Tiny Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (90 votes)
Orange: Tiny Terror

Price paid: $ 512.4

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 8
I play a PRS CE 22 through the terror and I have it plugged into a 1x12 cabinet with a celestion Vintage 30. The sound is very bright and a great AC/DC style crunch can be emulated with ease. The amp is perfect for playing Classic Rock style guitar, although it would struggle to pull off the gain for anything insanely heavy metal without some sort of overdrive pedal. It can just about manage Van Halen style tones although the gain knob has to be around 4 o'clock and the volume very low to avoid me receiving complaints from the neighbours. I do not play a lot of heavy gain music so it suits me perfectly. On higher gain settings the amp can get a bit noisy with the Stratocaster, however the humbuckers on my PRS are quiet so I expect that it is probably an issue with my guitar. The amp can make large variety of different sounds however they are all quite high in the mids. If the amp were to have a tone stack instead of a single knob to control tone could be improved. With the gain at 10 o'clock the clean channel to starts to break up when the volume gets to 12 o'clock, although, being a tube amp it is a toneful and audibly pleasing breakup which is ideal for certain styles of blues. The amp couldn't be used for perfect cleans at gigs unless it was miced up through a good PA system as it breaks up quite early. I think it would be great for gigging for overdrive and distorted songs though. But, as I mentioned above I have not tried it at a gig so I would only be guessing. With the humbuckers on my PRS it is great for Angus Young and Jimmy Page style tones, even up to heavier stuff like Slash. With my Fender it sounds slightly more bluesy and less distorted. Overall, it is a VERY nice sounding amp.

Overall Impression — 9
The Tiny Terror is great for "tube noobs" and professionals alike. It is a great amp for those Who are tired of playing through their solid state practice amp and are on the search for "tone", or for those Who don't see the need in spending any more than necessary on an amplifier when they can buy the Tiny Terror for so little compared to some other brands. If it were lost or stolen I would probably save up some more money and buy a Marshall stack or an Orange Rocker 30, purely for the extra channel and additional features. I love the tone and it just blows my old Marshall MG right out of the water. I would recommend this amplifier to anyone Who wants great tone at a low price and didn't need tonnes of gain.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It seems solidly built. The chassis is made of metal and it comes with a bag to carry it in. Although, being a tube amp you have to be careful with it and try to avoid banging it around too much as you could damage the fragile tubes. I have only owned the amp for 6 months and used it for home use and the occasional band practice. It has been 100% reliable for me so far, but I don't know how this would be someone Who were to gig with it regularly. I haven't needed to change the tubes yet, but, as I say, I haven't really owned it all that long.

Features — 7
I think that my amp was made in 2006. The Orange Tiny Terror is a very versatile piece of kit. It is a small, single channel tube amp which is available at a very competative price. I primarily play classic rock and 80's metal, but I do occasionally venture into other genres such as funk or blues. The amp is perfect for this kind of music and delivers that classic Orange crunch. The Tiny Terror is a single channel amp with a 15/7 watt Switch. Which, to be honest doesn't make that much of a difference to the volume, just makes the tone sound a little fuller and less "sizzly". The only controls are gain, tone and volume. This amp would be great if it had another channel to Switch from clean to lead, although, it isn't too much effort to turn the gain up manually. Two 12AX7s give the preamp such a classic voicing, and the power amp boasts two EL84s. Even though it is a small amplifier, I find that it has enough power for all of my current uses. It can be heard over a drummer, and I find that when I am practicing I rarely ever turn the volume past 10 o'clock. With the gain past 3 o'clock it is VERY loud. I haven't used it at any gigs, so I don't know how it would cope. The Tiny Terror could benefit from another channel and a tone stack to give a wider variety of tones.

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    oh yes she is. The Tiny Terror is loud enough for a gig. I bought one the day before christmas. And I ordered a Orange 2x12 Cabinet with 30 Celestions. And oh my damn. The clean is amazing when i roll it on 4 or 5 on my volume knobs. I recommend it to anyone. Sad thing is though when my cab came in it had a dent on the corner:[ I waited about a month for that thing to come in from england. Im not gonna wait again. But i love it. Its loud enough and amazing enough. But when recording you need to find the right place for the mic position because it will seem "muddy."
    Carswell98 wrote: WTF i visited a local CANADIAN music store the other day and they were selling a tiny terror for 200CND
    BUT IT!
    hello! should i go for this.. orr epiphone valve standard? i want a nice clean. not like the shitty marshall mg clean :| and i play allsorts from blues to death metal. and everything in between. cheerss.
    sunnysayshi wrote: shoolocomous wrote: TeddyRamone wrote: azaam86 : Prince Albert wrote: nicodimus wrote: Tele Echoes wrote: I know Orange is one the U.K amp companies and they are supposed to have a kick ass sound because of that but am I hearing things? $500 American for a 15 watt amp? For $650 Canadian I can get a 40 Watt Fender Deluxe! That's way too expensive for 15 watts, no matter how great the brand name is. Like 7 Watt Hiwatt heads costing $2000, it's just ****ing rediculous. Guess the only way I'm going to pick up one of these is if I come along a crazy deal. And since when should an amp be based on its wattage? pwn'd pwn'd x2 pwn'd x3 pwn'd x4 pwn'd x543753483
    pwn'd x543753484