Triple XXX Head Review

manufacturer: Peavey date: 12/08/2014 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Peavey: Triple XXX Head
An amp not for the faint of heart, it comes loaded with practical features such as a high-gain input and paralleled speaker outputs. Utilizes four 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes.
 Sound: 9.4
 Overall Impression: 9.2
 Reliability & Durability: 9.6
 Features: 8.4
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overall: 8.5
Triple XXX Head Reviewed by: SMK626, on march 22, 2007
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Purchased from: Sam Ash

Features: This amp is a pretty great amp. I'm mostly a metal player so this fed my needs very well. It has 3 channels; clean, which is a very warm clear clean which actually does sound really nice and smooth, crunch, which if you do try on this one, you can pull out a more 6505 sound to it, and well, the name describes the gain, crunchy, and last of all, ultra, which is a very clear high gain distortion. These are all great features but feels a bit overpriced. It's great tone but your paying for as much as the JSX and they both sound simular but the JSX has more features dispite the small price difference. // 7

Sound: I played this with a ESP EC-1000 with EMG pickups. The combination suited my tone extremely well. It was easy for me to tune in my own settings and tone into this amp. Along with my style of music, it perfectly fit in and beat most of the other amps I have played. It can be noisy if you blast the gain though. I suggest putting the gain up only half way because even then it's a good amount of gain. The bad thing is the amp isint too versitle. It would work good for any kind of metal, rock, alternative, progressive and etc. but isint able to reach some more Vintage classic rock tones or blues tones. It seems to made direct for the metal audience, if so, they did a damn good job there. The clean channel actually sounds better in high volumes (sounds more warm and slightly less distorted). The Distortion is everything you can dream of when it comes to wanting a heavy clear high gain amp. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have used this amp for everything so far. I really do love it. It is extremely durable. It has had it's fair share of amps bumps and bangs and still works as if new. it's very durable, and seems to never give out. I've never had to have it repaired once. Considering it's a tube amp, you will have to change the tubes once in a very long while but other then that, flawless. // 10

Overall Impression: For my style of music, It is a perfect match. I just wish it gave you the little features the JSX has. The price difference for them is very little. If this were stolen, I swear I would do some crazy DNA crap, and track the ****er down Who stole it, and do thing too graphic to post on this review, I love my amp, and It does me well. It gives me nice warm cleans as well as heavy clear distortion with a nice big bite. I compared this to a few amps, like the JCM2000, and the Triple blew it away. In the end, It just leaves you hanging on features, yet gives you a mind blowing awesome sound (If you want a metal/rock tone) and durablity. // 9

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overall: 10
Triple XXX Head Reviewed by: MadMudgeN, on january 07, 2008
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Price paid: $ 800

Features: This amp is pretty awesome. I just got this today, the amp and matching cab that was the new model in 2003, but for 800 bucks on a stack that looks practically new, I felt that was a steal. There are 3 channels: 2 Distortion(Ultra and Crunch), each with there own 3 band EQ (dubbed "bottom", "body", and "hair" for lo-med-hi), gain, and volume, then a clean channel with bass-mid-treble and volume controls. Then there's a master volume knob and a channel selector, and on the back there's an effects loop complete with send and return signal level control. It has no effects on it, but it does have a damping Switch to control resonance and reverb. It came with it's matching footswitch, which allows channel select between all 3 channels and a bypass on the effects loop. It's also got a line out control, so that could be used as a headphone jack since it's also got it's own volume control. // 10

