Micro Terror review by Orange

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  • Features: 6
  • Sound: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.9 (33 votes)
Orange: Micro Terror

Price paid: $ 149

Purchased from: Humbucker Music

Features — 6
I bought it new about 6 months ago. It's a standard hybrid amp with a solid state power stage and tube preamp. Very simple controls. Volume, tone, and gain. It has a nice and sturdy chassis and enclosure. There is a standard 1/4" input for the guitar, a 1/4" speaker output, a 1/4" headphone jack, and a 1/8" auxiliary input. Also, there is a small toggle switch with an LED indicator for the power. It came standard with a JJ tube if I'm not mistaken. (That was quickly taken out and replaced with a Tung Sol 12AX7). It did not include a case like the larger Tiny/Dark Terror models.

Sound — 4
There are a million reviews about the Micro Terror and how incredible it is for such a tiny amp. Unfortunately, I don't have the same sentiment. It is small, and it is loud for its size. The tone; however, is where this falls flat. I tried it through a couple different cabinet combinations (1x12, 2x12, 2x8) and achieved the same result with each. The amp has a very hollow/tinny sound. It definitely has the British vibe that Orange is known for, but there just wasn't much warmth to it.

I play mostly hard rock and a little metal, and I knew going in that this amp probably wouldn't suit my needs. I thought I would give it a try anyways. I replaced the factory 12AX7 with a Tung Sol 12AX7 which did make a big difference on the amount of gain I could get out of the amp. Otherwise, it definitely lacks on the distortion front. With the gain all the way down and the volume up, the Micro Terror will accept pedals in front of it fairly readily. I tried a couple of DigiTechs and a cheap Danelectro, and the amp liked them. That certainly helped the sound.

Overall, I was very disappointed in the amp. I played through it for a grand total of maybe 24 hours of playing time. After I was satisfied that the amp was not fitting with my style I decided to sell it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Overall, it's built like a typical Orange. Very well. It's a very sturdy little lunchbox amp. The metal enclosure seems like it could take a beating, and the paint work looks very good. I don't know if the base coat is a powder coat or not, but it looks thick and solid. I would imagine that it would last quite a while as long as you don't drop it off of a 3 story balcony.

Power-wise; it did just fine pushing a 2x12 cabinet. I don't think I would rely on it to push a 4x12 or 4x10 for an extended period. It would be safer to plug into a smaller cabinet with nice Celestions and mic it up.

Overall Impression — 5
It's a very flat little amp. It's probably the hybrid setup that kills off any character it could have. I've been playing since 1992, I've owned Fender solid state, Peavey tube, and Marshall tube amplifiers, I've played with Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, and Dean guitars, and this little Orange will be one of the more forgettable pieces of equipment that I've owned. 

If you want a nice British tone with good body and depth, buy a Marshall or Laney. Or step up and get one of the bigger Orange's. The amp can't get stolen or lost because I've already sold it.

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    Hooked it up to my Ibanez tube screamer and a budget Schecter 7 string and it was the best tone I've ever gotten.
    Got one tonight for a good price and, I just love it so far. Even with headphones it sounds great.
    Dude what is wrong with you people? I just got this thing and it sounds TERRIBLE... I understand its only 150 bucks but MAN I can't get anything good from it. Has just a hollow, papery sound even through my 1960 lead 4x12 cab. I feel like these amps might be hit or miss. Perhaps they are very in consistent in quality? I think the thing is worthless but i'm going to keep it simply because its amusing!
    I cannot tell you how incredibly wrong you are. Maybe you just need to get better at working out your tone? Or maybe you just have a really bad ear. I have played TONS of these and never had a bad one.