Rocker 30 review by Orange

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (39 votes)
Orange: Rocker 30

Price paid: C$ 1400

Purchased from: tom lee

Sound — 9
A very unique crunchy tone. With the right guitar this amp has a great, Vintage style rock tone at mid gain levels, that really benefits from a pedal to boost your sound slightly during lead. It also cleans up quite nicely, still keeping a little bit of grit. When the gain knob is cranked the tone gets a bit to heavy for my taste so I don't recommend it, but the low end and sustain gets huge (for those metal guys). This amp is very chunky and has a lot of low end. I recommend keeping the bass down turning the treble and mids higher to keep it from sounding too heavy and muddy. All in all great Vintage style rock tone with the right EQ settings, sounds a lot better than the majority of its similar sounding competitors.

Overall Impression — 10
Well... Its huge and its Orange. I have never had anyone over who didn't think it looked sweet. It stands out way more than any of my other gear and is always a conversation piece even with people who don't play or know anything about guitar. Every time I have had a lady friend over she has stopped and looked at and complemented on how cool it looks. As far as tone I would say this amp comes very close to your typical Marshall and box sounds. All of which being being British amps, with the same or very similar tubes. I find this amp is a good mix of the both. A chunkier and more unique sounding distortion than the typical Marshall. This amp is perfect for its genre and if you want to have a big variety of sounds for all kinds of genres then buy a few different amps and use them for different things because none of those amps with the numerous bells and whistles will give you a pure Vintage inspired rock tone that this machine will give you.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have had this amp head for a few years now and never head a problem. The build quality is substantially better than most other amps I've had the opportunity to try. I have been playing this amp for a solid 4 years at fairly low volumes and have not needed to change the tubes yet. The construction feels very solid, like any amp head in the price range should feel, but not all do. I just don't see this amp breaking down any time soon. I play it through a straight 4 speaker Orange cabinet (PPC-412). The cabinets take the same exceptional build quality and take it to the next level. That cabinet is a tank! Everything from the thick birch wood frame to the woven grille is absolutely perfect as far as quality and finish.

Features — 8
2 channels: A clean and a dirty. Dirty channel has treble, bass and mid. Clean channel has just a volume control. Optional foot switch available, but not included. 2 EL34's for output and 3 12AX7's in the pre amp. All built in London England. Attention to detail quite apparent. This amp is 30 watts, all tube and VERY simple to use. It has a very usable EQ for the dirty channel but has none for the clean channel. Its not a huge deal for me because I believe in simplicity, but some form of EQ for the clean would be nice. The amp isn't very versatile in my opinion. Its got your classic British rock sounds that can be pushed into the metal region if desired but that's really it. It won't clean up like a Fender amp will. The tone always feels like a rock n roll tone just with different gain amounts. I'm sure if you had a wide variety of guitars to use on this amp you could get more versatility. Overall, if its classic to hard rock tones you desire then this is the tool for you.

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    I've got a rocker 30. They are amazing! Mine has a little more gain than some of the other r 30s. Just like the older jcm900s, each one sounds a little bit different. It's awesome for shows as well (live your rig is basically a monitor). I get that phenomenal orange break up at just the right volume. The clean on a tele is like glass, and warm on a good paul. If you play classic rock, this is the bar or club head u want. If u play metal... not so much. Although if you put a tube screamer in the mix... its not too bad. Bottom line, GO PLAY ONE! You'll love it! Lol line6 and vox tone lab. I really hope that you are a troll. It sounds like you haven't switched from solid state, or evolved your tone. I imagine you, like other kids, started with some random crate head and cab, cranked the treble, turned the mids all the way down, and pushed the bass in hopes of sounding like Dimebag. Try a mesa duel rectifier, 6505+, or an engl powerball 2. You will change your mind real quick!