Classic 50/410 Review

manufacturer: Peavey date: 05/15/2013 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Peavey: Classic 50/410
Originally launched in 1991, these versatile all-tube amps retain their distinctive sound and circuitry but now feature an updated chassis design. With three 12AX7s up front and four EL84 power amp tubes plus normal and bright inputs, 3-band passive EQ, and presence control, it's all the classic tone you seek and all the gigging versatility you need.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.8
Classic 50/410 Reviewed by: westo, on july 09, 2007
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Price paid: $ 398

Purchased from: Guy on craigslist

Features: This is a Peavey Classic 50 (410 version). Mine's a 1993 model; and as I stated before it is used. It has some rips, tears, and stains but whatever that doesn't affect the sound. I play mainly blues and classic rock stuff, but the occasional metal pops out and I'll be playing Metallica or something. I actually can get a really nice Ted Nugent sound out of it too. This is an all tube amp with 50 watts and 4 10" speakers. The speakers are the regular Blue Marvel speakers that are in most Peavey amps. It has two switchable channels and two inputs (one normal, one bright). The 3 band EQ is not separate, so what you chose is going to be on both channels. The footswitch does have a reverb control, which is a very nice touch. The effects loop is in the back which is kind of hard to get to, but it's there. The 50 watts is plenty for anything I'm doing right now. I'll be gigging soon with a band and I've already cranked this thing up outside so I'm not afraid of anything happening. I was debating between this amp and the Peavey Delta Blues 210 because the Blues amp had a tremelo which was a nice feature, but this thing was calling me, I felt the psychedelic frequencies in my brain. // 9

Sound: My current set-up is an Epiphone Firebird VII, a First Act strat copy guitar (which I modded to put onboard effects in), and a DigiTech GNX2 (which I rarely use because it sucks). The First Act sounds pretty nice- though I lean away from it now because it gets a little noisy. I've heard great things about how well this amp sounds on other strats (real Fenders I mean). The Firebird truly does kick ass on this thing. Like I said, I play blues and classic rock; and damn does this thing just melt faces off. If you're into Led Zeppelin stuff it will suit you VERY well. Any old bands can be mimicked perfectly. There are some youtube videos that demonstrate this sound that I recommend you look up. I can also get a pretty good metal sound out of it as well. With the pre volume on full and the presence knob all the way up, you can do a ton of stuff by rolling the tone back on the guitar and "bluesing" away. The distortion is a little hard to describe. Although it is perfect for all of my blues and classic rock stuff, I've tried doing some modern things and it doesn't work as great as my Fender FM 212R (which I'm selling after I got this Peavey). It's a "sharp" kind of distortion, very bright sound. Hard to describe in typing really. The normal channel is really nice too. Again, the amp enables you do to a lot of stuff with the knobs on your guitar. Vaughan, Zeppelin, Clapton, Beck, Hendrix, you know the artists. This amp nails 'em. I have yet to turn the clean up all the way, I don't think I want to either. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The amp is built like, looking for a simile here, well it's built like something really strong. I'm comfortable sitting on it while playing. My Fender FM 212R used to rattle when I turned it up and when I had it in the back of my car it was rattling like a speaker was loose on the screws or something, well this amp doesn't do that. In fact, I'll kick it right now and, oh! Nothing happened. Still in tact. I've heard stories about this thing falling over (other guy's amps, not mine) and still working. This amp is used- and it being a 1993 model is pretty damn good for it to still be in this great of shape. The previous owner replaced the preamp tubes but I'm not really sure how much life the poweramp tubes have on them. Great durability on this thing. // 10

Overall Impression: I've already said my styles and it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. I've been playing for four years (has it been that long) now. I'll be getting a Les Paul soon (Epiphone wish it was a Gibson) to go with this amp. If this thing was stolen I really do think that I would try to get it back, that is unless there was some awesome Marshall JCM 900 half stack out there for $500 or something. I compared this amp to a Peavey Delta Blues 210, a Peavey Delta Blues 115, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and a Fender Hot Rod Deville 410. I could have gotten all of those amps for a cheaper price than what I got this for, but I went ahead and got this anyway. I think there's something about having a mini army of 4 10 inch speakers that makes me all giddy with glee. I like having power. In a sense it's like a really fast car. Great handling, great interior, nice features, goes fast when you need it, shows off when you go slow, and will definitely land you some chicks. // 10

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overall: 9.8
Classic 50/410 Reviewed by: Gtrman247, on may 15, 2013
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Price paid: $ 315

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: Back in 1995 I saved up my money and bought a Peavey Classic 50 used at my local music store for (a now laughable) $315... I was 12 years old. I'm now one month shy of 30. I've played literally hundreds, if not thousands of gigs from small acoustic style private parties to outdoor amphitheater shows. This amp has been with me every step of the way. For a time, I played through a '78 Super Reverb and every time that amp failed me (which was often), my Classic 50 was there to pick up the slack. It is a two channel amp with reverb which makes it unbelievably versatile. I've become a stompbox guy and this one takes them better than most any other I've played through. It also has an effects loop which is a great added feature for pedal usage. The only negative in terms of features that I would give it (and other similar amps made by other companies) is the "Presence" control... I just fail to see the benefit and typically I run it all the way or almost all the way down. // 9

Sound: As I've said in my other posts, I've become largely a single coil Fender player, but for many years, I ran guitars with humbuckers through this amp and it has never been anything short of incredible! I play across a wide range of genres and it hits them all head on. It uses the same reverb tank as many of the old Fenders... As a matter of fact, my Classic 50 and '78 Super Reverb tanks were interchangeable. When my SR tank broke down, the Peavey tank got subbed in and performed without a hitch. As far as the tube break up, you'd REALLY have to crank this thing to get it to break up due to its hefty 50 watts. That said, it can be done but I tend to prefer the cleaner sound myself. // 10

Reliability & Durability: So like I said, I've gigged and done studio sessions extensively with this amp. I've replaced the tubes once out of preference (which needed no biasing since this is a pre-biased amp) and replaced the 3 prong plug when the ground came out. That is literally the extent of it. I also neglected this amp for many years and traveled without a road case so it was exposed to pretty brutal environments... It didn't seem to mind. If you're considering a HOT Rod Deville, consider this. I played in a band along side our other guitar player who played a 410 Deville. They're great amps although I prefer the HOT Rod Deluxe. However in the years that we played together, he's had to replace tubes multiple times which included having them biased by an amp tech on each occasion ($$). He has screws that randomly work their way loose, has had to replace a circuit board due to an oversight in design, and has battled overheating issues. My amp on the other hand? Works every time without a stumble! // 10

Overall Impression: This is a great match for any musician (maybe barring metal). I have played for roughly 20 years and this amp has become part of who I am as a musician. If something were to ever happen to my particular amp, I'd be devastated and would absolutely replace it immediately! I don't know what, if anything, has changed in the design of these amps over the years so I would replace it with another early '90s one for sure! The only negative which is completely unavoidable for this type of amp is the weight... 63 lbs. But it's worth lugging around for what you get in return!

// 10

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