Tiny Terror review by Orange

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (90 votes)
Orange: Tiny Terror

Sound — 8
When you consider that all this amp has, is volume, tone and gain controls, the tonal juice that one can squeeze (hey, Orange... Squeeze... Juice... How could I resist?) out of the amp is pretty decent. I play mostly alternative rock with it, think bands like Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro or Weezer, but I can push it into playing pop punk and hardcore, like Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong or even The Fall Of Troy, but any heavier, and the TT starts to fall down. Cleans are not a speciality of this amp, as they tend to break up at gig volume, even in 15 watt mode. Crunch is what this amp does, and to be perfectly honest, that's good enough to make up for lack of clean headroom in my eyes. The gain, when pushed above 7, starts to get a little fizzy, but if you set it at just over noon, and boost with an overdrive pedal, you can get higher gain tones, without the fizz. An EQ pedal would work brilliantly too, I use the MXR 10 Band, to give myself a little more to work with, when tone sculpting. If you use the volume control on your guitar to clean up, and an overdrive pedal to boost it a little further, you can get a smooth Switch between 3 tones (gritty cleans, crunch and deeper crunch), which suits me down to the ground. I use the amp with a MIM Fender Telecaster, all stock, and plug it into an Orange PPC 2x12 Open Backed Cabinet, with Celestion V30 speakers, and it sounds great to me.

Overall Impression — 8
I have deliberately been a bit reserved when scoring this amp, as it has very few features, and is definately specialised to various degrees and styles of crunch. However, it crunches so well, that this outweighs the lack of clean headroom and minimal features, for most, including me. I have been playing around 7/8 years, and I think I have found the perfect amp, for the style of music that I'm hoping to create in the future, and if stolen, I would definately consider buying another one, or even upgrading to a higher spec Orange, such as a Rocker 30, or even a Rockerverb 50. When buying the amp, I decided to reject the Vox Night Train and the Jet City JCA 20h, and I feel that I made the right decision. However, If it had an effects loop, I would be a bit happier, because I prefer the sound of an EQ pedal in the loop, but as I rarely use effects, it doesn't matter too much. I can imagine this being a deal breaker for others though. As a recap, this is a no frills, no bells and whistles amp, but it excels so well at the crunchy, clean break up tone, that I don't really care about what I'm 'missing out on', not having sterile cleans, or scooped, high gain tone, but if that's what you want, this amp isnt for you. However, if you want a nice, crunchy rhythm tone, and that's it, then this is a strong contender, and should be considered by anyone looking for a fun, little tube amp, for crunch and maybe more.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I have gigged it a few times, since purchasing it, and it has stood up perfectly well. Some argue that 15 watts isnt enough to gig with; I beg to differ. I have gigged a medium sized venue, with the 7 watt mode, so anyone telling you that it is too small to gig, is crazy. Its loud as hell, and really fills up a room, when used with a nice 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet, and cranked up. Tube amps sound better cranked anyway, so I see little point in gigging with a 100 watt amp, and keeping it on 1/2 volume. I got the amp second hand from a seller on eBay, and he had it retubed, with the same tubes it came stock with (JJs), so I'm not expecting it to run into any problems anytime soon.

Features — 7
The Orange Tiny Terror is a portable, no frills, all-tube amplifier, with just enough features to A). Get the job done and B). Give you a fairly decent variation in tone. Made in China (unlike many of the flagship models of the company, which are made in England), the Orange Tiny Terror is essentially a single channel rock machine, with only 3 controls (Gain, Volume and Tone), to save time and effort in dialling in tones, with surprising variation. Combine this, with the switchable wattage (7 watt to 15 watt), and you have an amp, perfect for recording, practice with a band, and small to medium gigs. I can't rate this any higher than a 7, because of the limited features, but what it does have, suits me well, and would suit countless others, who yearn for great tube tone, and a rock 'n' roll simplicity.

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    First off let say that I am the rythm guitarist in a well-known national act. We are currently touring the United States. Secondly let me say that I use Orange equipment on-stage everynight. I use the Tiny Terror and occasionally the Dual Terror 30 Watt amp. The Tiny Terror is great amp for studio or stage. It gives you what you need if you want to sound like a pro: PURE-POWER with no effects, no crappy modeling features, just pure-power. Class A amps are really LOUD. They are also where it's at if you want to sound like a guitar-god. 15 watts can get really POWERFUL. I read one review from someone who said that the Tiny Terror wouldn't be loud enough to use on stage at anywhere but the smallest club; that butthead has NO IDEA what he is talking about. Hey Butthead let me fill you in; when you play shows with band, 9.5 out of 10 times the band has their sound amplified thru the clubs/venues PA system....DUH. So 15 watts is more than enough for 9.5 out 10 venues (if you run the head with the appropriate cabinet). You would only be lacking (I'm not even positive that THIS would be the case)volumne-wise if you were playing Carnegie Hall or a similar huge venue. I doubt ANY of you buttheads will ever have to worry about that "problem". So shut up. There is alot of misinformed pimply-faced kids running their mouths on the internet and they have NO IDEA what they are talking. This amp is all killer, no filler. Get it if you are serious about your tone. Also, bring your wimpy Line 6 Spider or similar amp to the Club so I stomp a mudhole in your sound with my "wimpy" little Orange amp. Here is a link that might help some of you
    Played on last night. Fantastic. Loud as hell and great tone. Was loud enough to be heard over live drummer at about 50% vol. Tiny Terror indeed
    666_Pounder wrote: Lololol still seem to be the only person using an Orange amp for Metal :/
    Except for some random dude named Jim Root.. He even has his own signature Dark Terror model!
    I used a Weber Legacy 12L speaker and JAN Phillips ECG 5751 and 12AT7 to transform my TT into a useful piece of gear. Try it!
    Just about anything is better than a Celestion. Since I started useing Weber and Eminence speakers, the tube swaps are easy and productive. My experience with the Celestion speakers is they break up and distort at any volume. That makes it difficult to listen to the amp.
    I should add that my comment with regard to Celestion speakers is specifically from my experience with my Orange Tiny Terror. Just this evening it got Sovtek EL84M's. My TT is great, and if I were still using the Celestion speakers I wouldn't have been able to hear enough to make the amp good.
    So my current TT is set up with a JAN Phillips ECG 5751, a JAN Phillips ECG 12AT7, and Sovtek EL84M's all driving a Weber Legacy 12L 65W speaker in an open-back cabinet. It has vastly more clean headroom than the stock amp driving any Celestion speaker. It is a ton loud and sounds great!