Transtube Bandit 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (157 votes)
Peavey: Transtube Bandit 112

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Sound — 9
I'm using a Dean DBD T (It's an entry model ML, basically, but I swear its a gem). It's got two Zebra Humbuckers... nothing fancy. I've played it in my room so far. There's kind of a lot of feedback, but I think it's because of the amount of power it uses up, along with the small space and a few other things like lights and my monitor. I think if I were to take it on stage, I would have a lot less feedback. It doesn't bother me at all. I'll go over the channels and their separate settings. CLEAN Channel EQ: Low, Mid, High Vintage: It's a very crisp clean. Not very warm sounding. It's a lot like you'd expect from a basic solid state amp. I don't use it too much because it's almost too crisp and there's not enough warmth to it. I like a very full sounding clean. Classic: It's warmer than Vintage by a lot. There's a more full sound and some high end punch. Very tube like. I use this one the most. Warm: Very warm, extremely tube like. The highest EQ setting will get the most punch. Usually the high end is a bit too punchy, so I crank down the high's a bit with this one. I don't use it often, but it sounds very nice and gutsy. LEAD Channel EQ: Pre Gain, Low, Mid, High, Post Gain Classic: Very classic, fuzzy sounding distortion. Fits a lot of older metal and rock. AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Pentagram to name a few. You can even get some pretty decent punk tones out of this channel, like older Green Day. Cranking up the Pre Gain to 10 gets you all the wanted feedback and noise for 80's Hair Metal. I wish I went to 11, but I guess not everyone can be Spinal Tap. Modern: A VERY big change from Classic. It sounds a lot like any modern rock/metal/hardcore band that came out yesterday. You can easily replicate bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein, Attack Attack!, From Autumn to Ashes, I See Stars, We Came as Romans, Senses Fail and A Skylit Drive. You can even get some modern punkpop tones out of it by rolling back the Pre Gain to about 4.5. I use this one the most. High Gain... give me nightmares of the Insane Channel on a Spider, but with far more control. I don't use it at all. I've messed with it a bit, but it's not for my kind of music. Then there's Master, which has Reverb and a 10 Db Boost. I use a little bit of reverb, I have it set at about 2, which is nice for a more full sound. The distortion will fit anything a person wants to play. When I first got it, I put the distortion on 10, but I've cranked it down to about 6.5 which fits all the distorted genres I play. You can play anything with this amp. It sounds nice for anything.

Overall Impression — 10
I play lots of hardcore, I've been playing for two years. I stated that I own one other amp, the Spider 3 15. I have a DigiTech RP355 and I don't use it with the amp yet. I'm trying to get an EQ pedal for the amp, then I'll run the RP355 for effects. If it were lost or stolen, I'd probably get another one, or something bigger, like a half stack. It would depend on when it got lost or stolen, actually. I love the flexibility, how loud it is, the distortion, the look... It's just an awesome amp. Before I bought it, I compared it to Peavey Vypyrs, some actual tube amps, and a Raven RG, but I chose this one because it had better features, better reviews and overall, a way better sound. For the price, you won't get a better amp.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I'm pretty sure I'd be able to rely on the amp at a gig without a backup. Considering it's my only big amp, and it's a Peavey... I have high gigging expectations. I have the extended warranty on it from MF and Peavey, so if I have any problems, I'll be able to get them fixed. I've had this amp for about 3 weeks, and it hasn't broken down once. Works like new.

Features — 8
This is my second amp, it's a big step up from my Line6 Spider 3, and definitely blows away many other amps in its price range. 80W, Transtube technology lives up to its name. I believe it was made in 2009, I bought it brand new. I heard that the older ones are a lot better, but I had no luck of finding any used ones in my area. There are two channels that are broken down into 3 styles. The Clean channel has Vintage, Classic and Warm to choose from, and the Lead channel has Classic, Modern and High Gain. There are also two inputs, High Gain and Low Gain. When two guitars are plugged in, they are both Low Gain. High Gain on its own adds 6 decibels, and makes the distortion more prone to feedback. It makes a huge difference. Pretty cool feature. It has Simulated Out, External Speaker, Footswitch and an Effects loop. It's kind of lame that there's no headphones jack, but oh well. Then there's switches for power, 25%, 50% and 100% power. I haven't noticed much of a difference except the feedback is louder at 25%. Then there's dampening, which doesn't seem to change much except the feedback. I haven't messed with either setting a whole lot yet.

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