Sound: I'm currently playing a Washburn WI66 Pro with Seymour Duncan 59/57s (I think, I dunno check their webpage) through this beast, and let me say, it does not screw around. The distortion on the Ultra channel can vary from a cleaner, solo-esque lead guitar sound to an absolutely brutal metal tone if you crank the gain. It's fantastic sounding and easy to coax different tones out of for the proper feel. The crunch channel is alright, but it's a muddier, rhythm style distortion. The clean channel actually sounds better at high volumes than low ones. This amp can really run the gamut in almost any style. I play Hardcore to Metal to Indie to Classic rock and I can get most of the tones I want out of this, but the classic rock tone is a bit harder to get with this one, though you can suffice, I promise. In fact, the only thing I can dock this amp on is that it breaks up a little at really low volumes, but what can you expect when you buy an amp that's loud enough to power a venue. And plus, I would seriously recommend this to anyone Who likes distortion, because I can't get enough of the Ultra channel. It's distortion is simply amazing. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This thing is a friggin tank. It's also really easy to move around, because most of the weight is in the head and the cab has wheels so you really only need one person unless you have to battle some stairs. I would definitely gig without a backup, but being a tube amp, I might consider taking extra tubes on the road for an extended tour. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing nearly 4 years now and I play lots of different styles, but it can match pretty much anything I want it to. This blows away my AD30VT in tone, but then again, it's a hell of a lot louder too. In fact, I have yet to go past about 3 on the Master volume because this thing is powerful, but soon I'll gig with it and perhaps post an update comment. If it were stolen, I would totally go annihilate whoever stole it, and buy a new one if I had the money. I think it's overall a very solid amp for anyone looking to upgrade to a gig amp. However, I'd recommend trying to find one used in good condition, because if you're gunna pay the new price, you might as well get a Marshall or a boogie or something, but I think this definitely contends with all other name brands. Great amp. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Triple XXX Head Reviewed by: gameguru007, on november 05, 2008
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Price paid: $ 550

Purchased from: eBay

Features: I purchased this amp with Mesa 6L6s installed. 120 watts, 3 channels tube. Effects loop, switchable with included footswitch. It has a line out, but that's pretty much worthless. I gig regularly with the amp, and it has never let me down, and has never been too soft. I run this amp through a ValveKing 412 cab, and it's loud enough to break windows. I've actually done it and then I had to replace the windows haha it's loud enough. Needs a reverb unit, but I bolted one on, and it's great. // 8

Sound: I use a modded Dean From Hell, it has an original Floyd Rose, a Bill Lawrence L500XL, and a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the neck. I play everything from jazz to rock'n'roll to metal to death stuff. In short, this amp delivers. The Mesa tubes that were installed give the clean channel a pristine sparkly clean, and when cranked, a great Santana-esque tone. The crunch channel can get everything from blues to Lamb Of God stuff. The Ultra channel is just that. Ultra. Super hi gain, and wonderful thump and sound. It does every higain sound I need, and I have never needed to use a boost to get the buttery-smooth shredding tone. I love it, and I don't need any pedals anymore. It isn't noisy at all, at least with the Mesa tubes and my custom guitar // 10

Reliability & Durability: This thing has taken a stage dive from the top of a half-stack, and it stayed on and crunching. I messed up a tube from that 3-ft drop... but I have a Peavey center nearby, and they replaced the tubes for free. I would gig her without a backup, but that's just me. It's a Peavey... 'nuff said // 10

Overall Impression: Perfect match to my playing style and guitar. I've been playing for 2 years, and I'm a metalhead to the core. it's perfect. If it was lost or stolen... I'd try to find another on eBay. She's kinda pricey new (1200), but it'd be worth it to me. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Triple XXX Head Reviewed by: Ralphnaderchop, on october 03, 2012
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Price paid: $ 425

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Three separate channels, with independent eq controls. Bias test ports and an easy access protected bias pot on my version. Plenty of features in the back that I'll probably never use, aside from the tube bias switch. No Resonance or even a Presence controls like on a 5150. Even my old Butcher has a Presence control. I do have a dampening switch in the back of the amp, but I always forget it's there. So I leave it in Mid position. There is a line out and effect loop. I don't use either one of these. I consider this to be a 'Poor-Mans-Road-King'. It looks ugly (I'm sorry, but who ever designed the exterior shamed a good amp) with the trucker girl mudflap icon, but that's easily fixed. But while you think of a big Mack truck as you hook into this guy, this amp's tone with smack you up side the head like (you guessed it) a Mack truck. // 8

Sound: I play a lot of different stuff, blues, metal, classic rock. It delivers everything from AC/DC crunch, Pink Floyd cleans, and 5 Finger brutality when you want it. I have a pair of Les Pauls, one with a 500T bridge, and the other with burstbuckers. The one with the 500T is tuned a half step down with pure nickel strings, and gets kinda chunky. The Les Paul with the burstbucker(tuned standard) is more articulate, but lacks balls. I have a B.C. Rich V Jr neck thru with EMG 81/85 set also, and this amp loves this guitar. These pickups f'ng sing thru this amp over the others. Most of my amps prefer passive pickups, this prefers active ones. On a 6165/5150 I don't have much for a clean channel, this Triple XXX Head cleans nicely. All my guitars sound good thru the clean on this, and I can get a dirty blues or surf clean. Very versatile. The crunch channel is where I find myself mostly, even when I play modern stuff. I'm the guy who used to have to 'dime the gain' out to get my sound. Now since my experience with the 5150 and now this amp, I can rock the gain back to 5-6ish and still sound damn good. I can't wait till I put some EL-34's in it. My ears are drooling. Mine has a mix of Ruby Tubes power tubes with Sovtek preamp tubes. I really need to order a complete set of Tung-sols. I'm not a tube snob, I just know what works for me. You have a favorite brand of strings right? // 9

