Triple XXX Head review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (36 votes)
Peavey: Triple XXX Head

Price paid: $ 425

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I play a lot of different stuff, blues, metal, classic rock. It delivers everything from AC/DC crunch, Pink Floyd cleans, and 5 Finger brutality when you want it. I have a pair of Les Pauls, one with a 500T bridge, and the other with burstbuckers. The one with the 500T is tuned a half step down with pure nickel strings, and gets kinda chunky. The Les Paul with the burstbucker(tuned standard) is more articulate, but lacks balls. I have a B.C. Rich V Jr neck thru with EMG 81/85 set also, and this amp loves this guitar. These pickups f'ng sing thru this amp over the others. Most of my amps prefer passive pickups, this prefers active ones. On a 6165/5150 I don't have much for a clean channel, this Triple XXX Head cleans nicely. All my guitars sound good thru the clean on this, and I can get a dirty blues or surf clean. Very versatile. The crunch channel is where I find myself mostly, even when I play modern stuff. I'm the guy who used to have to 'dime the gain' out to get my sound. Now since my experience with the 5150 and now this amp, I can rock the gain back to 5-6ish and still sound damn good. I can't wait till I put some EL-34's in it. My ears are drooling. Mine has a mix of Ruby Tubes power tubes with Sovtek preamp tubes. I really need to order a complete set of Tung-sols. I'm not a tube snob, I just know what works for me. You have a favorite brand of strings right?

Overall Impression — 8
Another winner from Peavey that got written off by most due to it's tacky name and appearance. Front cover comes off pretty easily and you could recover the front plate and remount for cheap. I like this amp, it's staying in the studio for now, till I find it's replacement. I have a lot of things people would steal from my studio-just know the there is no death penalty in my state. I like the tone it has on the crunch channel the most. I have a few high gain amps, and this has the most gain out of everything. I don't have to Dime the gain on this, and it's another vocal/musical amp, not as dry sounding as the Marshall, it's got it's own personality, unique to this amp. It covers the types of music I play well. I find new tones on this amp all the time. I'm in the clean channel on this amp more than my others. I wish it had a footswitch with it (something I have to eBay for).

Reliability & Durability — 8
Heh, it's a tube amp, which means you have to know what can and will go wrong with it. Someone traded this amp in cause they couldn't get it to work anymore. I bought it without even plugging into it and trying it out, based on online reviews talking about gain. I took it home and hooked it up to a Mesa 2x12 cab. Nothing. Long story short, had a bad tube in the pre-amp, V1. But I bought it like that, so it has no bearing on my review. It probably got knocked around at the shop I got it from. It's no where as solid as a Peavey Butcher from the 80's, but it's still a heavy mf. It's controls are very smooth and solid. I have a Mesa, Marshall JCM2000, 5150, the Butcher, and an old Crate mini stack, and this amp has the smoothest/solid pots on anything I own, guitar or amp. Typical Peavey quality tolex (which doesn't say much) but has good metal cab corners. Road users of this amp expect the tolex to tear, the corners to scuff and rust but the amp itself to take a beating and keep ticking. Just like any other tube amp, keep a spare set of tubes around with a Phillips #2.

Features — 8
Three separate channels, with independent eq controls. Bias test ports and an easy access protected bias pot on my version. Plenty of features in the back that I'll probably never use, aside from the tube bias switch. No Resonance or even a Presence controls like on a 5150. Even my old Butcher has a Presence control. I do have a dampening switch in the back of the amp, but I always forget it's there. So I leave it in Mid position. There is a line out and effect loop. I don't use either one of these. I consider this to be a 'Poor-Mans-Road-King'. It looks ugly (I'm sorry, but who ever designed the exterior shamed a good amp) with the trucker girl mudflap icon, but that's easily fixed. But while you think of a big Mack truck as you hook into this guy, this amp's tone with smack you up side the head like (you guessed it) a Mack truck.

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    I just bought a used triple xxx head & cab for $300!! The guy thought it was broken cause the fx loop volume knobs weren't at the same level which makes it very quiet. I put them both at "5" and bam nothing wrong with it. I had my dream amp, a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 with a 1960A, and this XXX KILLS it! Even my peavey bandit solid state combo sounds better than the DSL did. Peavey all the way!!!
    Love my xxx nuff said. Played though a 6505+ with my guitar An Ibanez Jem 77vbk. No comparison. The xxx blows the 6505+ away. But that's my ear, it boils down to what each individual likes to hear. Bottom lime if you like it, use it.
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