound and has the built in tuner which in my mind is worth the money alone. If I were to lose it I'd definitely buy it again.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had mine for about 3 months I'd say and it seems fine. It's got a sturdy construction that can take being dropped (trust me). However when I picked it up today to look at it for the review there is a small piece of wood inside rattling around. I think it was due to the couple of drops I has received but it doesn't look like an important piece (I hope). The sound is still the same from when I bought it, albeit lacking slightly now due batteries beginning to wear out.

Features — 10
The Orang Micro Crush is a small versatile practice amp similar in looks to its larger counterparts. It's made from wood coated in the classic sexy Orange and has a metal grill and control panel that's coated in white. It has 6w output and can be powered by either a 9v Battery (I've had a battery in for a couple of months now and it's still fine) or 9v mains power supply (purchased separately). To make sure you don't waste batteries though, you can only turn it on when you've got the jack from your guitar lead plugged in. The great thing about this particular amp is that it also has a built in chromatic tuner at no real extra cost compared with other practice amps like the Marshall models. With the tuner you get a row of LED's for every note (including sharps) and two arrows to indicate how close to the note you are. I really can't stress how amazingly useful and accurate this is. The amp has an input for 1/4" jack plus a headphone socket to practice in silence. There's a tone and a volume knob to control the sound plus also an overdrive button. It could of really done with some more control to alter he amps sound, but this is a small gripe as it's a practice amp so not a huge issue. I use the amp mainly to practice at uni in my room and when I'm first learning tabs online to get to grips with them. I play mainly rock and metal stuff.

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    i dont no were a local shop is to buy it does any 1 no if theres 1 in australia like a dealer or sumthing
    Insane. I get the greatest clean tone out of it; sounds unusually clear. I find that if I start throwing in chords it does clip a little. But thing no-one has talked about is actually how this thing -screams- if you solo on the overdrive. I find putting both tone and volume at about 10-11 o'clock and playing fairly high on the fretboard renders an outrageously sick tone. I was playing the solo from Seize the Day and I nearly filled my pants. My only beef (and I haven't had very much time to fiddle with it and experiment) is that although chords are crunchy on the over-drive, it gets a bit fuzzy trying to play individual notes lower down.
    matt JR
    I got it as a birthday gift and I havent stopped using it since, barely touching my 15 watt or my cabs in the garage. It sounds great and I get better sound from this tiny thing than anything else. Although it can screech on overdrive with over excessive tone it adds to the insane noise you can make from this tiny thing. If your going to buy a mini amp go to Orange or even better get some one else to buy it for you!
    Best Day's
    this is the best amp for practice i have a fender frontman 225r and i like more this, so if you want a high cuality amp for pratice buy this one.
    It is a nice little portable amp. But contrary to what others say.. The overdrive is awful!! Really bad. I would describe is on par with a Behringer Power Overdrive pedal, which is awful in itself! Like a "fly in a tin can". The clean, is very nice once you get the hang of the weird volume knob and tone, which don't seem to work like you would expect. I'm not complaining about this, its just a tad unusual! I pretty much completely agree with the first review by Colbat. Its a lovely little portable amp. But if your looking for something to practise with, get a higher wattage orange crush. I have the Orange Crush 30r aswell as some other amps, and I love the bigger orange so much more. But its so cheap and small!! Still buy this if you have some extra cash around!
    i had to unscrew mine cause i dindnt work once openend i found one of the speaker cables disconnected hooked it back -> worked like a charm
    fender mini 57s are better louder, stronger, sound better get one