Classic 50/212-Tweed review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (28 votes)
Peavey: Classic 50/212-Tweed

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Sound — 10
In one sentence, this amp sounds absolutely lovely. Stunning. I'm using this with a Korean Hohner HRX DLX, a Aria MAC 45, 3 more electric guitars including a Ibanez hollow-body jazz guitar, and a couple of 10 external effects, but that takes nothing away from this amp. Starting with the clean channel: The sound is a little fuller around the middle and not quite as bright, but don't think that I'm saying it's muddy, it's just a little warmer than a fender. The bright input is pure fender. Very clean, very trebly but with less mids. I find that the bright input works nice on an electro acoustic where strings are more picked. It has a very nice sharp top end. The amp stays clean right up until it starts getting painful to the ears and by then I couldn't hear anything, let alone distortion. The overdrive on this baby sounds great. With the post gain turned up about half way you get mild overdrive sound that is very bluesy. Turn it up a little bit more and you have the nicest sounding overdrive. It's not harsh at all, it's warm, smooth and full of mids. Sounds vintage. If you do get this amp I doubt you'll want to turn the post gain up to the full 12 (yes 12!). It doesn't give that full on distortion boosty sound associated with metal solos, but just sounds like an overdriven mess and spoils the sound of the amp. Best to lay off 1 or 2 notches for a nicer OVER overdriven sound. This amp is perfect for blues Blues, Jazz, Funk, Classic Rock, Fusion stuff (spring reverb is good), and basically any types of music where a lot of mids and a thick sounding overdrive would sound good.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing off and on for 20 years. I seem to have found a well kept secret in this amp. It sounds better than many amp head that cost 5 to 10 times as much. I really like the fixed bias. These amps are getting harder to find (tweeds even more so). If you can find one in good shape, pick it up - You won't regret it!

Reliability & Durability — 10
The amp is build like a tank. Never had a problem with it. Peavey has a very comprehensive website. Very helpful.

Features — 10
Made in U.S.A., year 2011, 50watt, 2/12's, 2 channel with shared EQ, Blue marvel speakers made by Eminence, Normal/Bright inputs, Reverb and Presence, 3-12AX7's preamp tubes and 4-EL84's stock JJ for now. I'm into Blues, Jazz, Funk, Classic Rock, Fusion stuff. It does very nice the job and with good volume and low distortion/hum. It's one of the all purpose amps on the market in a decent price range. I bought this amp for my project studio and for the road, Peavey has some right sturdy equipment. This amp is LOUD, excuse me REALLY LOUD. My drummers had no problem hearing the guitar. You can use this amp into medium - large gigs.

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    I dont care much for this amp with or without pedals. It has perfect clean tones, great blues amp.. But for metal, my triple x 2x12 is far superior..
    Single greatest thing I've done for my "tone" since I got my 72 Tele Deluxe... I too came from a big 100w SS Fender amp and while I maintai n it had a great clean chanel tone, this CLassic 50 is UNREAL!!!!! I picked mine up for $350 US WITH the foot-switch and the thing was some guys BACKUP amp so it's basicly brand new. I also got one of the older series versions as mine doesn't have the new "big" front emblem (mine looks like a Fender Blues Deluxe/Deville or an old Fender Tweed amp) ANyway, to answer some of the questions: YES, this amp will take ANY pedal well and it's got so much clean headroom that it's better then most for doing effects. I run an old Russian made "Big Muff II" through mine and it's amazing how clear and defined and responsicve to my attack the amp is, even when loud enough to play a fairly big venue w/o mic'ing it. This amp should be awarded the "most underrated amp ever" award...
    This amp is hands down one of the greatest tube amps invented, from the heaviest of metal to a sparkling and lushious clean channel, the peavey classic 50 truly has it all. I own a 2x12 version, use no pedals (really, i only use a few out of my tc g major: chorus, flanger, reverb, delay, and a resonance filter for leads). Im not one for cascading amounts of gain so to give you an idea of how much distortion is on the amplifier the knob can dial distortion up to the number 12 and i keep it at 7 (i get an allan holdsworth amount of gain at that setting). I play fusion and am a progressive rock composer and classical guitarist so take my word for it, this amp is the way to go
    I LOVE my classic 50, I've had people come up to me after gigs and tell me how nice it sounded - and none of them have ever know what it is! does kinda feel like a well kept secret. I own a mesa-boogie 50watt that I run through a marshall 4x12, it sounds great... but somehow the peavey is just always my first choice!
    I have a blues deville 410 and a hot rod deville 212 .I have slaved the hrd to blues deville i hope i worded that right i am playingg thru the blues deville and the blues deville is playing thru the hrd. My guitar is a es 355 dual humbuckers sound better on 12s than 10 in subs but once i combined the two tone was amazing i dont ue digital effect processors on either or any form of modeling crap because i bought these amps for the tone they have the boss gt6 and 8 both made my music sound like it couldnt breathe but anyways ii said all that to say this i have a chance to buy a peavey classic 50 head and matching cab 412 on the effects loop is that where i would slave it on send and return is that another word for pre amp out power amp in? because i would let go of my 212 hrd and slave the peavey back to the blues deville for a 410 412 tweed fender combination. If this would work i would buy the same combination of amps again so i could have the stereo outputs on my semi hollow body go left or right. i play blues rock country and metal. should i leave it alone and keep it fender or try to slave the fender blues deville to the classic 50 412. Is it possible to do this or should i leave it alone?