KB 300 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8 (16 votes)
Peavey: KB 300

Sound — 10
I use a black Ibanez RG 270 Floyd Rose with two humpbucker and a single coil, a white Kramer Beretta with two EMG humpbucker, a blue/green electroacustic Crafter and I play hard rock, heavy metal Shred/Virtuoso guitar, trash and symphonic metal. It suits perfectly my style so I could use it as my main monitors, but now I'm familiarizing myself with my designed guitar amplificator Laney HCM 120R. Not noisy at all with that ground Switch where you can change between three different ground positions. It can make all the sounds I want due to that powerful black widow speaker and the twitter. It's clean as crystal water and it has never got distortioned at high levels. It doesn't have a distortion integrated but I create it from my Zoom 3000 pedal effects.

Overall Impression — 10
I always buy powerful and new amplifiers. Never used amps. I check them all in the web, with Harmony Central user reviews, and I think thousand times and evaluate them before buying them. My Laney and this Peavey were the best investments I have ever made talking about amplifiers. I have a Samick SM-10 little one that was my first amp. No power at all. I could make an exception buying an used KB 300 because now it's a very difficult amp to get and discontinued model. But passing time I learned how to buy amps and check them all before buying. And my two amps were wished and loved before buying them. A really good value and great quality adhoc to me between all the amps I checked in the market. So buying another KB 300, having the experience of buying this I have, maybe will be another gratification for my ears and the envy of my friends and admiration of unknown people. I've been playing for 14 years. I tested a KB 300 before this I have but with a Scorpion speaker and, mmm, the black widow convinced me thousand times more. I asked everything before buying it. With money, time and knowledge I didn't have to waste The Music dealer's owner time jajajaja. Until he, the vendor and the sound of the KB 300 convinced me. If it were stolen or lost I definetely buy another one. As I mentioned before I probably will buy another KB 300. I know, too much amp for me, buy that's what I want. More the most and not being waiting for power or watts. I love the sound quality generated. I hate the weight. It's heavy as a WWII german panzer division tank. But it has wheels jeje. My favorite feature is the black widow speaker. Now I don't use the three channels. I like it because the black widow. If I had another KB 300 but with scorpion speaker, I'll replace it with a black widow. I don't have point of comparison. It's the only one I know in this meassure and in that quality and features. I chose this one because reviews and comments about the black widow speaker. That word shocked me and I was curious more about black widow than the scorpion one. I wish it had nothing more. I wish it had only one channel so all the power could be concentrated and responsable only for one channel so one doesn't have to demand it too much with the other two channels. I highly recomend this amp. A gret investment, a great amp for a great musician.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can definetly depend on it. I would use it in a gig without back up. The greatest sound quality I ever heard in the market and in my entire life as a musician. It has never been broken down. Never. Great quality standars ISO 9000 passed perfectly with any problems I belive.

Features — 10
I belive it's a amp from the end of 80's. It's enought versatile for playing heavy metal, metal, symphonic metal and trash. It has three channels, pre-eq patch, each channel has it's own three band equalizer and reverb plus a a reverb master level and a master volume for all channels, ground switch, power switch, pre-amp out/power amp in, line out, record out left and right and a remote Switch jack. I don't want anything more. It has everything. Indeed, I think it's too much amp for me. I play keyoards, guitars and a bass guitar through it. Regarding the bass guitar, I'm affraid to screw it up, so I play the bass only in a low levels. I sounds as music finally. Power as a full power warhorse. No distortion at all, Black Widow speaker makes those low frecuencies very nice. I never use those pre-amp, but I do use the mic Z input to sing chorus in my group. Now a days, I use this amp not as monitor for me because I use a Laney Hardcore HCM120R. The Peavey KB 300 it's the monitor for my drummer. It's enought and far beyond gear for me. More that I could ever expected or wished that maybe, for the sound quality I would buy another KB 300 just for me jejejeje and not for sharing. This amp is as reliable and durable as a wish come true. I used to use it in Live performances and for reharsals in my actual and previous bands. And well, it's power is great and magnifique for my guitar oh la la la la, despite it's written in the front that it's designed for keyboard amplifiction. It's a complete solid state with a black widow speaker. I just keep the mid frecuencies at 0 and you have Heavy Metal and Trash sound. Turn the mids to 5 (in the middle) and you have a complete Yngwie Malmsteen sound style. I also used to use it with my bass connected, my guitar and my keyboards. I know that it supports it and it's designed to that putpose, but I don't want to give it charge or work to it. It's my preatty baby and I want it for lasting all my life, so I don't push it too hard.

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    I feel the same way about the KB300. I'm about in tears that I must give mine up (for now). :~( It's posted is here: http://bit.ly/QxeZ4c if anybody wants it. By the way, I LIKE your accent!
    I have had my KB300 for 30 years... I started playing my Roland Juno 60 through it, and then I moved up to add my Ensoniq Mirage and Roland D50, then Proteus 1...Now I plug a cheap Yamaha through it, but the amp still sounds great. Though I am having problems now that it overheats.
    I appreciate the candor with which this review was given, but the delivery was nothing less than atrocious. Basically, I want the amp in question, but I never want to read anything this person writes ever again. Please translate the next entry.
    le screamist
    He may have bad grammar, spelling and sentence structure, but he NEVER buys amps that aren't powerful. Oh and hes a Virtuoso too! :/ Why would someone review a keyboard amp and not even mention keyboards..?
    Sorry for the spelling, but I wrote the review almost sleeping :S As you all mentioned yes, they were suposed to reject my review due the terrible spelling and writting. And yes, Ive used this amp with two keyboards. A KORG i30 and an ENSONIQ SQ80. And the sound is bright and beautiful. I apologise for those mistakes.