5150 212 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (19 votes)
Peavey: 5150 212

Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: individual

Sound — 10
Dual Humbuckers, DiMarzio Super Distortion, stock Gibson dual hum's. Rock, Metal, whatever. It is a bit noisy, but it's a small price to pay for the tone that flows out of this beast. It creates a variety of tone from clean to ultra-metal with more low end that you even could imagine. Brutal is a misnomer, this thing takes brutal to a new level. But most of all, the distortion is full and smooth, yet still more than brutal.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this is the amp that every rock guitarist needs. If you play one, you'll understand what I mean. It is like comparing an old ford pickup to a modern Peterbuilt Tractor, it is that good. Where was I when they started making this thing 20 years ago. I know right now, that I will never sell this amp and I would miss it if anything happened to it. This has now become my major weapon when it comes to a guitar amp. To say I am impressed, is a huge understatement. Heck even my wife who doesn't play music says that she has never heard an amp sound like this one. In fact she's the one that said, hell you should just burn you other amps. I cannot argue with that.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Haven't had it long, but it is built like a tank. It is physically as heavy as the distortion that comes out of it. So, expect it to be very HEAVY. I am going to have to put wheels on it. I used to think that my old 68 Fender super reverb was heavy, but it was light. It is a tube amp, so as long as you don't drop it or smash the tubes, it should last a long long time.

Features — 10
Made in the early 90's. I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years, both live gig's and studio work. This amp was way too expensive to buy new. Anyway, i just bought one this weekend, played through it for 10 minutes and didn't even try to talk the seller down. It has massive amounts of distortion, even more than I like and that is unheard of. Anyway, it has this level of crunch and low end that I've been searching for for decades. Loud does not even start to define this amp, I've had it up to 5 and I absolutely love it. I love it so much, I'm considering just burning my other amps. It is possible to get clean tones out of it, just adjust your guitar volume and it sounds really good. But for pure metal/rock sounds, you cannot beat this beast. It takes guitar playing to a new level. Tone is no longer an issue, this thing nails any tone your looking for and pounds it in with a sledge hammer. Do yourself a favor, get one of these and you too, will be burning your old amps.

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    If you want Van Halens tone, get pedal called "Wampler Pinnacle". Youtube it.
    I own this amp and love it to pieces. It's the only amp that I have owned and I bought new when I was 16 or 17..... I am 35 now and it still is the best amp for everything. The clean needs a little work with the right pickups but for distortion its the best I have heard. Tone tone tone. Thats all I can say. And tubes make all the difference. I play a '92 Fender strat USA and and contemplating getting a esp eclipse. Ihave the fender with a Dimarzio hot rail humbucker in the bridge and its so sweet. I will never part with this amp. I will bet you that it becomes one of the hottest Items in the next 5 to 10.
    oh by the way, I run it to a 4x12 Jcm 800 1960 lead slant cab. So sick. I will never sell it...Ever. Best amp to plug straight into without pedals, although Ive heard the mesa Rectifiers and Sodano's do quite well.
    Just got one of these today... it rips... for my tastes, it's the best metal and hard rock tone I've ever heard. I'm unbelievably happy to own this monster.