Studio Pro 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.2 (16 votes)
Peavey: Studio Pro 112

Price paid: € 100

Purchased from: owner

Sound — 8
I use this with P90 guitars and a Tech 21 Blonde character pedal, great device; together they're 8.5/10, very nice sound. Onboard reverb sounds fine for me. I play mainly solo rock and r&b, fairly loud, often in open tunings with a slide. The amp and modeler together sound great, rich analog distortion. The onboard distortion is adequate for blues and soul applications. You can run straight into this amp and have a good sound for rock or blues.

Overall Impression — 9
People complain that when you buy a Peavey, the resale value is peanuts. Well, sure, but you can use these amps for a big piece of your life, they sound good, and even new they're not expensive compared to alternatives. I recently had the chance to A/B a roomfull of amps, and the Peavey Bandit came in second to a Fender Blues Deluxe. Right after I picked up a Studio Pro, wanted a Transtube bigger than the Envoy 110, Bandit was too heavy and big for me. You can gig these amps, a lot of my peers (part timers) do. I love mine. It weighs 15 kilograms, neither feather nor brick, it's loud, the tone is crunchy and warm. Oh yeah, and it's cheap. Why sell it? I've been playing since I was 13, don't ask. I've never owned a boutique amp, but I've owned good Fenders, Bandmaster and Bassman. I currently own a Super Champ XD, great device. The studio pro and the Blonde do the job just as well, louder, for a LOT less than the price of a boutique tube amp. If I lost it I'd find another one cheap and buy it. Nice amp.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It's a Peavey. They really are very reliable. What servicing? Keep the contacts clean, change the speaker if you like or need to.

Features — 9
It's a 1-12, 65 watt transtube amp. It does NOT have a tube in it. It never breaks. It's not as loud as a 50 watt tube amp but it covers most situations. It's a pocket Bandit (a great SS amp but heavy). Peavey players will recognise the features; it's a Red Stripe, a particular generation, made in China and quite well, very sturdy. Sturdiness is a very nice feature, hmmm? Good tone controls and options, flick a switch interface. Lots of ins and outs on back, send and return, speaker, etc. Nice. Manual online at, I read it before trying and buying mine. I also AB'd a Transtube Bandit against several midprice tube amps; the Bandit sounded better than everything but a Fender Blues Deluxe.

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    I own this amp and must say GREAT For what it is! Not sure of the year but USA model with silver stripe on bottom! I own currently a Marshall Haze 15 watt head with 2 seperate single 12 cabs, Mesa boogie 5:25 express 112 combo, peavey classic 30 and studio 112! Only use clean channel! I would gig with amp no sweat! Hook up pedals and find your flavor! Hands down best solid state I have owned! My brother is 10 TImes the guitar player I am and says if I ever sell let him know! Not comparing it to anything just saying it works well for me, loud enough to GIG and about the price of one of my pedals!
    These little peavy amps are very good for $100. Just bought a peavy 212 transtube for $170 and for that price is a damn good amp...They sound as good or better than comparable cheapies from Fender or Marshall
    At least these amps aren't loaded with BS features like built in effects and amp models. But seems like this kind of simple practice amps aren't made any more. People are trying to make too fine amps for too cheap that are loaded with too many features and none of them are really useful. We want more simple amps! If you need effects, go buy stompboxes. They are usually much better than the built in effects.