Micro Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (32 votes)
Orange: Micro Terror

Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Guitarcenter.com

Sound — 10
Like I said before, it may look like a joke, but this amp has a surprisingly large tone, and can actually power your 4x12 cabinet, and still sound great. The amp itself doesn't have a lot of sounds to it, other than distortion when you turn the gain up, but it sounds great with pedals. I mainly play an Ibanez ART-300 with active humbuckers through the amp, and it sounds great. It really suits any style I like to play (anything but country and really heavy stuff) but I'm sure it would sound good with almost any style.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall impression of this amp is very good. Aside from it being too small to gig with, and the defective one I got at first, it has been an awesome amp to Jam on. I play a wide variety of music on it, and it never fails to make a good sound, I would definitely buy another just because it is a relatively inexpensive amp, it packs a surprising punch for it's size, and it still sounds great. Basically, I would recommend the Micro Terror if you were looking for a nice little (really little) practice amp. It's a great buy, and you won't regret it.

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Reliability & Durability — 7
This is the let down I have had with this amp. The first one I bought was defective, and quit on me in under a month. But, my replacement has not been a disappointment by any means. But I can not give a real high rating on reliability just because of my personal experience. As far as gigging with it, I guess you could if you had a big cabinet, and were playing a small venue, or if you were going to mic the amp, but other than that I would suggest a larger, more durable amp.

Features — 8
The Micro Terror is a 20 watt single channel hybrid amp head. Which means it has a valve preamp and a solid state power amp. It is incredibly and surprisingly small, which may make you think it is a novelty item, but it is anything but. It also has a headphone jack, and an aux in so you can play along with your mp3 player. So it is a nice little setup for practice.

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    It seems contradictory to say that "the amp itself doesn't have a lot of sounds to it" but "it would sound good with almost any style". Also if it "doesn't have a lot of sounds" then why would you rate it a 10?
    "Also if it "doesn't have a lot of sounds" then why would you rate it a 10?" Things like value for money? You get what you pay for.
    "Things like value for money" According to this logic anything you get for free makes it automatically the best there is.
    Play through a 4x12 Marshall, easily heard over the drummer and other band members.
    Looked at it in a guitar shop today and, actually, it is apparently loud enough to gig with as a rhythm guitarist and possibly lead. By the time you reach a venue size where it is too quite, you or the venue should have a PA system so it actually can be gigged with.
    I have an Engl powerball,a 1957 tweed super,a early JCM 2204,and a Splawn. (just saying for reference) And have had lots of mesa gear,Krank,fender. This amp is very close to my 2204 and so tiny I can't believe how good it sounds. not super high gain but a TONE amp. Teles,335's,les pauls sound amazing. The secret is to put a NOS mullard in them and you won't belive how the amp will transform!!! If you own one beg borrow a Blackburn mullard and yank that dull jj. THE AMP WILL COME ALIVE!
    Took it to my mate's house ,he is a pro bassist .He fell in love with the little thing .Just can't get over how it looks like a little toy but straight away you turn that GAIN pot up you realise it's just amazing .Even with the standard cab that comes with it.
    Just got myself one of these little babies .Sounds great and you can't believe how much noise comes out of such a little box .It's my 1st dabble in the value market .Quite impressed .
    Orange isn't a real brand
    I'd rather buy Beats
    wtf. Beats are a brand used as a fashion icon. Orange make amps that are used world wide by professional musicians. Beats are bull