Reliability & Durability: Heh, it's a tube amp, which means you have to know what can and will go wrong with it. Someone traded this amp in cause they couldn't get it to work anymore. I bought it without even plugging into it and trying it out, based on online reviews talking about gain. I took it home and hooked it up to a Mesa 2x12 cab. Nothing. Long story short, had a bad tube in the pre-amp, V1. But I bought it like that, so it has no bearing on my review. It probably got knocked around at the shop I got it from. It's no where as solid as a Peavey Butcher from the 80's, but it's still a heavy mf. It's controls are very smooth and solid. I have a Mesa, Marshall JCM2000, 5150, the Butcher, and an old Crate mini stack, and this amp has the smoothest/solid pots on anything I own, guitar or amp. Typical Peavey quality tolex (which doesn't say much) but has good metal cab corners. Road users of this amp expect the tolex to tear, the corners to scuff and rust but the amp itself to take a beating and keep ticking. Just like any other tube amp, keep a spare set of tubes around with a Phillips #2. // 8

Overall Impression: Another winner from Peavey that got written off by most due to it's tacky name and appearance. Front cover comes off pretty easily and you could recover the front plate and remount for cheap. I like this amp, it's staying in the studio for now, till I find it's replacement. I have a lot of things people would steal from my studio-just know the there is no death penalty in my state. I like the tone it has on the crunch channel the most. I have a few high gain amps, and this has the most gain out of everything. I don't have to Dime the gain on this, and it's another vocal/musical amp, not as dry sounding as the Marshall, it's got it's own personality, unique to this amp. It covers the types of music I play well. I find new tones on this amp all the time. I'm in the clean channel on this amp more than my others. I wish it had a footswitch with it (something I have to eBay for). // 8

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overall: 9.8
Triple XXX Head Reviewed by: majorityrocker, on december 08, 2014
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Private seller

Features: This amp is pretty straight forward. 3 channels: clean, crunch, and ultra. Passive eq on the clean channel and active eq on the crunch & ultra channels! It also has an effects loop with levels that is footswitchable and a line out with level control. Damping switch on the rear panel (tight, med, and loose) and a master volume. Also has the ability to use either 6L6 or EL34 tubes (mine has been changed to EL34's). It's a pretty cool looking little head. // 9

Sound: I feel that this amp, unlike other reviewers, is very versatile. I play lots of different styles including rock, classic rock, pop, country and some metal. It does all styles very well. The clean nails some nice country sounds and a good Frusciante (Chili Peppers) sound. The crunch will do just about everything else, and the ultra, well, is just tons of gain. Great for cutting solos or ridiculous high gain power chords or riffs. Sounds good through the Triple XXX cab but I haven't tried it width anything else to compare. In my opinion, it sounds much better than my DSL100/1960A that I used to have (was my dream amp until I played my first Peavey). Hell, even my Peavey Transtube Bandit 112 combo sounded better than the DSL. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Haven't used it to gig with yet but I'm sure it's pretty tough like my other Peavey amps. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall for me, it's the perfect amp. I haven't played any other amps that I thought were superior to the Triple XXX. Don't get me wrong, the Marshall DSL is a great amp, just not for me. It wasn't versatile enough. I do wish the XXX had reverb though. If it were lost or stolen I'd be very p-ssed. This is a wonderful amp and I'd never find the deal I got again. I picked up the half stack (Triple XXX head and Triple XXX Slant cab) for $300 locally with a brand new set if EL34s. The guy said it just didn't have any power anymore even with the new power tubes. So with being a Peavey user, I knew about the goofy FX loop issues people have with these and I knew what the problem was. The level knobs have to be opposite of each other to achieve unity gain or it loses output volume. Sure enough one was at "5" and one at "3." I put them both to "5" and wala full volume! 

I'm so glad I found this amp because I almost spent $500 on a Valveking stack (which are also a very good amp) from a local store. Glad I pondered it for a few days and found the Triple XXX instead. // 10

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