JSX 212 Combo Review

manufacturer: Peavey date: 06/28/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Peavey: JSX 212 Combo
The Peavey all-tube JSX 212 combo guitar amplifier translates the tonal flexibility and responsive, and versatile gain structures of the JSX head into a combo amp.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 9.5
JSX 212 Combo Reviewed by: EpitaphMan440, on december 27, 2007
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Price paid: $ 1343

Features: This is a 2007 version of this beauty of an amp.It is a all tube 120 Watt amp with (2) 12 custom JSX speakers, (4) EL34 tubes and (4) 12AX7 tubes, power amp switchable to use EL34s or 6L6GCs. It has 3 footswitchable channels (clean, crunch, and ultra). Both overdrive channels have a toggled "fat" Switch, which greatly boosts the low end, give a well rounded sound that is suited for playing with a lower volume set on the guitar itself. Separate master "presence" and "resonance" dials, a built in noise gate(Which DOES work well), master volume, true spring reverb, FX loop (with a output volume control) and a half power Switch (which brings the volume down for smaller rooms, while retaining that tube sound). Great Options, all around perfect setup, can't complain. // 10

Sound: I play everything from Country to death metal, and this amp delivers for every sound I want. I play with a 2002 Gibson SG Supreme, a 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Custom with an EMG-81 in the bridge (and a custom wiring/pickup setup), and a 2007 Gibson Nashville Telecaster. The cleans are bright, and ring with such nice resonance that just blows any other amp I've tried out of the water. The "crunch" channel is perfect for rock, to metal. It is not too aggressive at low settings, and at it's maximum it rips with such power it quite amazing. The "ultra" channel is full, balls the wall, modern metal. Personally I do not go past 6 on the gain, at 10 it is just a wall of sound, but it still rings notes clearly, which is very surprising for such a high gain sound. With a little tweaking you can get any sound you want out of this amplifier. // 9

Reliability & Durability: No problems to note. Have not had to deal with Peavey, the store I bought it from has full customer service and any problems I have they will fix, or send it out to be repaired. I can depend on her to rip solo's until she'd ready for a tube change. // 10

Overall Impression: I have to say I could not be happier with this amp, it's loud, it sounds great even at low volumes, it can cover just about any style you want (even country). It is my perfect amp, some others might not care for it as much as me, but it fits my sound perfectly. The only thing is the weight(but that's to be expected in a high end tube combo). I tried Marshall's (TSL, DSL) Fenders, and other Peavey's. This amp had all the features I could want, and the sound I want, and I'm not even a big fan of Satch himself. Try it out, you won't be disappointed! // 9

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overall: 8.8
JSX 212 Combo Reviewed by: JSXFH, on june 28, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 1100

Purchased from: Campbell's Music

Features: I bought this amp about a year ago from my local dealer. Its basically a Peavey XXX Joe Satriani and former Peavey amp builder James Brown(Not the godfather of soul)modified to become Joe's Signature amp. I've played solid state amps all my life and this was my jump to tubes. I was not disapointed. At first it took me a while to get used to the active eq on the JSX. I didn't really understand how it worked and could not dial in the sound I was used to dialing in on my old Randall and old solid state Peaveys or the sound I heard in my head. I didn't realize how much more responsive and senitive the active eq controls were. Once I did a little research I understood how it worked and now I have my tone. This thing can do anything. I would put it up against any of the big amp names out there like Marshall, Mesa, Krank, whoever. This thing is a tone monster. Everything on the JSX is a useful too in shaping the sound, from the fat switches on bothe the Crunch and Ultra channels and the Noise gate which is more of a hum or hiss eliminator rather than an actual gate that clamps down with a trigger & hold. The effects loop is great, I love the boost you get when you kick it in, The speakers seem fine to me, responsive nice push back with palm muted riffing, good highs, a little too spiky in the mids when you have them turned up. All in all this amp has everything I need. No need for distortion pedals at all it has enough gain to saw your head off. people who say it dosen't don't know how to dial in an amp properly. I would like to try a set of ^L^s in it once my El34s die just to see how much differance there is in the sound. // 9

Sound: I am currently playing a 79 series Dean ML with a Dimebucker in the bridge and it goes very well with this amp. This amp suits my style all the way, which is heavy and thrashy with a southern groove. The amp is not noisy at all and I use the Dimbucker. Like I said before this amp can do it all very vesitile, I can get anything I want out of it. Too my ears it sounds very Marhsall and Mesa all in one.You can not make the clean channel break up at all, even with the master cranked. Tons of head room here. The distortion is crushing, I'd put it up against anything out there. I don't even use a distortion pedal anymore. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've only had the amp for close to a year so I haven't had any issues at all with tubes, or speakers or jacks. The amp has never failed me yet and I hope it never does. So, so far its holding up very well. I ahve not had to deal with Peavey tech support so I don't really know how good they are about it. I hope I never have to deal with them. // 7

Overall Impression: If you're player who plays alot of different styles and uses alot of different tones this is the amp for you. I can get anything out of this amp. If you get one and can't dial in the sound right away don't get discouraged and just automaically say it sucks like alot of other people do on this site in reviews. Just fiddle with the EQ a bit and you'll get the hang of it. Active Eq is alot different than passive. I love this amp. Like Dimebag once said about Tony Krank of Krank amps, I will say about former amp builder for Peavey James Brown, "He done HOT rodded the HOT rod." I've been a Peavey fan since I started playing and always will be. // 10

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