Tiny Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (90 votes)
Orange: Tiny Terror

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Craigslist

Sound — 10
This thing has a massive Vintage tone, with that classic midrange roar and bite. This is as British as it gets. The Tiny Terror also has beautiful pick response and clarity. Play hard, it sounds aggressive. Play light, its cleans up. The volume knob on your guitar also becomes an instrument in its own right. Set your gain low and volume high and you've got classic Orange cleans. Crank the gain halfway and you've got classic ACDC. Crank the gain, and it gets pretty hot. I'd say the Tiny Terror has enough gain for metal. You don\t need a ton of gain, it oversaturates your tone and the aggression in your playing dynamics doesn't come through as much. The tone knob sounds good at any level, but I tend to run it around 5-6 for even sounding tones with plenty of low end. With 7 watts, you can crank it more. With 15 watts you have more headroom and a wide open sound. Being a lower wattage amp, you can crank this much easier live or in the studio and get that classic cranked tone. Its perfect This is the loudest 15 wats i have ever heard. I perviously played a Line 6 Spider Valve, which is 40 watts. This actually sounds louder, and it cuts through the band better. With the volume at 5 and the gain at 8, i had no problems being heard by the band and our neighbors a few houses down. (even over our loud as hell drummer).. btw, all of our neighbors within 3 houses are moving, if that tells you how loud we play.

Overall Impression — 10
Again, I play post-hardcore/experimental/mathrock similar to The Fall Of Troy. Its a perfect match for what I play. I previously owned a Line 6 Spider Valve, and the Tiny Terror just destroys it. I've been playing for around 5 years, and I play everyday and study music. If it were stolen I would get another for sure. I love the tone, looks, and portability of this amp. I don't like that I didn't buy it sooner. If you're looking for classic cleans, crunch, and roaring metal tones, the Tiny Terror is perfect.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing seems extremely sturdy. Solid construction, and the tubes seem nice and safe inside. With the padded carrying bag, it's absolutely perfect for travel and gigging. I would gig without a backup no problem. I've had no problems with it breaking down, and I haven't needed to change the tubes yet. In my opinion, the Tiny Terror is one of the sexiest little amps out there. The look is undeniably cool. It looks like Jimi Hendrix's toaster.

Features — 10
Let me start by explaining what I play. I play post-hardcore/experimental/mathrock in my band. My influences include; The Fall Of Troy, System Of A Down, Foxy Shazam, and Dance Gavin Dance. I also play classic rock and blues and whatever sparks my interest. I play a Gibson Explorer and I use an Avatar G412 cab with Celestion V30s and T75s. You can get a huge variety of tones with this amp, it does everything I want it to and then some. It has 3 knobs (Volume, Tone, Gain) and a 15/7 watt switch, which has a great impact on the tone and output. I think it has plenty of features, considering the tones you can get with just three knobs.

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    metal jello
    VintageZen wrote: TheMarsClyro wrote: Really interested in looking into the tiny terror but nowhere local seems to have them. Anyone know if any shops in Manchester have them in and also, like VinategZen, i'd quite like to know if the cleans are for Math rock as well as the Zep? lol always thought i was the only math rocker here. At least thats how it is in my local area. Nothing but Slash worshipers down where I live.
    More mathrockers with a Tiny Terror?! I thought i was the only one... I'm glad some people here have good taste in both amps and music!
    I like the Tiny Terror, although I retubed it as follows: first double preamp tube is a used Mullard, the second preamp tube (phase-inverter/driver) is a NOS Phillips/Sylvania, and the finals are matched NOS GE 6BQ5's. The better tubes sound a lot better to me than the stock Chinese tubes. I have a schematic diagram for this amp I got hold of prior to selecting the new tubes. The TT has an unusual architecture. The first preamp is fixed, and the other half of the first tube is directly controlled by the GAIN knob. It is important to have a tube with good gain, frequency response and s/n ratio in this position. This is where 100% of the tone is done. The VOLUME knob directly controls the output stage, and the TONE knob bizarrely controls a treble cut circuit between the driver and the final. Most unconventional, but it works great. I'm not certain the second preamp tube, other than being in the audio path, has much to do with the sound, as it functions purely as the phase inverter and driver. Having the TONE control effect a treble cut after the driver I think means about all the tone comes from the first preamp tube, hence the Mullard I selected. The NOS GE finals I chose because they are darker sounding. The last thing the TT needs is JJ's or other extra-bright finals. New from the box, the Tiny Terror is plenty bright and maybe a bit brittle with the stock Chinese tubes. In any configurations, it can get really loud. I play mine straight with both double coils and single coils through a custom-made cabinet originally designed to approximate the dimensions of a Supro Thunderbolt. I removed the 15" speaker and made a 12" baffle adapter and installed a 75-watt Celestion pre-stressed by Avatar. This is an interesting amp. With the VOLUME control dimed and by varying the TONE control, the GAIN control offers a cool contrast to the typical Fender/Marshall setup mainly because of the TONE control being totally after the preamp. The TONE control literally has its effect on the finals. The result is the TT is pretty bright. In my case the converted faux bass cabinet is an asset. It sounds very cool over a surprising range of tones and is useful for many styles; I would never try to use this as my only amp on the stage without pedals and a good PA system. For the studio the Tiny Terror is fantastic.
    666_Pounder wrote: Lololol still seem to be the only person using an Orange amp for Metal :/
    Pretty sure Mastodon use Orange amps, no? Their tone is absolutely beautiful.
    Adam Birtwistle
    Hey i'm a recent convert to amp heads and thinking of getting the tiny terror. I'm wondering will it sound ok through the cab I got with the vox ac4tv (cab is V112TV 1x12). Any help welcome