Triple XXX 212 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (8 votes)
Peavey: Triple XXX 212

Price paid: $ 1000

Sound — 9
I typically play custom tele with PAF humbuckers, with a ton of other options and add ones and the amp love it, I have also played Gibson LP's and Strats and it really does well with all, definitely lets the guitars sounds show through. I play rock and dabble in metal a little and the amp really suites me well. I wish the crunch channel's gain was a little less over the top it's just a little to gainy, but I get the sound I looking for with the gain around 9:00 with highs and bass at 12:00 and the mids at 1:00, really gives it that jcm 800/OD Pelxi type OD. The Ultra Channel is just crazy, more gain than any one should ever need, great for Thrash Metal to Modern Metal and Hard Rock. Cleans on the amp are good very usable, no Fender, but the cleans are very good with 6L6 tubes and average with EL34s, but that's to be expected. Also EL34s really Change the amp overall tone, if your into more Marshall type OD add EL34s to the Triple XXX and you get very hotroded Marshall tones on the Crunch channel. This is how I run my setup and love the tones that pore out of this amp.

Overall Impression — 9
I really like this amp, when I went amp shopping a few months ago I was looking into Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers and the Peavey JSX as well as the Triple XXX, and must say that this amp holds it own with the Rectifier boys, it my not be quite as versatile but as far a tone goes with rock a metal really it all come down to personal preference. For me I was leaning towards the JSX but my local shop made me such a good deal on a new Triple XXX that I could not turn it down. But after a power tube upgrade to JJ EL-34s and swapping out the preamps with lower gain 12AT7s the amp really came into it's own a suites me very well, stock the amp was a solid 8.5 but with the new tube it takes it to a solid 9+9.5. If your looking for a Dual Rectifier sounding amp and you play rock and metal look into the Triple XXX, as well as the JSX's they cheaper and built just as good sound just as good too.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Number 1 it's a Peavey their stuff is built so tough, I love all their stuff just or the reason that it can be hit by a train a keep on ticking. The amp weights like 90 lbs, so I am sure it's built super tough, I gig without a backup weekly. It's never broken and I have no problems with it.

Features — 9
I believe my amp is a 2004 model, it has three channels Clean, Crunch and Ultra, FX loop with adjustable volume pots on both the send a return to make on the fly adjustments to accommodate your entire FX-loop It also has a send out put if you want to run through the PA, although I think that is wasted feature because your speakers play a part in your tone, and the only good and proper way to send your amp through the PA is with an SM57 mic. It's 120 watt all tube amp with 4 6l6 GC stock with a Switch that allows you to run EL34s well, 3 12AX7 and 1 12AX7 for a phase inverter, also the amp has a adjustable bias sweep that allows the user to fine tune the amps bias with ease, a very neat feature. Also MADE IN THE USA! The Channels on this amp are quite versatile, it's really an awesome amp for rock to metal, although it's not the best choice for blues because the gain is too over the top, classic rock is doable on the crunch channel if you roll the gain back below 9:00. Also with the Active eq you can really dial out a lot of the amps gain just by rolling the bass mids and highs back to 9:00 to start your EQing. This amp is great if you into EVH type OD to Modern Metal and every where in between. Just don't expect a bluesy SVR type OD to come out of this amp without a Tube Screamer and you will be fine.

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    twirly boggs
    yeah i got one around 2003, may take awhile to dial in but great amp i keep the master on 10 and the channel vol on about 5-7 WHILE i have my guitar vol rolled back between 4-7 and the pickup switch in middle gives me exact sound i was wanting
    Are these discontinued? I think they are, cause I can't find them anywhere, but i like the way they sound on youtube, does ANYONE know where I can find one?
    actually they are. the only thing you can get equivalently is the JSX. I got my XXX at Sam Ash used for $700.
    hmmm... found one for 450 at my local GC... I think I'll jump on that.
    Ok, so i got it. The tone on this thing is.... amazing. Exactly what this review says. It does take a little while to get it to exactly how you want it to sound, but once its there, it is Jesus.
    Just got one on craigslist for $550 and she's a beauty. If anything this amp definitely gave me wood.
    Got the 1x12 used at GC for $400, and it is very reliable, I've dropped it down a flight of stairs and it still works fine, except for a few scratches
    I bought mine at my local GC used for 300... I NEVER want any other amp until this one dies in a horrific fire or some shit. haha Playing with the sounds at first are tricky, but after a while, finding that perfect sound gets easier and easier! Plus it makes ANY guitar sound badass... even my $80 Fender Starcaster. But on the other hand, it makes more professional guitars sound sureal.
    Got a xxx 2 x 12 for 400 lol.. Looks brand new.. I put wheels and handles on it.. The thing weighs a ton.. Trust me, put wheels on this beast if you can.. It should be called the beast..