Express 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (116 votes)
Peavey: Express 112

Price paid: $ 456

Purchased from: dale cleaves

Sound — 8
I have 2 b.c riches ones platinum virgin from the '80s with an EMG81 the other is stock 2005 NJ speedloader warlock. I mostly play metal, Metallica and Megadeth style etc. It suits metal well. The peaveys where really popular at the time. It has a quiet hum to it, nothing to bad. The clean channel remains clean at high volumes. I never felt that is lacking in an ability to produce a sound. None of the other reviews have mentioned this and a lot have said the it does not have enough game. The gain knob is also a push pull design, pulling the knob outwards puts the amp into "super saturation mode" where the distortion is plentifull, Peavey had better distortion than other brands I had tried. I will add I've had 3 different speakers in this. The main difference between this and the Bandit model was the bandit had the better speaker (scorpian IIRC) With the EMG I was getting pretty close to metallicas sound from the puppets era, was very happy with it. I used to jam and gig with the volume on around 5-6. It's 65watts RMS so it is quite able to put out as much as 100-200 watt amp that isnt RMS. I currently just use the clean channel with DigiTech RP100 in front and am still quite happy with the sounds, though my current speak is not ideal.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been about 19 years (not solid had a few years where I didn't play due to broken gear or lifes hassles). My fave feature would be the super saturation, as it basically gives you a whole nother dial of distortion. Given the choice again I would have paid the little extra and got the Peavey bandit for the better speaker.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I've owned this amp for 17-18 years. I've dragged all over the country with me as I've moved, I've gigged with it, As a kid I'd sit it on my skateboard and ride it to practice! I blew up the original speaker playing some Slayer on 10 within the first year wich was dissapointing, I can't remember what speaker I put in it, but it sounded better with the second speaker, I ended putting a subwoofer from a car in it as I damaged the second speaker while doing something. It still sounds pretty good and solid, just need to turn the bass down. I also had the distortian channel cease to work for a few years, but now it's working again (that happened after about 15 years). I'm giving it a 7, because the stock speaker was crap.

Features — 9
My express was purchased around 1990 when the model was first introduced, while a few people have commented on it's lack of effects back then amps didn't have effects so atleast for the time when I purchased it, it wasn't lacking. It has 2 channels, your basic clean and distortion, Clean channel has a bright Switch makes a fair amount of difference. Clean channel also has 3 knobs, low, mid, and high, The distortion channel also has those 3 knobs of it's own and a gain knob. Both channels have independant volume knobs. There's also a spring reverb wich is shared by both channels. It also comes with a footswitch and has an effects send and return. It's a solid state amp. I used this amp for practice and jamming and even at couple of small gigs (around 200 people). Considering the year I purchased it, I will give it a 9 for features.

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    As it so happens, I have a 15 or 16 year old peavy bandit sitting right next to me, hehe.
    my amp is an ashton AG131...yea i know wat ur thinking it sux balleos
    I got one of these for Christmas 1996. I still have it so I can attest to it's durability. One of the features it has that hasn't been mentioned is the power knob which sort of acts like an attenuator, even though it's a solid state amp. This is one of Peavey's "transtube" amps. It's actually pretty nice.
    This was my first amp. Bought it new along with an Epiphone Les Paul. Great amp. Gain/distortion is actually pretty darn good if dialed in right. Most people figure distortion should sound better the more you add gain, but not with this amp. Gets a great blues/classic rock distortion sound. Cleans are pristine.
    I should also ad that I upgraded the speaker to a WGS Reaper. It makes a HUGE difference in tone. Articulation, low-end resonance and sweet clear highs! Before anybody dismisses this amp, try a simple speaker swap for a good, newer more efficient speaker. You will be AMAZED!