Bandit 65 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (39 votes)
Peavey: Bandit 65

Price paid: $ 109.8

Purchased from: Friend

Sound — 8
The sound of this amp isn't brilliant but isn't by far bad. I don't use the amps distortion (lead channel) as this is a very bad overdrive! I used a Zoom 505 with a BC Rich when I used the amp. The clean is ok but the best part of the sound is how loud it goes! It goes way past 65, the amp kicked my mates Marshal AVT 100 watt up the ass! I never giged with the amp past 3 and I palyed at many big venues!

Overall Impression — 8
The amp is true Peavey quality and very loud! My Vox AD50VT is much more advanced but this amp done the job. Overall a very good buy and money well spent!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp I got for 60 as it had 3 owners before me! It has been around for like 20 years now and is still goin strong. The only thing changed is a volume knob.

Features — 8
There isn't much to this amp. Volume, treble (high), bass (low), middle, presence and reverb. Two channels, effects loop, extenal output and footswitch to change channel and turn efect on/off.

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    i thnk it does, but its not really distorted... you no? its has GAIN but no distortion (i didnt thnk there was a difference )
    The overdrive on this amp is absolutely useless..sounds like farts. The cleans are okay though. It's decent for what it is as long as you're playing clean or with stomp boxes.
    This amp isn't footswitchable as far as distortion goes,but if you're into Blues or Country,then this amp is for you.
    WrathOscuro wrote: The overdrive on this amp is absolutely useless..sounds like farts. The cleans are okay though. It's decent for what it is as long as you're playing clean or with stomp boxes.
    very true. i've had this amp for a few years and i've always felt kinda let down about how it never allows for you to get a very sharp sound using the lead channel, it just seems to cut out a lot of the high-end. the clean channel sounds great though.
    jeffo46 wrote: This amp isn't footswitchable as far as distortion goes,but if you're into Blues or Country,then this amp is for you.
    dude ya it is look on the back it even says footswitch and it pretty go just no way to get good distortion with out a pedal
    All the footswitch on the back does,is give the amp signal a boost.I should know Strat7993,I used yo own one.I bought it brand new back in 1978.
    Actually, yes this amp is "footswitchable" for distortion, you were probably using it incorrectly. The first three knobs on the amp are for the dirty channel, the single lone white volume knob near the middle is for the clean channel, the foot switch has 2 switches, 1 switches from dirty to clean channel, not a boost, it actually switches channels, and the other switch turns the reverb on and off. I'd offer up a screenshot, but I lost the footswitch pedal for the amp. However, as already stated, the overdrive on this amp blows, and I'm not too sure if its just my amp, or all of them, but this thing is so incredibly mid heavy. Most of the pots have trouble now, and I can't find replacements, however some contact cleaner helped a lot.
    Peavey made the 65 for 2 years (85-87), and moved on. Not their finest gear, unless you like an unusable overdrive. Very loud, very ugly. I figure they must have either canned the design guy, or sent him back to the mail room.
    I think this amp is very good to play it on clean channel. I agree in 100% with opinion that prebuilt drive is useless. If you want to play something stronger you must buy some stomp box. It also have a spring reverb but in my amp it is broken so i use digital reverb. At least I think it's very good amp for very low price.
    Sounds good to me clean, sounds even better with my MT-2 pumping into it. Great amp to me though... Hell of a lot better than the G-DEC I had...
    I got this amp from a friend when he moved to Canada. I only realise it has another channel like a few months after I started playing with it. I don't have a footswitch to change between channels and have been curious of how the "gain" actually sounds. I have been using a multi-effects pedal with it. I must say, it is very durable, and very heavy, but I guess all amps are heavy. It has a nice heavy loud sound, good amp in my opinion, it could do with a few improvements, but hey. Does anyone have any advice with regards to the switching between channels, should I bother with getting an extra footswitch, or is there something I have missed?
    I've had my Bandit 65 since 1986 and I used it for all of my gigs for years. It fell by the wayside a while back until recently when I tried it with my MIM Fat Strat w/ Floyd Rose. I installed an ACME TONESHAPER in the guitar and the axe so smokes that I can't believe it. With the stock pups I'm getting sounds that make me so happy I can't talk. Years ago I bought a 4-10 Peavey speaker cabinet from the band's other guitarist. (he had recently bought his Mesa Boogie and in his glee he foolishly sold me the cabinet, only to try and buy it back later) The cabinet is made like an ANVIL road case, all armored up with metal corners and a solid wood detachable front cover to protect the speakers. (no grille) I installed a TRS jack in the Bandit (wired it parallel with the internal speaker wiring) and then popped the wires off the 12" Scorpion so that the Bandit powered the 4 10s only (Scorpions also) and that was my gig rig for years, and I was satisfied. AND NOW, I'm here to tell you that the sound with my modified MIM Fat Strat with ACME TONESHAPER is amazing. With the volume on ONE I'm getting a great blues tone that sounds like tube saturation, especially when I use the Toneshaper option to blend half of my bridge humbucker with the middle single coil pup or the screaming HB alone. If I get the urge to try the Bandit's 12" speaker alone I have to add some bass to get any tone, but with the 4-10 cabinet I keep the bass and mids near zero when ripping. The cabinet's inherent tone is really nice and I can dial in sweet clean tone for recording jazzy, schmaltzy stuff or mellow chord work if the need arises. It's rich enough to do a passable WES MONTGOMERY octave gig with it, solid body axe and single coil neck pup and all. Folks are really surprised at how great this "Bandit 65-4-10 stack 'o mine" sounds. The cabinet is as small (and as heavy, Buddha bless em) as Peavey could make it with four speakers. (I couldn't find any history on the cabinet at all and believe me I looked. It's not quite 21 inches square and exactly 13 inches deep-but it weighs about a half a ton or so I'm guessing) And despite its compact size it's hernia heavy. But (using my son the mover and/or a hand truck whenever possible) the sound is worth the pain and suffering that moving it causes. (others hopefully) Before you write off your Bandit 65 as "sterile" you may want to try it with another speaker and/or a closed back cabinet. With the sound I get now (I spray the pots out with tuner cleaner and they always quiet down) I'd be proud to show up at any social gathering with my "Bandit 65 4-10 Half Stack Bluze Engine."