Transtube Studio Pro 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (103 votes)
Peavey: Transtube Studio Pro 112

Sound — 9
I used my Squier Affanity Fat Strat for this amp. The bridge pick up wans't that great for a jazz tone so I used my neck pickups. I hadnt changed the pickups or anything so they were just stock pickups, so just imagine how it would sound if I put in better ones! This amp deffinately suits my music styles very well. From rock to jazz and anything in between. The amp though, is pretty noisy. Have the gain channel on and the volume on pretty low, you will get some feedback but not the really high pitched stuff, kind of the good feedback, but I'm sure as the volume goes up, the pitch will get very annoying. For our last concert, I had the volume up on max and my guitar's volume was on 0 while we were waiting for the ok to start playing and you could hear a noise of some sort like the sound of bees in a hive or something and it was from the amp so the little thing can get noisy and pretty heavy actually. My settings were bass: somewhere around 5, middle: about 7, treble: 10 (this was great on the gain channel). Since the amp has 5 pre amps in it, it could make some different sounds. On the modern clean channel it had a nice early who sound (I can't explain, kids are alright) and the high gain screams Dragonforce. I didn't get much distortion in the clean channel, maybe at the highest volume it turned a bit warmer and had a slight overdrive sound but nothing too bad. The distortion over all is pretty much my fav part of the amp. It has such a warm sound to it.

Overall Impression — 9
I play jazz, blues, classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, pop-punk, metal, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. This amp totally fits these styles. I've been playing for about 2 years. It doesnt't sound like much but I pretty much have no friends or life because I'm playing guitar. I have an old Peavey pacer amp from the '70s my dad let me use. It's huge and is only for large concerts. I also own a DigiTech Distortion Facorty pedal. It's an ok pedal but I can get some much better tone out of this amp than the pedal. I'd probably ask an employee if they liked the amp and any amps they'd choose for this one. If this amp was stolen I'd totally get another one or something like it. There's always room for improvment! I love the distortion and the volume you can get out of it. I guess I'm not a huge fan of the clean channels, but I haven't had a lot of time to work with them yet. Comparing this to my Friends Marshall MG amp, this thing totally kicks its ass. The Marshall has such a light, unfat tone. I'm not a huge fan of it's "skinny" tone. The Marshall though does have effects. But the Marshall doesn't ahve a footswitch. I guess the only thing I wish it had were some more effects than reverb.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I could totally depend on the amp. The amp is heavy and I think it could stand up to anything that comes it's way. I would totally gig without a backup. I think it would do just fine. The amp to my knowledge has never broken down, it's pretty dependable. There are probablly amps that have more durability but this one is deffinately up there. The amp is pretty much Built like tank. Since it's techincally solid state, there isn't any servicing to be done with any tubes or what not. Since guitar isn't in the regular band program in our school, and the only time it was used was in Jazz II. There is Jazz II and Jazz I (auditioned). So it was mostly kept in a practice room and wasn't used daily or anything but when it was used, it was used.

Features — 8
This amp actually belongs to our High School and I used it for about a year in Jazz Band. It has 2 sepearte channels, clean and gain. The clean has the setting of vintage or modern and the gain has the settings of high gain, modern, and vintage. Since I was in jazz band I mostly used the clean channels. I didn't really like the clean channels as much but I did not get a lot of time to experiment with settings and such but I did get a decent tone for jazz. I mostly play rock (classic, hard, punk, pop-punk, metal, etc). Through out the year I did get the chance to use the Gain channels and they were amazing. Very tube like. My favorite was the high gain or modern. The high gain is total Van Halen and pitch harmonics come out beautifully. The modern had a great, fat sound that's perfect for any kind of rock. The vintage channel, I didn't like as much but it had a nice twangy sound and actualy would sound pretty good if you were playing some Sex Pistols covers. The amp had no built in effects except reverb but had an effects loop and had a headphone jack. It also has a footswitch. I did wish it had some effects besides reverb, like delay, tremelo, chours, etc. Volume wise, this amp can get pretty loud. The Gain channels could totally be heard over a drummer, but the clean channels aren't as loud. I had a hard time being heard over the bass, drums, trumpets, saxes, and trombones, as a lot of my friends said that they couldn't hear me even tho I could hear the amp myself. So they might awnt to mix the amp next time. The amp is a solid state but is a transtube, so a solid state semi sounding like a tube amp, and they did a pretty decent job.

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    does anyone know where u can get these online? they're not on musicians friend anymore message me please
    i own this amp. and im just starting to get to like it but dont unless u have some decent pickups caz you WILL get feed back and a horrid hiss
    this is a good starting amp, buy eventually, youll want to get a bigger one, like a line 6 spider.
    BurnzyRock wrote: this is a good starting amp, buy eventually, youll want to get a bigger one, like a line 6 spider.
    The Peavey annihilates a Line 6 Spider in tone and is probably just as loud too. The Peavey is an awesome practice amp and I even plan to use it gigging with a Mesa Roadster 2x12 cabinet and a Blackstar HT DistX distortion pedal up front.