Tiny Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (90 votes)
Orange: Tiny Terror

Price paid: $ 550

Purchased from: Seattle Store

Sound — 9
This is the make or break section for any amp, and for this amp especially because of it's lack of features. Personally, I love the tone coming out of this amp, which ranges from good cleans to great warm, thick crunch. The cleans are not Fender-like, but they are quite nice in their own right. This amp, by itself, will not get you into any modern metal territory, you'll definetly need pedals, but it gets "hard" rock, ie Sabbath, GN'R, Zeppelin and the like. I've tested it with a Strat, Telecaster, Les Paul and Ibanez with an H-S-H setup. You get some nice tones coming out from all these combinations. It is responsive to your guitar's tone knob, which I use to roll of the highs when they become too shrill. I've used it with both the Orange 1X12(Vintage 30) and a Marshall 1960A 4X12(G12-75W). To be honest, it sounds kind of "screamy" with just the 1X12, almost like the speaker is trying too hard to be heard. It sounds much better with more than one speaker (the 4X12, or both the 4X12 and Orange 1X12) The combination gives it a nice mix of lows and highs from the Marshall and Crunchy mids from the Vintage 30.

Overall Impression — 9
By the time you pair this with a decent Cab it's not super cheap and you do have some other nice options in the price and wattage range. The Fender Blues Jr. is cheaper and has nice cleans, but the Orange beats it for OD. The Vox AC15 or 30 have nice cleans as well as nice crunch but they are in the combo format and tonally I prefered the Terror. You could also go with a used Marshall head, but you're looking at way more wattage, and the need for an attenuator to maintain your hearing into your 30-40s. To be honest though, if it were stolen, I'd probably go the used Marshall route. If it had a second channel or more tone controlling knobs, it would be tougher to give up though. This amp is one of the best in the entry-level tube/valve and low wattage amps. In fact, I think that title would be between this and the Vox AC30. It's great for recording, those bedroom musicians out there and would probably satisfy many of the gigging musicians, Who'd be micing up there cabs anyway. If you don't have an image problem and can stand in front of this little baby on stage, you'll probably pleasantly surprise many in the audience. Best thing, like always, is to try it out in the shop, or if you're embarrassed to play in a music shop, see if you can rent it. Better to pay $20 than an amp that takes your money when you divorce it after the honeymoon stage. I'd give this amp a 10 vs it's direct competition but overall I'll give it a...

Reliability & Durability — 10
The outer casing is solid metal and it comes with a little carrying bag that everyone seems to like. it's not very heavy so you can move it around to gigs and practices quite easily. If you take care of it, you should be able to gig without a backup, but if you have one it's a good idea to bring it anyway. No problems so far, sounds as good as the day I bought it and I've heard good things about Orange's quality and tech support.

Features — 7
I purchased the Tiny Terror September 2007, but I beleive it is a 2006 model, made in Asia. This amp is as basic as you get in terms of features... Single channel, Class A tube/valve amp switchable from 7 to 15 watts with knobs for Volume, Gain and Tone. Outside of the tone knob, which functions in much the same manner as a guitar tone knob, there is no real way to tweak the amp's sound. For this you would need pedals (like an EQ for instance) which, fortunatly, the Tiny Terror reacts with quite well, though there is no effects loop. If you enjoy the amps tone, that's not going to be a huge problem, but if you don't really like the amp's tone to begin with, you're probably not going to be able to dial in what you're looking for. As for outputs, it can take 1 or 2 16ohm cabinets, or 1 8ohm cabinet.

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    rokrdude wrote: 666_Pounder : Lololol still seem to be the only person using an Orange amp for Metal :/ and slipknot...hety i use a crush series for my metalcore/metal/harcore band and it you have a good humbucker(not stock fender) it will give enuff gain. and def. the rockerverb series i played the rockerverb 30 and it was sick amounts of dist. that makes 2 for metal gtarist that use orange
    lern 2 spel
    sunnysayshi wrote: shoolocomous wrote: TeddyRamone wrote: azaam86 : Prince Albert wrote: nicodimus wrote: Tele Echoes wrote: I know Orange is one the U.K amp companies and they are supposed to have a kick ass sound because of that but am I hearing things? $500 American for a 15 watt amp? For $650 Canadian I can get a 40 Watt Fender Deluxe! That's way too expensive for 15 watts, no matter how great the brand name is. Like 7 Watt Hiwatt heads costing $2000, it's just ****ing rediculous. Guess the only way I'm going to pick up one of these is if I come along a crazy deal. And since when should an amp be based on its wattage? pwn'd pwn'd x2 pwn'd x3 pwn'd x4 pwn'd x543753483
    pwn'd x 6.2
    I spent the summer of '07 going to every guitar/music store that I could find in Southern California and test drove dozens of tube amps. I played all the standard Guitar Center stuff plus every Boutique and vintage amp I could get my hands on. There are a lot of good amps out there but nothing in this price range even comes close to the Tiny Terror. I bought the TT head and the PPC1x12 cabinet at my neighborhood guitar store for $900.us (out the door) one year ago and could not be happier. I play daily and am still using the stock tubes that came with the unit, and it still sings. In my humble opinion you would need to spend over $2000.us on a DR. Z head and cab or combo to match the TTs quality of tone. It's not about the wattage, this thing can easily bring the police to your home with noise complaints on the 7 watt setting. At 15 watts the TT head will even drive a 4x12 cab pretty hard with no problems but that's not the point. It's all about usability and of course, Tone. TONE, SWEET, TONE. The creamy goodness that pours out of this little unit is absolutely phenomenal. A good tube amp is an instrument in and of itself and is actually more important than the guitar you play when it comes to your sound. This little amp is wonderful to play and it's so responsive but dead simple to use. Crank the gain on the amp and use the volume control on the guitar to go from clean to dirty no problem. I'm in love with my Tiny Terror and would replace it immediately if it were to go missing. This is the first Orange product that I have purchased and my only complaint was the lack of documentation included i/e none. No manual, no warranty card, no nothing. just a gig bag, the amp and the box it came in, but I don't really care. The Tiny Terror KICK"S A** Orange has gained a customer for life.